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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Aaron Tveit and George Blagden both read passages of the brick to enrich their interpretations in Les Misérables, and where George Blagden noticed Grantaire's adoration for Enjolras, Aaron Tveit mainly picked up on Enjolras' charisma, fervor and faith in the rebellion. That's very flavour of meta and i don't know how to deal with it please send help
  • Enjolras: [in a crowded bar and can't find Grantaire]
  • Enjolras: [shouting] ENJOLRAS HAS TERRIBLE HAIR!
  • Grantaire: [emerges from under a table] Excuse you, every hair on his head is––
  • Victor Hugo: [bursts through the fourth wall like the Kool-Aid Man] I WILL BURN THIS ENTIRE BAR TO THE GROUND

Combeferre is so in love with the concept of parallel universes. He loves it so much. Everyday he goes around like: “In a parallel universe, the library of Alexandria was saved”, “in a parallel universe, we’ve found a universal cure for everything”, “in a parallel universe, no one questions the concept of universal healthcare.”

But he also brings him down sometimes: “In a parallel universe, I’m holding Courfeyrac’s hand when we walk down the street”. “In a parallel universe, I’m brave enough to ask Courfeyrac out.”

One day, Enjolras gets enough of the parallel dating universe Combeferre is wallowing in, and puts his hands on his friend’s shoulders: “In parallel universe, you and Courfeyrac never end up together. Make sure you’re not living in that universe, okay?”

I don’t know why I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Grantaire, Joly and Bossuet having a cooking youtube channel together.

  • They don’t even know how to cook that well. They were just bored one day, picked up a camera and filmed each other messing around in the kitchen
  • Bossuet is good at editing, and is a comedy genius, so the end result was hilarious. They put it online and went viral
  • Every episode begins by Joly greeting the audience by something related to the recipe of the day: “Hello Bumble Bees!” “Hello Sunny-side eggs!” “Hello Beans!” “Hello Apples of my eye!”
  • Bossuet makes puns. Constantly. He’s also in charge of the realisation
  • Grantaire makes up songs as they go, improvising melodies and rhymes
  • People adore their content, and you can see the quality improving all the time as they get better equipment and as they become better cooks
  • Other Amis are slowly introduced as guests
  • Courfeyrac wants a rainbow cake with a twist
  • Jehan gives them vegan challenges
  • Combeferre does special “Food Facts” episodes. People are screaming in the comments because of his rolled sleeves and tattoos
  • The audience starts to pick up the Enjoltaire vibe and the shipping is HUGE online, which embarrasses Grantaire and Enjolras immensely, because neither can face their feelings
  • It becomes even more intense when Enjolras is invited to make a cake on the show and they start throwing flour at each other
  • There may have been a floury hand print on Enjolras’ ass
  • Shippers go wild