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Les Mis Aesthetic: Courferre + Spiderwick AU

Do not dare to read this book
for if you take one fateful look,
you barter at your life’s expense,
and face a deadly consequence.

There are a lot of things Courfeyrac shouldn’t have done. He shouldn’t have teased Marius for his romantic notions. He shouldn’t have spilled glitter all over Grantaire’s fencing trophies. He shouldn’t have gone poking around the attic by himself. He shouldn’t have ignored all the warnings. He shouldn’t have been so easily convinced of the existence of fantastical creatures.  Above all, he shouldn’t have fallen for the man who hid those secrets in the first place. 

But he did, of course he did.

Alternatively, the boys move into one of the Pontmercy’s ancient estates and discover magic. That’s it thats the whole concept. Plus Courferres like 127+ years old. Poor thing trapped by the sylphs… Makes more sense if you’ve seen the film or read the books.

Sick puppy Marius?? Hell yes! (Modern AU bc I’m trash and am afraid to write canon era)

“I’m pretty sure I’m sick.” Marius said to his friends during class while massaging his forehead. He had woken up that morning feeling simultaneously too hot and too cold, and his stomach had been cramping painfully while his head had been throbbing.

As he went to his classes, he found that he was growing steadily worse. He couldn’t stomach anything thanks to the twisting cramps, and he was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate because of the pounding headache blooming hot behind his eyes.

“You aren’t sick,” Courfeyrac said, eyes scanning Marius’s face. “You are normally all freaking out and pale and shit when sick.”

“Yeah, your face is like the exact opposite of pale right now,” Bahorel added, tapping his cheek. “You look like you had one too many shots.”

Marius sighed and turned his attention back to his law book. The words were blurring together, forming long, jumbled strings of letters, and he shook his head while blinking rapidly to try and clear his focus.

However, the small movement only made things worse, and he shut his book with a low sigh. “I’m going to skip,” he said to Courfeyrac and Bahorel while struggling to his feet.

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our attain[AB]le dreams

So yes, this crossover fic does have a name. I was tossing between this one and “[AB]errant timeline” due to reasons, but this one won out because I kinda want the ending to be cheerful and hopeful and a bit less melancholic and sadface than the actual game ending. ANYWAY.

This 2k chunk of writing ATE MY SOUL today. It’s horrible and painful and I did some mean things to Uryuu in the backstory that he’s talking about and WHOOPS SPOILERS FOR AUTOMATA. If you don’t want spoilers for a MAJOR piece of the puzzle about the Androids in the game, DON’T READ THIS. K? k.

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Lucas: Claus, why do you dislike Ness so much? He’s a wonderful person!

Claus: ………… //inwardly fuming

Ness:  (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)

(Overall, it was a good week. Lucas gave Ness a tour of Tazmily and when night fell, they’d share stories of their adventures. Ness gave Lucas updates on what was happening at Smash Mansion while Claus grumbled away jealously in the corner.)

have i posted on here about the fact that there are russian language ttss fanfictions on ao3? and the fact that that’s just like amazingly hilarious to me on a meta level? also i can’t decide whether it would be funnier if they were for the movie or the book (i assume they’re for the movie but i didn’t check). because like the movie just. doesn’t have a plot at all so the russians are pretty irrelevant? whereas the book has le carre’s particular a-spy-is-a-spy-is-a-spy mentality regarding nationality, which i guess would make it less uncomfortable to read them as a russian than most english spy books, but the instrumental word there is “less.”

Les Amis de L'ABC (et les amis) Modern AU: Éponine Thénardier

She holds her cigarette with three fingers, like a society darling bored of her rejection. She had, after all, come from a long line of the corrupt elite, and she knows when social graces has been trumped by those who are even more amoral than they are. No more slender lines and hazy cigarette smoke for this daughter of wolves - only the harshness of nicotine on her chapped lips. Only scandalous affairs that end with boys who have grown too attached. Only old bloody money in her trust fund. Only her parents, unvisited, in jail.

In other stories, she had loved and lost. In this, she knows better. You never stood a chance. 

For Thea (tumblr user maytheymeetagain), on her birthday. 

“You,” said Joly ominously while pointing a finger at Grantaire who immediately froze mid-way to sit between him and Bossuet. “You,” Joly repeated. “Shall not fall in love with Musichetta.”

Grantaire blinked.

“Now that’s absurd,” Bossuet protested. “Of course Grantaire will not. Musichetta is friend with Grantaire, and we know that Grantaire’s heart is more easily swayed by people he knows won’t look at it twice -”

“Excuse-me -” Grantaire huffed, offended. 

“Well that means nothing,” Joly cut him, waving his eyebrows expressively. “One day Grantaire likes an Irma or an Enjolras -” (Grantaire coughed loudly. He was ignored.) “The next he is falling in love with his best friend’s lover!”

“Isn’t that excellent news?” Bossuet exclaimed. “That a man loves his best friend and his best friend’s lover? Now that’s a perfect match, isn’t it?”

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Les Amis ice cream headcanons

Bahorel absolutely loves death by chocolate because it just feels fun to eat. There’s the chocolate chunks and occasionally syrupy stuff and the texturiness of it all and it’s just a lovely experience. Him and Montparnasse may or may not fight over the rights to eat it all the time because it’s absolutely 10/10 in both of their books. Typically, when ice cream is served, they’re served separately. 

Bossuet really likes milkshakes and smoothies, which makes it hard when they’re buying ice cream from the store. He used to like this one kind of Blue’s Clues ice cream, but he can never find it anywhere and just sort of gave up hope on that enterprise. However, he’s learned that ice cream sandwiches, especially when the top and bottom are made of actual cookies, are an amazing alternative to that. He always gets cookie remnants all over his hands, but it’s better than him trying to eat something out of a cone or from a mug. 

