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saut--dans--le--vide  asked:

Hello! I love your blog! 😁 I was just wondering if you had any posts about creating a world? From scratch/your imagination/etc. Something that resembles the Character Sheet you created? Thank you! 💝

//Sure thing! It got long- Feel free to pick and choose. Please note some of this was inspired from this generator.

Planet Creation

Planet Name: [And how to pronounce it]
Diameter: [Of the planet]
Core Type: [Molten?]
Density: [ _ times that of the Earth- unless of course it is the Earth]
Mass: [Same as above^]
Gravity: [Same as the above]
Atmosphere Type: [I can’t really list them all, so best to research]
Atmospheric Pressure: [ _ times that of the Earth, unless it is the Earth]
Surface Water: [How much water covers the planet? How many oceans? Lakes?]
Surface Divisions: [How many continents? Is it all one large mass connected together?]
Axial Tilt: [Earth is 23.44°]
Number of Moons: [Are they all visible?]
Moon Name(s): [And how to pronounce them]
Star System Type: [Binary (two stars)? Other?]
Star Details: [Type]
Star Name: [And how to pronounce the name]
Solar System Name: [And how to pronounce it]
Number of Gas Giants in System: [Self explanitory]
Number of Asteroid Belts in System: [Self explanitory]
Other Planets: [Include the number and the names]
Hours in a day: [Earth has 24]
Number of days in a year: [Earth has 365]
Number of months: [Earth has 12]
Common Climate: [What kind of rain does this planet have? Does it get any rain? Snow? Sun?]
Common Dominating Species: [Or rather, the focus of said world; aka in a story about Earth, it would be humans]

Species Creation


Home Environment: [Grassland, sea shore, open country?]
Basic Diet: [Omnivore? Carnivore?]
Feeding Method: [Hunter? Browser? Farmer?]
Metabolism: [Are they warm blooded?]
Type of Society: [Pack? Herd? Hive? Solitary?]
Creature Size: [Compared to human]
Creature build: [Light, medium, heavy, etc?]
Average weight: [On a range, aka ‘120 lbs - 200 lbs’]
Position in Food Chain: [Middle, bottom, top?]
Galactic Social Standing: [Trades? Militants? Hostile/friendly?]
Racial Wealth: [Poor, average, wealthy?]

Reproductive Strategy and Life Cycle

Number of Offspring: [On average, and maximum amount]
Commitment to Young: [Average, low, high?]
Lifespan Average: [Earth years]
Number of Sexes: [Don’t have to answer if you’re working with humans- chances are you already know]
Method of Birth: [Again, don’t have to answer if you’re working with humans]
Misc. Reproductive Info: [Keep in mind aliens that have ovoviviparity as a mode of reproduction in their society aren’t likely to have breasts]

Body Plan and Biology

Movement Method: [Do they walk? Fly? Teleport?]
Symmetry: [Are they bilateral, like vertebrates?]
Posture: [Upright? Semi-upright? Horizontal?]
Number of Limbs: [In total]
Number of Walking Limbs:  [How many limbs are used for walking?]
Number of Handing Limbs: [Of the total limbs, how many are used for grasping objects?]
Number of Extra Limbs: [Do they have the same strength, dexterity, and sensitivity of the other limbs? Tails? Extra appendages?]
Natural Weapons: [Venom? Claws? Fangs? Tails?]
Integument Type: [Armour Plates? Skin- like humans? Heavy chitin?]
Voice Box: [Normal frequency range? Do they speak out their mouths?]
Average Appearance: [Skin colors, limbs, extra limbs, eyes, ear shape, facial shape, body shape, height, weight, skin patterns, hair colors, etc]


How many senses: [Total]
Number of Eyes: [Total]
Eye Placement: [Wide? Close together? On the face?]
Vision: [Poor? Excellent?]
Hearing: [Poor? Excellent?]
Kinesthetic: [Poor? Excellent?]
Taste: [Poor? Excellent?]
Smell: [Poor? Excellent?]
Other: [Anything else?]

