le joy

Au bout de la jetée
Face au vent
Sur les chemins de forêt
Sur le parvis des églises
Sur le pont des bateaux
Et même la tête sous l'eau
Dans les joies
Dans les peines
Toujours en cercle serré
Toujours debout
Espoir blues
—  Fauve ≠

“When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was golden in the sky”

Sometimes as I am falling asleep in a dark, quiet room I have for a moment a great and treasurable illusion of the past. The wall of a tent leans up over my face, not visible but audible, a slanting plane of faint sound: the susurrus of blown snow. Nothing can be seen. The light-emission of the Chabe stove is cut off, and it exists only as a sphere of heat, a heart of warmth. The faint dampness and confining cling of my sleeping-bag; the sound of the snow; barely audible, Estraven’s breathing as he sleeps; darkness. Nothing else. We are inside, the two of us, in shelter, at rest, at the center of all things. Outside, as always, lies the great darkness, the cold, death’s solitude.

In such fortunate moments as I fall asleep I know beyond doubt what the real center of my own life is, that time which is past and lost and yet is permanent, the enduring moment, the heart of warmth.

I am not trying to say that I was happy, during those weeks of hauling a sledge across an ice-sheet in the dead of winter. I was hungry, overstrained, and often anxious, and it all got worse the longer it went on. I certainly wasn’t happy. Happiness has to do with reason, and only reason earns it. What I was given was the thing you can’t earn, and can’t keep, and often don’t even recognize at the time; I mean joy.

—  The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin, Chapter 18
Misc. Trivia About Donald Duck and Others in the Comics

-Donald is an excellent cook. Yes, really.
-He lived his childhood days on Grandma Duck’s farm, and learned to cook from her.
-Scrooge loves Donald’s cooking, and waits for any dignified opportunity to visit him to stuff his face for free. Daisy loves his cooking as well.
-On an epic adventure, the triplets will usually follow Scrooge’s orders over Donald’s. In daily life and moral aspects, however, they’ll almost always take Donald’s side.
-Donald will swallow his pride and go back to work for his uncle whenever money runs so short he can no longer buy his nephews toys.
-Ironically, Donald loves fishing - a game of patience. And he’s apparently good at it, too.
-Scrooge McDuck knows better than to mess up when the nephews are in his care. Donald’s temper is something else when they’re involved.
-It’s probably because he’s an adult and all, but in several stories Scrooge is implied to be closer to Donald than to the triplets.
-Scrooge lives alone in a shabby house. He also sleeps over at the bin often.
-Even though Scrooge will find any opportunity to make Donald work for next-to-nothing, he trusts his nephew enough to give him an emergency key into the bin, and Donald is allowed to move anything around as deemed necessary without supervision or permission.
-Scrooge has no problems calling women ugly to their faces.
-Scrooge actually loves it when his nephews visit him in the bin, and wishes they ‘understood’ and loved money as much as he does so that they would have something to bond closely over.
-Scrooge has some photos of the triplets as ducklings stashed away, and he’s very fond of those.
-More than once, Scrooge gave in and handed Magica his genuine No. 1 dime when things looked truly grim.
-In some variations of the comics, Scrooge is implied to be the patriarch, and Grandma Duck the matriarch, both making crucial decisions for the Duck/McDuck family wellbeing.
-Scrooge is an excellent actor.
-Donald and Fethry used to work together for some time at Scrooge’s money bin.
-Fethry is an artist, but not a very good one.
-Sometimes Donald tries to soften Scrooge up by sending Daisy to talk to him.
-Gladstone loves Grandma Duck and is very respectful to her.
-Gladstone once considered the possibility of taking in the triplets if Donald died suddenly.
-Gladstone thinks Donald is genuinely funny.


a mixed cd i made for my friend made up of (mostly) classics.
super fun playlist:
a forest - the cure
cinderella’s big score - sonic youth
rock the casbah - the clash
how soon is now - the smiths
kiss kiss kill kill - horrorpops
love will tear us apart - joy division
murdermill - the kills
rebel grrrl - bikini kill
tear you apart - she wants revenge
This must be the place - the talking heads
deceptacon - le tigre
blue monday - new order
dance this mess around - b52’s
ghost town - the specials

Your eyes never betray by sign
What grief or joy they hold,
They are cold jewels that combine
Strong iron and rare gold.

