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Never forget the time Josh Gad dressed up as Donald Trump wearing money shorts singing “I Touch Myself” while swinging on a wrecking ball of Trump’s hair and then proceded to make out with Leonard from “Big Bang Theory” who was also dressed as Donald Trump.

*Luke Evans crying from the distance*

Se ti penso prendo a morsi le mie stesse labbra.
—  Gionnyscandal - Buongiorno

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Hey, you got me into watching Will and Spartacus during Malec hiatus. Do you have any other show recommendation that portrays a healthy LGBTQ+ ship?

In the Flesh

  • People start coming back from the dead as the Undead and this show centers around reentering them into society. Has a queer protagonist and his sexuality isn’t treated like a big deal. Deals with depression, suicide, and PTSD as well as society’s prejudice towards difference. Honestly I’d highly recommend this show.


  • A show about two boys who witness a triple-homicide. Their relationship is one of the main points of the show, like I’m upset this show didn’t get more attention. Deals with internalized homophobia and fears of coming out especially in a small town, PTSD, drug addiction, the foster system and pedophilia, to name a few. 10/10 would recommend this show.


  • You might have already watched this but I definitely had to include it on the list. Has a transgender woman called Nomi in a wlw relationship with Amanita, Hernando and Lito a mlm couple in the main cast, also deals heavily with homophobia and transphobia. If you watch one thing on this list I’d recommend sense8 most!

Please Like Me

  • i haven’t caught up on this show in so long but it’s basically about this guy called Josh who breaks up with his girlfriend after realizing he’s gay. Deals with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety in an extremely real way. Basically obliterates toxic masculinity. Has this iconic scene which deals with religious prejudice against homosexuality. Deals with the topic of abortion and has amazing female characters.

Lip Service

  • There are so little shows about wlw that don’t already have large fanbases (e.g. Carmilla, Wyonna Earp, Orange is the New Black, etc.) but I remember watching this a few years ago. Follows the love lives of three gay women living in Glasgow, I can’t remember much about it because it aired 5 years ago when I was 15 but it’s a great show that I should rewatch tbh.


  • Doctor Who spin off but for a more “mature” audience, (not so) secret organization called Torchwood that protects from extraterrestrial threats. Unapologetically bi/pan lead, honestly nobody on this show is straight. Every main character is shown to have at least some sort of same sex interaction. Trust me, just pretend like seasons three and four don’t exist and everything will be fine. 

Les Miserables

  • How could I NOT include this one when it’s part of my largest fandoms. In the book Grantaire is written in a way that makes it seem like he has strong feelings for Enjolras, obviously homosexuality was a big thing back then so he couldn’t explicitly write it but there is a lot of comparison to queer gods and all that. But yeah in the fandom literally no member of the amis is ever viewed as straight except Marius (e.g. JBM is in a committed poly relationship, Jehan is non-binary etc.) honestly Les Mis just has a special piece of my heart and it needs a bigger audience.


  • I don’t think this show can really be classed as a healthy LGBT+ ship, but it’s a running theme throughout the entirety of the show. No relationship on this show can be considered the paragon of healthiness. Focuses on Louis XIV and the construction of Versailles. His brother Philippe is married to a woman for appearances of the state but it’s common knowledge that he has a male lover called Chevalier that even his wives know about. Historically accurate and doesn’t try to erase his real sexuality. Has strong female characters and deals with instances of PTSD, poisonings and abuse. 

Other shows that might be of interest (*I haven’t watched yet)

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt*
  • Rupauls Drag Race
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Orphan Black*
  • Transparent*
  • How to Get Away With Murder
  • The Get Down*
  • The Bold Type*
  • Star* 

side note // i’m so glad more people are watching Will it’s such an amazing show and deserved better than it got tbh