le proud


Our teacher suggested us to practice different styles for our portfolio soo… I tried Jin Kim’s style and failed miserably. BUT I tried.

I had a lot of fun and I actually was dying to work on George Blagden’s expressions since I watched this scene. Concept artist problems.
Anyway! I’ll keep practicing this style.


@drawbauchery i did it

In Paris tonight they’re doing a “Barricades Night” to protest against France’s current politics & the elections and everything and,,,, imagine Enjolras

Jehan runs one of those “Date a ____” blogs and keeps calling out their pining friends in a ~subtle~ way when the tension gets too much to bear:

  • @mothboi: “Date a sunflower who looks at you like it’s the first day of summer”
  • @citizenred: “Date an artist who thinks you’re the finest masterpiece the world has ever seen”
  • @fannelfeuilly: “Date a gentle giant who will carry the world on his shoulders, because you’re his whole world.”
  • @cestdugrandart: “Date the exhilirating feeling of looking at fireworks on Bastille Day”
  • @courfeyyyyrac: “Date an insectologist and let the bed bugs bite”
  • @brawlrel: “Date the bright colours of autumn on a fine October morning.”

Les Amis as things my fiancé has done:

  • Enjolras: organised his fellow students during the feedback session for a terrible class, stretching the session into two full hours of shaming the teachers
  • Joly: keeps two six-packs of water bottles in his car at all times because ‘you never know when you need more hydration’
  • Marius: is terrible at remembering both melodies and lyrics, but sings me love songs anyway
  • Courfeyrac: among a party of old friends slow danced with the only straight guy there, despite the two of them being the only ones that had never met before
  • Grantaire: got so drunk his friends tried to carry him home, disagreed with the way they held his arms, broke free and ran all the way home with them chasing him for fear of his passing out before he got there
  • Combeferre: got into an hour long argument on astrophysics completely by accident
  • Feuilly: made friends with a blacksmith at a medieval fair and ended up forging with him despite them not speaking the same language
  • Jehan: brought home a pear tree despite us living on the 13th floor because ‘it can live on your balcony if we love it enough’
  • Bahorel: wrapped my sister in towels so he could deadlift her to show off ‘but in a safe way’
  • Bossuet: offered a person he did not know a hug because they looked sad and was then cried on for thirty minutes
  • Bonus Montparnasse: showed up to a party in a full tailcoat out of spite because the dress code was changed from formal to semi-formal