le me basically

sweet dainty cosette who always wears long sleeves at her job as a kindergarten teacher to hide her full tattoo sleeves from nasty parents.

sweet dainty cosette who surprises all her colleagues when she pulls on her motorcycle helmet and rides away on the bike that she built.

sweet dainty cosette who meets grantaire and bahorel because she boxes at the same gym as them.

sweet dainty cosette who can take care of her damn self.

sweet dainty badass cosette who knows those things arent contradictory.

lydyda  asked:

Oh but how about this? Keith as half Galran and Atlean. His mom is Altean and her shape shifting ability was passed down to her son and that's why he's able to retain his human form.

look i was going to draw baby keith again but then i settled for his cute young alien parents flirting  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

This is what I’ve got so far (after just trying to choose the right skin tone after two goddamn hours.THIS IS WHY I HATE THE PAINTING PROCESS CAUSE I DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT SHIT!!!!)
But anywaaayyys. I’m alright with how it’s going along. I haven’t started in Le Chiffre cause most of my focus was on Mortimer’s head.



Guilty Ship, I swear. But oh man, this girl. Can’t believe after all these years I finally got to meet my glitter queen. The first thing I did was whip out glitter and smear it across her face in celebration. You got me through some terrible times, and you absolutely made my whole weekend. Keep sparkling Sailor Les