le love her face in this scene

Love Live! Sunshine!! things that kill me

• Riko literally stripping in front of Chika in the very first scene they have together??

• the quiet “zura” right before Ruby starts freaking out in the first episode

• “oh no she’s brain damaged”

• smol Zuramaru and the motion detector lights

• it’s joke

• Riko literally breaking down a wall and proceeding to jump from the balcony of one two story building to another

• tiny Yohane hitting a tree with a stick for no apparent reason and falling down

• You having a hat that says “YOU” on it

• Hanamaru showing up to the beach at 4:00 AM

• Riko actually literally saying “I love you” while holding Chika’s hands during the sunrise


it’s joke

• the fucking Tokyo outfits (the original ones especially)

• “I’ll do my Rubesty”

• You Watanabe + glasses??

• Mari comically tripping face-first into concrete during the most dramatic scene in the series

• Riko screaming like the lipstick les she is when her fanfic falls out of her locker

• all that damn Kanamari angst

• all that damn Kanamari flirting

it’s joke

official rey and kylo ren spotify playlists: Rey’s personality , platonic and romantic relationships and themes

Okay so I find started listening to the official Rey and Kylo Ren playlists.  I was takling with @juulna​ and @thereminsonata​ about the subtle not-so-subtle Reylo song choices in Kylo’s playlist.  (see this post)

Rey’s is definitely more upbeat than Kylo’s punk/angsty music (which i kinda can’t really see him just listening to these 24/7??? like i see him to be a nice mix between angst,and softer songs that still express his struggles with the light and dark. so like literally light and dark songs :D)

And on that note you can see some of that in Rey’s playlist (reylo a little as well)

Songs that immediately stick out to me are: 

Can’t feel my face, Where are U now, We found love, Battlefield.

Time for a lyric breakdown:

Can’t feel my face

Hello, the first damn stanza you guys.  In context of rey by herself this song kinda seems out of place with all the other self-empowering songs like Confident by Demi Levato, Bulletproof by le Roux and Come and Get it by Selena Gomez, unlesss you bring Kylo in to the mix which make perfect scene in context of the whole interrogation scene, where in the book in the same scene Kylo does touch her face (source: I own the novelization and screamed at this part) In the movie he’s hovering just beside her face and his hand hovers over her face with their little force-mind fight.  These highlighted stanza make me think of Kylo feeling the pull of the light in Rey and not liking it because he wishes to (was manipulated to)  thats an analysis for another time pursue the dark. And just general conflicted angsty romance.

Next is Where are U now:

I need you (the) I need you
I need you, you, you, you, you, you 
You, you, you 

I need you the mostI gave you the key when the door wasn’t open, just admit it
See, I gave you faith, turned your doubt into hoping, can’t deny it
Now I’m all alone and my joys turned to moping
Tell me, where are you now that I need you?
Where are you now?
Where are you now that I need you?
Couldn’t find you anywhere
When you broke down I didn’t leave you
I was by your side
So where are you now that I need you?

With these stanzas I think of kylo ren’s struggle/conflict with the light and by extension Rey again. 

“All alone and moping…” = obviously angsty/emo kylo

But in all seriousness this song may allude to the obvious link of rey being the one to get kylo back the light.  Kylo may feel an awakening to his light side with rey and his growing longing to joining forces with her in the light. “ See, I gave you faith, turned your doubt into hoping, can’t deny it”

Now I’m all alone and my joys turned to moping
Tell me, where are you now that I need you?
Can’t you just see kylo in his room again moping and conflicted with this line?

Next is We Found Love:

I think this basically sums up my thoughts on this song.

Lastly Battlefield:

other songs in the playlist that are shippy/romantic/subtle: levels by nick jonas, runaway (u & i) by galantis, wild by troye sivan, bloodstream by transviolet (not fucking subtle at all and almost too sexual??? BUT I LOVE IT. hate sex maybe?? god i’m trash) 

But THIS PLAYLIST IS NOT ALL ROMANCE OR REYLO. Rey is her own person. independent, strong and is able to stand alone like she’s done her whole life. This playlist definitely reflects that and also her upbeat side and blossoming friendships/platonic relationships.

Strong rey examples: Confident by demi lovato, Roar by katy perry, no one by allcia keys, Miss Independent by kelly clarkson, etc.

