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Western Europe

France - France (fem.)

Monaco - Monaco (fem.)

Germany - Allemagne (fem.)

The Netherlands - Les Pays-Bas (masc. pl.)

Belgium - Belgique (fem.)

Luxembourg - Luxembourg (masc.)

Switzerland - Suisse (fem.)

Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein (masc.)

Austria - Autriche (fem.)

The British Isles

England - Angleterre (fem.)

Scotland -  Écosse (fem.)

Wales - Les pays de Galles (masc. pl.)

Ireland - Irlande (fem.)

Northern Ireland - Irlande du Nord (fem.)

The United Kingdom - Le Royaume-Uni (masc.)

Great Britain - Grande-Bretagne (fem.)

Northern Europe

Norway - Norvège (fem.)

Sweden - Suède (fem.)

Denmark - Danemark (masc.)

Scandinavia - Scandinavie (fem.)

Iceland - Islande (fem.)

Finland - Finlande (fem.)

Estonia - Estonie (fem.)

Latvia - Lettonie (fem.)

Lithuania - Lituanie (fem.)

Eastern Europe

Russia - Russie (fem.)

Belarus - Belarus (masc.),  Biélorussie (fem.)

Ukraine - Ukraine (fem.

Poland - Pologne (fem.)

Czechia / Czech Republic - La République Tchèque (fem.)

Slovakia - Slovaquie (fem.)

Hungary - Hongrie (fem.)

Moldova - Moldavie (fem.)

Romania - Roumanie (fem.)

Bulgaria - Bulgarie (fem.)

South-Eastern Europe

Slovenia - Slovénie (fem.)

Croatia - Croatie (fem.)

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bosnie-Herzégovine (fem.)

Montenegro - Monténégro (masc.)

Serbia - Serbie (fem.)

Kosovo - Kosovo (masc.)

Macedonia - Macédoine (fem.)

Albania - Albanie (fem.)

Greece -  Grèce (fem.)

Cyprus - Chypre (fem.)

Turkey - Turquie (fem.)

Southern Europe

Spain - Espagne (fem.)

Andorra - Andorre (fem.)

Portugal - Portugal (masc.)

Italy - Italie (fem.)

The Vatican - Le Vatican (masc.)

San Marino - Saint-Marin (masc.)

Malta - Malte (fem.)

So here you have it! All 50 countries of Europe, along with three extras. However, French isn’t my native language, so if you see a mistake, feel free to tell me and I’ll happily change it! (also someone help me with Belarus)

Translation of YOI article from the newspaper “Le Monde”

A friend asked me a translation and I saw that on the original post, there were some curious too, so I’ve made a translation of this article (I took the most important part of it precisely)

To be honest, a show about ice skating, we didn’t think it would create such a keen interest”. Olivier Fallaix is responsible of the french Crunchyroll development. It releases outside Asia the surprising big success from this past months : Yuri on Ice, an anime of 12 episodes only, broadcasted between October and December and created by Mappa, a little and young studio.
This is internationally our second biggest success of the year, after Re-zero.
Sport animes are not really an universal genre, with big success. But the strenght of YOI is that it’s not only a sport anime”.

“Fans are not mistaken”

36 years old Ninou Cyrico, is a big fan of YOI, that she watched “five-six times”.
As a writer, she even published a fanfiction of 200 pages about it, taking place few years after the end of the anime.

YOI characters are wonderful, the story is written in a clever way, with an attention to detail very fabulous”, she says and insisting on the care to develop the secondary characters. “Even the less important characters have something that makes them more than being just the background
Fans are not mistaken : with the fanfics, and the doujinshis, they even have groups who wrote stories about them.

In October indeed, the fandom web (the fan community) have seen YOI taking a considerable importance. On Tumblr, their main characters have appeared on the list of the couples the most popular of 2016. On the fanfic website Archive of Our Own, there are at least 19000 stories published since then by fans.

And the most of those creations are focused on the relationship between Yuuri and Victor. In the anime, this love story is “implicit, never explicit, treated with modesty” according to Ninou Cyrico. “It’s clever, it doesn’t harm the story, that’s not about the romance but about Yuuri’s come-back”, and an ode to surpassing ourselves. Also, “a gay romance between a Russian and a Japanese, those days, and especially on the Russian side, it’s pretty cheeky”.

« There isn’t any homophobia »

For Garance Le Gall, an other fan of YOI and writer of a memoir on LGBT representation in comics, this anime appears like “a precious stone on the calendar of the story of anime”.