Charles Baudelaire, Flowers of Evil - Le Serpent qui danse

Translated by Jacques LeClercq


Shinhwa Company’s Updates:  7000 Days” SPECIAL POST

  • All English translations are by hearts_shinhwa except for Minwoo, it’s by deeshoong

Shinhwa Company :

7000 days, every day


Shinhwa’s debut 7🍊🍊🍊 days💛 Thank you so much for 'SHCJ’ who are always with us and love you all ~💛 
- Minbongie 
PS: Always feeling thankful to members and love you all 💛  

7🍊🍊🍊 jours💛 depuis les débuts de Shinhwa. Merci tellement aux 'SHCJ’ qui sont toujours avec nous, je vous aime tous~ 💛
- Minbongie
PS : Je suis toujours reconnaissant envers les membres et je vous aime tous. 💛


SHCJs who have been with us for the past 7000 days, thank you for always supporting us and giving us strength. We’ll work hard to show an even better side of ourselves. Hop your days will be filled with love and peace.

Pour les SHCJ.
Aux SHCJs qui ont été avec nous ces derniers 7000 jours, merci de toujours nous soutenir et de nous donner de la force. Nous allons travailler dur pour montrer un meilleur côté de nous-mêmes. Que vos jours soient remplis d'amour et de paix.


« Shinhwa 7000 days »… Thank you so much~
All SHCJs who have been believing us, supporting us and protecting us for such a long time… thank you so much.
Let’s be together for a long long time in the future~ !!! Thank you again and again ! And again~
- Hyesung- 💛💛💛💛💛💛~
🍊x7000 wow~

« Les 7000 jours de Shinhwa »… Merci tellement~
Aux SHCJs qui ont cru en nous, nous ont soutenus et nous protègent depuis si longtemps … merci beaucoup.
Soyons ensemble pendant longtemps encore dans le futur ~ !!! Merci encore et encore! Et encore ~
Hyesung- 💛💛💛💛💛💛~
🍊x7000 wow~


Shinhwa and SHCJ’s 7000 days~ 💛
Not one day of the 7000 days that has passed felt like a bore~ !!
Thank you so much for being with Shinhwa’s joys and sorrows for a long time. Let’s be together foo an even longer~ time than the time that has passed !!! OKAY ???

Les 7000 jours de Shinhwa et Shinhwa Changjos~💛
Pas un jour des 7000 jours passés a été ressenti comme un ennui ~ !!
Merci beaucoup d'être avec les joies et les chagrins de Shinhwa depuis longtemps. Soyons ensemble pour un temps encore plus long que le temps qui s'est écoulé !!! D'ACCORD ???


7000 days~ !! Daebak^^
It’s so great because we’re together with SHCJ~!
Let’s continue to be together in the future, I love you.
And thank you always~💛

7000 jours~!! Daebak^^
C’est si bien car on est ensemble avec les SHCJ~!
Continuons d’être ensemble dans l'avenir, je vous aime.
Et merci comme toujours~ 💛


To Shinhwa Changjo princesses~
Our pretties ! You’ve been doing well right ?~ keke
It’s already been 7000 days since Shinhwa debuted!~
Thank you for 💛 us for such a long time~
We’ll work hard for everyone to love us even more in the future !
Thank you~💛
Beware of the hot weather~~~kekeke

Aux princesses Shinhwa Changjo~
Nos jolies ! Vous allez bien n'est-ce pas?~ keke
Cela fait déjà notre 7000 jours que Shinhwa a débuté !~
Merci de nous aimer depuis si longtemps~
Nous allons travailler pour que tout le monde nous aime encore plus dans le futur !
Attention aux hausses de température~~~ kekeke

Dongwan’s 41st Broadcast

D: Thought I’m saying this again, Shinhwa is, of course, not responsible for your lives. No one else is responsible for our lives either. However, Shinhwa Changjo is Shinhwa’s dependable companion, history, and eyewitnesses. Let’s work harder until we’re sixty, more or less. Even when we reach sixty, if we’re full of drive, we can go on even longer right ?

Bien que je le répète à nouveau, Shinhwa n'est évidemment pas responsable de votre vie. Personne d'autre n'est responsable de nos vies non plus. Cependant, Shinhwa Changjo est le compagnon fiable de Shinhwa, son histoire et ses témoins oculaires. Travaillons plus fort jusqu'à ce que nous ayons soixante ans, plus ou moins. Même lorsque nous atteignons soixante ans, si nous sommes pleins d'énergie, nous pouvons continuer encore plus longtemps n'est-ce pas ?

I just got home from watching Beauty and the beast for a third time

And I literally have no different reaction other than happiness

My favourite movie 😍 and who doesn’t love a bit of le duo?