le mine*

“Enjolras runs an Instagram account” AU

Obviously it was Grantaire’s idea.

  • “You can see from his smile that he was looking at me” Stop stealing my phone, R.
  • Courf cuddling the cat while I’m trying to speak about the upcoming protest march…
  • Sang for a charity show yesterday evening. It was pretty fun despite my face. Please donate at XXXXXXXXX.
  • How am I supposed to work when that silly boyfriend of mine sends me one of these???
  • Kinda like DM’s new song…
  • Someone was tired of me borrowing their beanies I guess. So he offered me one.

an incomplete list of LGBT+ characters in (fictional) period pieces [insp]

* much more prominent/explicit in the original book on which the film is based


Marinette: biracial (Chinese and French)
Alya: Martiniquan
Nino: Moroccan
Alix: Arab
Kim: Vietnamese
Max: West African

Sometimes there’s whitewashing in fandom but none of these kids^ are white