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«In principio tu ti siederai un po’ lontano da me, così, nell'erba. Io ti guarderò con la coda dell'occhio e tu non dirai nulla. Le parole sono una fonte di malintesi. Ma ogni giorno tu potrai sederti un po’ più vicino..»
—  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“No me interesa el deporte en sí sino el fanatismo de estos eventos, ya te lo había dicho” interrumpió Kiks, gesticulando con la mano para restarle importancia a la que su acompañante estaba diciendo “Hay personas tan interesadas en el Quidditch que darían todo por ver a su equipo favorito ganar y es un tanto patético” hizo una pequeña pausa, dirigiendo su mirada hacía la ajena “¿No lo crees?” 

something i have a lot of feelings about and will one day write a dissertation abt but for now i’ll have to settle for this:

i’m really more and more annoyed by this idea that a lot of fandom feels like the women in fandom have to be The Best at everything to be seen as ~feminist~ (and i’m talking specifically abt the les mis fandom rn but also, like it’s something i’ve seen in other fandoms)

like 4 ex, musichetta is always always written in fic as being this amazing, strong, independent, wonderful person who’s better than all the boys at almost anything they’re doing. i have not read a single fic where musichetta is Bad at Something. (this is doubly iffy bc musichetta is also almost always portrayed as a woc.) which like, i understand the appeal right? in an age of media where woc are Good at Nothing, why not make them Good at Everything??

but that’s /just as dehumanizing/. women, and god, ESPECIALLY women of color, are not here to be your tropes. make them PEOPLE. make them scared of things, make them bad at certain things, it’s ok to make them rely on each other if they need to. 

this is not all of my thoughts bc it’s late and i’m Still Reeling from finally seeing hamilton, (which, now that i think about it, this also happens a lot in hc’s about modern au eliza and angelica) but it’s just:

Let Girls Be Bad At Things

all of us: man when will there be a sports anime that actually has a healthy gay relationship 

yuri on ice staff:


do you hear the people sing?