le siiiiigh

  1. ISTEP. Oh my gosh. I’m pretty sure this was the beginning of my parents’ obsession with asking my teachers for the catalogues to order test prep books. Yuck.
  2. Conner Prairie. Conner Prairie. Conner Prairie. 4th grade field trip. This was going to be its own reblog, but I decided against it. It was awesome, walking around to all the buildings and talking with the people. I’ve never had another field trip like it. I feel like I read Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Running Out of Time a little bit afterwards and I was happy that the people didn’t actually live at Conner Prairie. 
  3. True story, one time I was going to go with my friends to Holiday World (which is in Santa Claus), and I got grounded and couldn’t go. I’ve still never been and I can’t remember why I got in trouble.
  4. Indy = Indianapolis. The end.
  5. Doesn’t everyone pronounce it that way? I just always assumed so.
  6. L.S. Ayres. We used to shop there all the time. The logo definitely stirs feelings of nostalgia. There was also Lord + Taylor, but I’m pretty sure that was in PA.
  7. I still talk about The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. I loved that place so much that our frequent trips there caused my parents to buy a membership. I mean, you guys, IT’S THE WORLD LARGEST CHILDREN’S MUSEUM! 
  8. I’m just going to direct you to this video, but trust me, it’s far cooler in person.
  9. My dad worked for Cummins. He commuted to Columbus. Just thought I’d throw this one in for old times sake. When we were house hunting, we stayed in a hotel in Columbus and there was this nice old lady that knew me by name. We exchanged addresses and sent Christmas cards for a year or two. It was cool. I was stoked to have an entry in my address book, yeahh. 

know what scene gives me such life? that phone conversation that aaron and robert have before they screw each other in the barn on new years day.

“hiya, yeah i know i’m running late …”

“yeah urm … i’m sorry mate, i’m babysitting lachlan.”

“you what? you’re not bailing on me again?!”

“well she doesn’t want him left on his own.”

“fine, do you know what? forget it.”

“wait -”

“no, i’m not being messed around with 2 days in a row. sort it out.”


“if you’re not in the barn within half an hour, we’re done!”

*robert literally drops EVERYTHING and jets off to the barn, despite being told by chrissie to babysit lachlan … but oh no no no, he can’t upset aaron anymore or let him down two days in a row bc otherwise he and aaron would be “done” (and at this point, it was nothing more than just a shallow affair, nothing remotely as deep as the later on january stuff, it was just thrills for both of them) and so robert literally pegs it*

le siiiiigh, good old days.