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Never forget the time Josh Gad dressed up as Donald Trump wearing money shorts singing “I Touch Myself” while swinging on a wrecking ball of Trump’s hair and then proceded to make out with Leonard from “Big Bang Theory” who was also dressed as Donald Trump.

*Luke Evans crying from the distance*

Se ti penso prendo a morsi le mie stesse labbra.
—  Gionnyscandal - Buongiorno

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Buzzkill (Sneak Peek)

In honour of Chlonath week, I wanted to post a snippet from one of my WIPs from my Buzzkill fic. 

It’s Le Paon and Queen Bee up to their old antics…beating each other up. >o< Enjoy!!

(ao3 link for the Buzzkill fanfic so far)

Queen Bee landed yet another blow, another punch to his chest.

Frustrated, he reached forward, grabbing her by her shoulders and thwarting her next attack, forcing her against the brick wall. He tasted the shock in the air as he pushed forward.

“Enough!” he growled, trying to shake off the sudden influx of panic emanating from her being. Her hands instinctively wrapped around his wrists, her nails biting into his skin. “This ends tonight!”

She stared at him, her cold, blue eyes blown open wide, before suddenly glaring at him. Both of them gasped for breath, clearly drained and exhausted. Before she could strike again, Le Paon released a hand from her shoulder and grabbed at her ponytail, yanking her head backwards. He stepped forward bracketing her against the wall, holding her captive.

Both their chests heaved. They panted, competing for what little air between them.

With his other hand he reached up towards the golden comb in her hair.

“Let’s see who’s behind the stripes, shall we?”

“You wouldn’t be able to handle me either way,” she smiled, baring her teeth at him. She let go of his wrists to push against his chest. “Stripes or no stripes, I’ll still kick your ass.”

She shoved him again pushing him back slightly. He growled.

Her hands reminded on his chest, smoothly rising up his lapels in an oddly gentle manner. It did nothing to calm his beating heart. He glared at her, while her own gaze seemed locked on his neck, looking at his cravat—his Miraculous.

A charge lifted into the air, he could feel the wind blow against his skin. Something electric sparked. She looked up at him in challenge, a playful smirk on her face. Her hand reached towards his pin.

He froze, feeling her fist a hand into the lapel of his jacket, her hand poised at his neck, his own tangled in her hair.

“Don’t even think about it,” he warned, tightening his hold, she lifted her chin up both in reaction to his pulling and in a haughty show of defiance.

Her answering smile told him exactly what she was thinking.

“If you touch it, I’ll take yours,” he threatened.

She hummed in reply, her hand smoothing his lapel curiously.

He scoffed at her, shaking his head, “You wouldn’t.”

She glanced back up at him, “Oh, you don’t know what I’ll do bird boy.”

He stepped forward, pushing her back against the wall. The hand not knotted in her hair pushed up flat against the wall next to her face. She gasped.

Leaning closer, he smiled down at her. “Oh, I think I know you better than you think, Honey.”

E non avrei mai voluto baciare altre labbra che non fossero le tue.


[Video Review] When it comes to liquid lipsticks I’m always a little bit hesitant at first, having super dry lips means that they only tend to exacerbate the problem and also makes them look dry and flaky. However, this couldn’t be further from the case with the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme’s. I’m already a big fan of the original Le Marc lipsticks and when I saw these I knew immediately that I wanted to try them and I’m so glad that I did.  These are not your stereo-typical matte liquid lipsticks. Instead they are beautiful and creamy with a semi-matte, lipstick like finish, and they’re also super comfortable to wear. Although they only come in neutral/nude shades (six to be exact) I’m willing to overlook that for their great formula. These are comfortable and creamy liquid lipsticks which don’t accentuate any dryness on my lips whatsoever. The staying power is good, but it isn’t mind-blowing. You can go throughout your day snacking and drinking, but if you’re eating something big or greasy you will need to touch up afterwards.There is no obnoxious scent or flavor (which there often can be in liquid lipsticks) and the pigment is great especially given that these shades are on the neutral side.

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L’Oreal Collection Star G101 Le Gold

Hello, Goldie!

L’Oreal’s launched special edition Spring 2017 Collection Star lipsticks endorsed by various celebrities. 

In Singapore, there are four new shades shot through with gold pearl, and the pure gold one G101 Le Gold, is a shade endorsed by the drop-dead gorgeous Sonam Kapoor. At this time I’m not certain if L’Oreal will release this shade in the US and Europe under another celebrity’s name, or simply as a shade extension of the whole Colour Riche line, but that’s always a possibility.

It’s a glossy texture, which makes it go on very easily compared to old-school metallic lipsticks which used to be quite a bit drier. 

I just had to focus on it cos it’s such a fun, bling shade if you’re looking for an inexpensive lip topper (it does go on nicely over liquid to matte lipsticks but the creaminess and stick format will cause it will rub off creamier formulas slightly, so use a brush if you want to pair it with a regular lipstick).

