le parapraxis

Chris and I, we had a very, we had some very intimate moments together…where we went…places, to say the least

“…It just felt very natural. And we’re lucky

“to be connected to an award winning fan favorite actor”

“younger people that have gravitated to the relationship… it’s not because of it being a gay relationship, so much as a relationship of two people that they enjoy, and that’s a huge step forward in the right direction”

Whispering in each other’s ears. Feet almost touching. Trying to get as close as possible. Leaning into each other. The parallel body language, moving their arms at the same time, sitting in the same position. Darren staring at Chris, touching his shoulder, touching his wrist, licking his lips when the guy said Chris was bendy.

And when a question wasn’t being asked to them, they were not paying attention half the time, they were like in their own world together, talking and whispering to each other.

I just…I…what does this mean, it’s so much at once, I can’t,…. 

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