Personality Traits

[List of common traits your species are known for]
[Include if they’re more curious than humans, etc]


Strength: 0/10
Dexterity: 0/10
Intelligence: 0/10
Health: 0/10
Magic: [if applicable] 0/10
Balance: 0/10
Charisma: 0/10
Suspicion: 0/10
Empathy: 0/10
Curiosity: 0/10
Concentration: 0/10
Open Minded: [How do they feel about other species?] 0/10
Social Need: 0/10

Other Important Information

Religion: [Include deities]
Language: [Is it spoken? Signed?]
Names: [Are there common names? Any forbidden names?]
Population: [On average, how many are on the planet, how many are there in total, and how many per settlement/herd/hive/pack/etc.?]
Life Cycle: [How quickly do they age, and how fast do they mature?]
Technology: [How advanced are these species?]
Intelligence: [How smart are these species?]
Culture: [Fashion, the arts, entertainment, holidays, customs, traditions, languages, etc.]
Dating/Courting: [What starts the process? What are relationships like? Is there even any dating? What about marriage?]
Society: [Social structure, family life, roles/divisions, gender roles, gender identity, sexuality/love, common gestures, race, ethnicity, politics, etc.]
Government: [Government type, laws, punishment, finances, history, defense, education, medicine, transportation, economy, etc.]
Housing Structures: [How close do they live to each other? How secure are these buildings? Common materials? Practicality?]
Magic: [Is there any magic? Common terminology? Characteristics? Elements or types? Banned/forbidden abilities?]

Elle a les sautes d'humeur du vent
Et la paresse des rivières
Son cœur tombe en panne lorsqu'on l'aime
Elle est faite pour se dévêtir
Devant un public de violettes
Qui se perdent aussitôt dans ses cheveux.
—  Jean Breton, Chair et Soleil
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Peinture et poésie se font comme on fait l'amour : un échange de sang, une étreinte totale, sans aucune prudence, sans nulle protection. Le grand saut, à chaque fois.
—  Joan Miro
On veut l'intensité sans le risque. C'est impossible. L'intensité c'est le saut dans le vide, la part d'inédit, ce qui n'a pas encore été écrit et qui pourtant en nous est en attente, de précisément ça. La passion est une disposition qui nait en nous depuis l'enfance, que l'on peut faire croître ou diminuer mais totalement altérer, jamais.
—  Anne Dufourmantelle
Il faut avoir été beaucoup aimée lorsqu'on était enfant pour tomber follement amoureuse plus tard sans se faire mal. Pour oser le grand saut de sentiments. Pour que ça rembourre et amortisse la chute. Pour que ça empêche la transformation aussi.
—  Sandrine roudeix

batfam character posters (1/?) - Dick Grayson / Nightwing

Okay, Mom and Dad, your “Flying Grayson” is about to take the great leap. Or as they say it in french, Le Grand Saut. Down, down and away. I’d say I wish you could see me now, but I know you’re watching me– I can feel angels on my shoulders. And probably a bat, too.

Quand on ne peut pas parler, il faut écouter de la musique. La musique parle sans les mots. Un morceau de musique peut exprimer des sentiments qui sont trop vagues ou trop douloureux pour être pris au piège des mots. Ou trop terribles

Le saut : six monologues - Anna Enquist

darkarald  asked:

Si tu veux faire des trucs sur Photoshop, je suis à 100 % pour un montage d'EM entouré de cabriolaines (le pokémon) qui sautent en rond autour de lui, parce que j'ai cette image en tête depuis le débat avec ses «sauts de cabris». Mais comme tu veux haha je balance juste des idées ^^

Ce n’est pas exactement ça mais voilà voilà !


Oml 😂 okay, I was tagged by my fellow kimception @kimnamwho to do this bias selfie tag!

I’m sorry, but I can’t stop laughing 😂 We are the epitome of get yourself someone who can do both 👌

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