Cosette loves mango sherbet. Nothing will ever convince her that it is not one of the greatest substances ever to be created on the planet and she will physically fight anyone who tells her otherwise. Bahorel once jokingly said it and ended up with hilarious bruises. It was terrifying for everyone watching.

Combeferre’s favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chunk. Not mint chocolate chip, mind you, mint chocolate chunk. There is a difference.

Courfeyrac likes to take spoonfuls of everyone’s ice cream and swirl them around in his bowl until he has a lovely brown mess of flavors, because it tastes just like he always thought it would and he loves each and every one of his friends, how could he choose between them?

Enjolras very much likes strawberry ice cream. With strawberries or without, he absolutely adores the flavor of strawberry ice cream. He is one of the few who can be persuaded to share, but only if you’re a specific person. If you’ve done anything to offend him on purpose within the past week, you won’t get any ice cream. Sorry, Grantaire.

Eponine always gets a specific ice cream from a specific store. It’s called chocolate cookie crumble and nothing else in the world can compare to it. Though Bahorel may insist that it’s just like death by chocolate but boring, Eponine is quick to fight back that no, it is in fact the best ice cream that has ever existed. She is not wrong.

Feuilly usually goes with Bossuet on the milkshakes idea, but when he gets overruled he usually just gets plain vanilla ice cream and adds in different things according to which house the ice cream party is being held in. If it’s Jehan’s (it usually is), then he drowns his beautiful creation in sprinkles. Joly’s? All sorts of syrups. Eponine’s? Usually crushed up nuts, berries, m&m’s or whatever he can find. Always a wild card, always delicious. 

Gavroche does what Courfeyrac usually does, though he sometimes just likes to share with Feuilly or take a scoop of vanilla and add in something from whichever of his friends has the best looking stuff. Whenever someone tries out a new flavor, he’s always the taste-tester. He’s not a very good one, because he likes every flavor, but he’s a very loyal taste-tester.

Grantaire likes to close his eyes and pick a random flavor by whichever one he was pointing at. His least favorite so far has been bubble gum, and his most favorite has been extreme moose tracks. However, whenever there’s Girl Scout cookie ice cream, it’s not even a question as to whether or not he’d get it.

Jehan takes any kind of ice cream that seems aesthetically pleasing upon first encounter and adds sprinkles. The sprinkles sometimes take away from the taste but, when placed in a very nice way, create an even more aesthetically pleasing dish. Sometimes, he and Grantaire pair up and create little scenes out of the colors, usually ending up in some sort of mountain, as the majority of ice cream flavors are brown. All of the Les Amis split a little bit of the creation in the end.

Joly adores coffee flavored ice cream, which he’s never been able to explain because he doesn’t actually like coffee. The ice cream tastes good, the coffee tastes kind of good, but he just doesn’t like coffee?? It’s a very emotionally trying concept.

Marius really likes Neapolitan ice cream, though when he was younger his father would always call it Napoleon ice cream and the name stuck. He usually finds himself confused between the two, and Enjolras “gently” corrects him whenever he gets it wrong, which is about half the time. He’s been thinking about getting flash cards to help.

Montparnasse really, really, really likes death by chocolate and rocky road. When people ask why, he simply lifts the carton to his face and gives a grin and people kind of back off. He’s very peculiar about which he’s going to eat on a certain day. Usually, if it’s at Jehan’s house, then he’ll eat death by chocolate. When anywhere else, he eats rocky road, though he claims he loves them both equally.

Musichetta likes plain old chocolate. Plain and simple. Always good, always nice. She usually is the one to pitch in the most to pay for these ice cream parties because she absolutely adores seeing her group together and happy, and what better way to do that than ice cream?

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Okay so I was talking about songs with friends and someone mentioned 'I will follow you into the dark' and I was all 'OMG I LOVE THAT SONG' and then I had to pretend that I meant the Death Cab for Cutie version which I forget the lyrics to and not George Blagden's fantastic rewrite like wow @ me

Can u believe George Paul Blagden took time in his life to deliver numerous gifts to this fandom? Can you believe that nerd actually picked up his guitar, turned his camera on, and changed the lyrics on purpose? Can you?

Do not ask yourself what George Blagden can do for you. Ask yourself what you can do for George Blagden


MODERN LES MIS FANCAST | part one (part two)

godfrey gao as enjolras
oscar isaac as grantaire
suraj sharma as combeferre
keahu kahuanui as courfeyrac
michael b. jordan as bossuet
angel coulby as musichetta
sam milby as joly
howard charles as bahorel

love, emma [1/5]

summary; boy/girl friendships can be quite complicated sometimes—especially when said boy’s in love with said girl and and the whole world seems to know about it but her. a modern day captain swan au, loosely based off love, rosie.

jump forward: [two] | [three]

also on: [ao3] / [ff.net]

Killian all but storms into Emma’s house, having collided with Anna just moments ago outside. Only stopped by Ingrid shouting, “Shoes!” from the kitchen, he slips off his sneakers at the pile by the door and continues his way upstairs. He knows there’s no rush but he takes the stairs two at a time to get him to Emma’s room faster.

(He snuck out of her room at a quarter to one last night and really, with Ingrid already knowing he’s here more often than he’s at home, sneaking out’s more for politeness and show.)

“Rise and shine, love!” Killian greets her as he throws the door open. He hears a groan coming from underneath the comforters piled on her bed.

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