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“Eat my Jinx, Enjolras!”

A bit of Slytherin Montparnasse to contiue the month of apparent vanity.
Have the perfect shoot lined up, and I may be eying up a Quibbler for a certain red-haired cosplayer è_é

anonymous asked:

hey athena! do you have any headcanons of Demi!Enjolras getting confused when he starts feeling attracted to R!!???????? thnnnkkks

Frieeeeend you are literally preaching to the choir right now. Demi!Enj is my favourite thing in the entire world.

  • Enjolras’ first crush was in high school, and that’s when he began to explore his sexual identity and really discover who he was
  • Reading about and discovering demisexuality was enlightening for him, and he became fondly attached to the label very quickly
  • He’s a huge advocate for demisexuality, and has absolutely 0 patience when it comes to people not taking it seriously or labelling it as fake. 
  • He’s never had much time for romantic conquests, focusing instead on school and The ABC. He knows it’s going to take time before he falls for somebody, and he’s fine with waiting for it to form naturally. 
  • One night after a particularly unsuccessful protest, and most of Les Amis have filtered out. He finds himself alone with Grantaire. 
  • It’s slightly awkward at first, they’ve never spent a lot of time alone together and they’re both tense and sore after a disappointing day. 
  • Once they break the conversation barrier though, it’s like a dam bursts, you could not stop the conversation flowing between them if you tried
  • It’s a mix of friendly debate, mutual dislikes for society (Grantaire’s purely cynical, and Enjolras’ from knowing the world can be better), getting to know each other, and a huge deep and meaningful
  • Over the next few weeks, Enjolras finds himself talking to him more, he’s sending him messages throughout his day, he’s thinking “Oh Grantaire will like this meme” and sending him things unprompted things, they’re talking on the regular and before Enjolras knows it, he’s noticing his dimples when he laughs and the way the light hits the curls in his fringe and oh no, oh dear, he’s completely smitten
  • His freak out has less to do with the fact that it’s Grantaire and more to do with this being the first crush he’s ever felt this strongly for, and he doesn’t want to mess it up
  • Enjolras asks him out with a five page analytical essay about why they’d be good together, and much to Grantaire’s confusion and shock, he reads the whole thing out to him in the middle of a meeting
  • Suffice to say, the speech is now Grantaire’s most prized possession, and he counters with his own 5 page diatribe at their wedding

stichisich  asked:

How does one dodge le filter?

Important enough to make it’s own post:

Previously, you could dodge the filter by saving a draft of your images with just 1  and then add the others but now the filter activates when you post rather than when it’s in drafts (WHAT GOOD PROGRAMMING) you only need 3 images to set it off (Although I’ve seen 1 set it off for other blogs when it’s 100% SFW)

So: To dodge the filter right now? Post the one image, edit it and add the rest of the images. This works FOR NOW but considering how fast they retconned the other fix? There will probably be no way to dodge it soon.

Tumblrs filter is 100% broken and doesn’t pick up any nsfw posts (Also, if you can just look at a blog while logged out, then what’s the point?)

snapchat headcanons are my new favorite thing so here’s some newsies for u

  • jack kelly’s is 70% ugly selfies, 10% pretty pics of katherine, 10% All The Filters with les, and 10% faceswaps with things that aren’t faces. mostly he just posts selfies on other people’s stories whenever they leave their phones anywhere.
  • crutchie loves the dog filter more than anything in this life. he also posts lots of blank screens w/ bad puns and like 300 emojis on the punch line
  • sarah jacobs just takes really Artsy photos of her daily activities with song lyrics as captions and they’re beautiful. also selfies with the lil stars around ur head filter
  • katherine posts videos of davey being confused by things and not realizing he’s being filmed. the best one to this day is him trying to put together an ikea lamp. also 4am selfies of her Struggling when she has a paper due tomorrow.
  • racetrack higgins freestyles about whatever’s happening around him. he’s gotten every one of his friends to beatbox for him except for davey.
  • specs just has lots of videos of his friends and pics of pretty flowers and it’s the loveliest thing in the world
  • davey has a really old phone and doesn’t get any of the filters so he tries to recreate them with emojis and it’s wild. mainly he posts videos of him ranting about american history and the latest tv episodes that have upset him.
  • romeo just zooms in rly far on people’s faces until they notice

Had to take a break from requests but I finally finished this Christmas card! I also think it’s the first time I’ve drawn all of them together??

From left to right, top to bottom: Cosette, Marius, Eponine, Bahorel, Bossuet, Joly, Jehan, Feuilly, Musichetta, Courfeyrac, Combeferre, Grantaire, Enjolras. (Psst. View in full res!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!