In Occident, we don’t realize how much what they did is important : a mainstream sport anime, that isn’t yaoi or even shounen ai, with a homosexual couple. It’s a bit like what George Miller did with [Mad Max : Fury Road]. They introduced it like a big testosterone movie, but the audience went to watch a feminist movie instead

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On This Day: June 13
  • 1381: Peasants’ Revolt: John of Gaunt’s Savoy Palace is burnt to the ground and court records are destroyed in London.
  • 1866: 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution passed by Congress granting citizenship to & ensuring civil liberties of recently freed slaves.
  • 1889: Amadeo Bordiga born in Ercolano, Italy. He was a Marxist who called Stalin “gravedigger of the revolution” & helped found the Communist Party of Italy.
  • 1897: Protesta Humana established. Began after El Perseguido folded. “Protesta Humana” is followed by the (daily) Protesta.
  • 1909: In Spain, Congress of the labor federation Solidaridad Obrera votes overwhelmingly to accept the general strike tactic, “depending upon circumstances.”
  • 1910: In Paris, confrontations take place at Faubourg Saint-Anthony between cabinetmakers and police. The anarchist Henri Cler is wounded and dies. Cler’s funeral at the Pantin cemetery draws tens of thousands of people, and is the scene of new police violence.
  • 1910: Anarchist and historian Fernand Rude (aka Pierre Froment) is born in Lyon.
  • 1917: Israel Kugler born in Brooklyn. He was a sociology professor, and in 1960s organized NYC college faculty into labour unions.
  • 1944: French anarchist Jules Le Gall dies in Buchenwald.
  • 1966: The US Supreme Court rules in Miranda v. Arizona that the police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning them.
  • 1967: Thurgood Marshall is the first African-American nominated for Supreme Court. He was a lawyer on case that ended legal segregation in schools.
  • 1970: President Nixon appoints the President’s Commission on Campus Unrest. The report issued in September finds a direct correlation between the unrest and the level of US military involvement in Indochina.
  • 1971: Pentagon Papers: The New York Times publishes the first excerpt of illegally leaked secret US military documents detailing US intervention in Indochina since 1945. A Federal Court injunction on June 15 temporarily stops the releases.
  • 1971: Rioting broke out at Roosevelt Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico after police attempted to arrest a young man standing in a crowd of several hundred rowdy youth. A small scuffle escalated into a brawl leading officers to fire upon the crowd, wounding at least nine people.
  • 1980: Walter Rodney assassinated in Guyana. He was a historian, radical activist and academic.
  • 1982: French anarchist André Claudot dies in Lœuilley, France. He was an artist and teacher known for his opposition to the clergy and anti-militarism. The libertarian filmmaker Bernard Baissat makes a film of his life, Ecoutez Claudot in 1979.
  • 1991: Jeffrey Collins wins $5.3 million from Shell which fired him “for private homosexual conduct away from his employment”.
  • 1996: Guernsey votes to legalise abortion.
Le Vulgarisateur
  • Perceval: Vous vous souvenez quand vous m'avez appris à tirer à l'arc ?
  • Arthur: Houlà, oui. J'm'en souviens, oui.
  • Perceval: Ben voilà. C'était clair, j'ai compris tout de suite.
  • Arthur: La fois où je vous ai appris à tirer à l'arc, vous avez compris ?
  • Perceval: Bah ouais ! Parce que c'était simple !
  • Arthur: Mais.. Vous savez tirer à l'arc maintenant ?
  • Perceval: Ben, j'ai pas réessayer depuis mais il y a pas de raison !
  • Arthur: La fois où je vous ai appris à tirer à l'arc, ça a duré une matinée complète, vous avez pété deux cordes, vous vous êtes foutu l'arc dans l'oeil trois fois, dans mon oeil à moi deux fois, et vous avez fini par planter une flèche dans le cul d'un cheval derrière vous.
  • Perceval: Bah après, évidemment, il faut de la pratique ! Mais c'était bien expliqué, c'est ça que j'veux dire !
  • Arthur: Mais je vous ai traité de gland toute la matinée ! Vous m'avez foutu les nerfs en biseau au bout d'un quart d'heure ! Vous avez ramassé des calottes par grappe de cinq !Qu'est-ce que vous me chantez avec vos "bien expliqué" ?
  • Perceval: En tout cas, j'ai tout compris.