For the quick demo above, I didn’t apply it over a red lipstick. (If you do, you get a subtler gold pearl.) I simply applied gold to my bare bottom lip and then added red at the sides and blended them for an ombre. Then I patted a tiny amount around the insides of the top lip just so there was a tiny bit of gradient, but the focus remained on the bottom. 

This is if you want the biggest contrast.

anonymous asked:

How about some Taire staying behind late after a meeting with Enjy because he's worried he's not going to sleep enough and that he's working too hard and poor Taire is ill and cold and shivering and trying to warm himself up by drinking. So ofc E gets all annoyed and upset that Taire is drinking loads but then he realises he's just doing it to warm himself up and to try and dull his headache (also love your blog - it gives me life srsly you're amazing and congrats on finishing your thesis)

Let me tell you: I love this prompt so freaking much. 

(Ficlet: Modern AU and Enjoltaire because if it wasn’t obvious by now, I am actual trash for this ship.)

Grantaire huddled further into the small booth he was occupying while he kept trembling hands wrapped tightly around his third glass of wine. His head was throbbing worse than a hangover after a night out with Bahorel, and he felt chilled to the bone despite the heat blasting out from the vents above him. 

His bed called to him, but he refused to leave, not without Enjolras. The latter had been working late nights at the Musain recently, and Grantaire was beside himself with worry. So, he had been staying the hours and hours after meetings to make sure that Enjolras got home safely and got to sleep. It was the least he could do since the two were still fairly new into their relationship. 

He kept his eyes trained on Enjolras, who was hunched over multiple documents a few tables away, while he sipped absently at his glass of wine. He had hoped that the alcohol would fend off the chills and dull his pounding head, and while it offered brief relief, it wasn’t enough to ward off the shivers that left his muscles aching fiercely or dial down the pain flaring hot across his head. 

He polished off the glass and motioned for the bartender to bring another when Enjolras came storming over. 

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Enjolras spit out sharply as he took in the deep flush coloring high on Grantaire’s cheeks. “Christ, are you drunk?” 

Grantaire winced for Enjolras’s booming voice felt like knives piercing his mind, but he was quick to shake his head. “I’m not,” he struggled out through chattering teeth. 

Huffing out a harsh laugh, Enjolras crossed his arms and arched a brow. “Really? Then why are you shaking so hard?” 

“I’m freezing,” Grantaire mumbled, wrapping both arms tightly around himself. With the absence of wine, he was left with strong, deep shivers coursing through him. 

Frowning, Enjolras stole a glance down to his arms where he had rolled up his shirt sleeves to fend off the heat of the room before he slowly shifted his gaze back up to Grantaire. It took a second, but his mind caught up to the situation, and next thing he knew, he was dropping to his knees beside the brunet. 

He gently brushed the back of his fingers to Grantaire’s cheek and sucked in a sharp gasp at the boiling heat. “R,” he breathed out, voice thick with worry. He cupped Grantaire’s chin and gently pulled until the brunet was fully facing him, and then he pressed a flat palm straight to Grantaire’s forehead to confirm the worrying temperature. 

“You’re really sick,” Enjolras whispered with furrowed brows, and Grantaire could only nod helplessly in response. 

“You should be in bed.” 

Shrugging, Grantaire rubbed one hand against his head. “I want to stay to make sure you get home and get sleep.” 

Breathing out a deep sigh, Enjolras shook his head. “I can make it home by myself, R. I’m an adult.” 

“I know, but I’m worried,” Grantaire pressed, keeping his voice firm despite the chills wracking his slender frame. “Someone has to make sure you sleep.” 

Enjolras opened his mouth to protest, but thoughts of multiple, sleepless nights consisting of getting lost in work flashed hot across his mind. He closed his mouth and offered a small nod. 

“I’m sorry for worrying you,” he supplied while taking one of Grantaire’s shaking hands in his. “I didn’t realize.” 

“It’s okay,” Grantaire said with a shaking breath. He frowned just as the chills picked up in intensity, and he dropped his forehead against Enjolras’s shoulder with a light groan. 

Enjolras was quick to wrap steady arms around the trembling brunet. He rubbed his hands up and down Grantaire’s back to provide even a small ounce of heat even though he knew the chills were a product of the nasty fever Grantaire was sporting. 

“Let’s go back to my place. I want to take care of you.” 

Grantaire pulled away with a frown. “That’s not necessary.” 

“I insist. Besides, I owe you for all the times you’ve been looking out for me.” 

Despite how he felt, Grantaire’s lips quirked up into a teasing smile. “So you are finally going to let me spend the night?” 

Enjolras shoved lightly at Grantaire’s shoulder. “Don’t be so obnoxious,” he said, voice matching the smile coloring his lips. 

UNDERGROUND - model: Amanda Wellsh - photographer: An Le - stylist: Paulo Macedo - hair: Nabil Harlow - makeup: Maya Alleaume - producer: Victoria Pavon - Vogue Portugal January 2017