le mystere des cathedrales

Fulcanelli on Alchemy and Knowledge


“The secret of alchemy is this: there is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call ’a field of force’. The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-à-vis the Universe. From this position he has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call the Great Work…the vital thing is not the transmutation of metals but that of the experimenter himself…”

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The Alchemist of Notre Dame Cathedral

Amidst this delirious procession of  lost idols, demonic demigods, chimara  and other nameless refugees (gargoyles)  from a medieval bestiary a solitary human figure stands aloof, leaning intently over the outermost edge of the parapet on one corner of the cathedral’s north tower as if to draw our attention downwards towards the mighty edifice below. The unusual hat worn by this old man identifies him at once an adept, a master alchemist taking cognizance of his completed work. 

The occult scholar Pierre Dujols writes that ’ for the grade of the Epopt in the Eleusian Mysteries the new member was asked whether he felt in himself the strength, the will and the devotion necessary for him to set his hand to the GREAT WORK. Then a red cap was put on his head, while this formula was pronounced: ‘Cover yourself with this cap, it is worth more than a king’s crown…’  The goal of that level of initiation was to elevate man above the human sphere into the divine and to assure his redemption by making him into a god and so conferring immortality upon him.

Fulcanelli-Le Mystere des Cathedrales