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What's your opinion on building's that try to combine old and new into one design? A particular example I have in mind is Hearst Tower. Do you think it's contrived? Forced? Or do you think this kind of design can be respectful of the original design while still adding something new? If you have any favorite examples of old and new coming together either successfully or disastrously, please share!

I think combining old and new is the only options to continue improving our cities. What I mean with that is that if we turn old cities into museums that will not allow buildings to remain usable then the city as a whole will become obsolete.

I personally prefer an intervention where the new is easily distinguishable from the old, they should have a dialogue but the new should never imitate the old. When you do that, in my opinion, is always unsuccessful and poor design.

Some of my favorite recent examples:

National Museum of Roman Art Rafael Moneo

Fondazione Prada OMA

Le Grande Louvre I.M. Pei

Hearst Tower Foster and Partners