Rey in general songs: sky full of stars by coldplay

Platonic relationships with rey: Shut up and dance with me by walk the moon definitly make me think of finn and rey’s new friendship.  the whole hand holding thing when they first meet.  I can imagine rey turning it around on him later on. since finn was a stormtrooper who was meant have emotions and personality repressed and here’s rey who has a more subdued but still lively personality pulling him away from the first order and eventual friendly interaction and him growing into his no longer repressed emotions and them growing together and being lively and laughing. Plus imagine Rey loving this song and pulling Finn up to dance around the Falcon with her. this could also easily be Poe in relation to finn too. with his definite personality and immediate liking to finn and just his charisma . (I just want them all to be friends and be happy and dance around to this song.)

anyway. this is just my two cents. excuse my crazy loopy handwritting. Either the playlist maker just has a general idea of the newest star wars movie, they are intentionally fucking with us, are reylo trash shippers like the rest of us, or spent hours picking songs just as i sat here and analyzed read too much into these songs. i’ll probably write more meta on rey’s playlist as i think of more stuff.

also check out @a-shipper-despite-herself posts on these playlist two for more rey/reylo/star wars playlist music meta. post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4

“Cukor became fascinated by Ava. It might be asked if he had ever met an actress who didn’t fascinate him? (Yes, Lana Turner.) But Ava offered Cukor more than he expected: extraordinary beauty, of course, and intelligence, and what he saw as a quality of fatalism, of desperation, and a magic on film that he likened to what he had seen long ago in Garbo. Why the hell had no one done anything about this before? Cukor wanted to know. The girl could do marvelous things - she could do marvelous things without doing anything at all, just a turn of her lips, the set of her eyes. He came up with shots just to see how she would look, how she would respond. In scenes like those during Victoria Jones’s immersion in Indian culture, scenes with the actress clad in colorful silk saris, Cukor was so enraptured by the look of her that - like Albert Lewin and others before - it was difficult for him to stop shooting, always the urge for one more angle, one more close-up, and then another. As they worked together, the sensuality Cukor saw in his star emboldened him to expand the film’s love scenes, almost compulsively adding elements of daring eroticism that he had to know wouldn’t escape the censor’s scissors. They improvised a passionate sequence with Ava and Bill Travers that Cukor likened to a later, groundbreaking moment in Louis Malle’s "Les Amants”: Ava’s face in close-up, reacting to what is implied to be Travers in an act of cunnilingus. “Marvelous erotic scenes,” Cukor would recall. “All cut by the censors.”

- Ava’s biographer Lee Server about the filming of Bhowani Junction


To anyone reading “The Riddle”, I have an upcoming scene where Sigyn is wearing something other than her healer’s robes - le gasp! - and I always love to delay the actual writing process by searching through images of pretty dresses.

This batch of dresses are all by Zuhair Murad - I just love so many of his designs, they have just the right amount of elegance and the fantastical to fit perfectly in any Asgardian lady’s wardrobe. What do you think?

Note that the above are in no way considered face claims for Sigyn (I’ve avoided giving too many descriptors of Sigyn in this story so the reader can make their own version up, also I loathe doing so… because I’m lazy) they just happen to be wearing the dresses I like.

I was thinking somewhat neutral colours, something with a simple elegance about it, nothing too showy or too sexy… Basically, a formal healer’s gown would be perfect :P Any suggestions?

Things i need from the Pushing Daisies musical

It starts with a flashing light and the sound. 

lights go up

a big,  15 minute , into the woods style opening ensemble number called ‘the facts were these’ being a synopsis up until this point. The opening number ends with chuck and ned on the aunt’s front step.

emerson’s kid as a prominent (or main) character with gina fucking torres accompanying

ned and chuck being the cutest dorks

emerson being in-between ned and chuck during the act one finale, and having his 'so done with this bullshit’ face on

aunts lily and vivian duet

aunts seeing chuck and loving her

lily grilling ned like a new boyfriend, while vivian is acting normally

scenes of chuck without ned in them, her with aunts, hanging with olive, tending bees.(mainly just having her not reduced to her relationship with ned)

a coroner number.

emerson/olive big little duet, where olive is really into it, emerson gets more and more interested and by the end he is belting

EMERSON/KID REUNITING DUET (with optional pop-up book set)

ned/dad duet in the style of Confrontation from Les Mis. Ned’s dad trying to be sympathetic and pitiful and telling his 'side’ of the story while ned is cowed in the first half of the song, but then  ACTUALLY CALLS HIM ON HIS BULLSHIT and tells him how his abandonment emotionally stunted him and hurt the twins

a ned solo song which would probably be somewhere towards the middle of act 2, where he’s really stressed out and starts baking, and then starts singing. There are dancing pies in matronly aprons trying to comfort him, and he holds out his hand to try and dance with one, but he quickly pulls back before it rots again. 

a bryan fuller cameo

at one point someone says something to the effect of 'ned’s pies might be dead, but at least there aren’t people in them’ and then someone comments that that is 'really sweeny todd’ creating a successful multilevel joke

at one point during a big number, emerson walks in during and says sommething to the effect of 'i only thought olive sung to herself, when did you guys start.

olive getting a happy ending. because she deserves it












And at the end of the big finale with all our babies happy and things resolved, a flash of light, and a zap. Because it’s over. All over.