le redon

Silence - Odilon Redon. 
(c. 1911) pastel. symbolist. Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA .

Redon here presents us with a portrait of Harpocrates, the God of mystical silence, whose characteristic gesture is the forefinger pressed before his lips. This gesture was later transfered to Hermes the Mystagogue, who guides souls out of multipicity. Ultamately the greatest mystery can not be seen or spoken; it is beyond the grasp of the intellect and all symbolic representation.

Le premier cours redone
  • Vinny: Wait, Evan turn around and lift your shirt.
  • Evan: *gives vinny a weird look*
  • Vinny: Just trust me.
  • Evan: *lifts his shirt* Well? What's there?
  • Vinny: Uhhhh. Well, don't know how to tell you this but uh, it's a tattoo.
  • Evan: Tattoo of what?
  • Vinny: It looks like he gave you a tramp stamp saying "HABIT'S BITCH".
  • Evan: Fucking shit.