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So I just met this guy who totally looked like Grantaire in a sweet-shop in Scotland and after I stared a little I bought some fudge and told him I like his tattoo and then he told me about ten minutes about the meaning and everything and when I said i’m too thinking about having one myself he stopped for a moment, then said, ‘Ah well, just forget everything I said, do what the fuck you think looks beautiful and it will.’ And if that’s not a total Grantaire-thing I don’t even know.

“Did you know,” the succubus said, “that most of the time when you think you’ve saved a bird from a cat you haven’t done a thing. It’s the saliva, you see. Gets them later even if they flutter away.” She leaned closer to the mirror, applying lipstick before her gaze moved to watch the frozen human in the reflection. She smiled. “It’s a bit like that with my kind. Different kind of death though.” 

As far as they had been aware, once wasn’t enough to do damage. The stories always had repeats - the slow draining of life over time. Love sickness. The human’s heart lurched but they simply tried a smile, a cock of the eyebrow. “Le petite morte?”

The succubus laughed at that. “That too. I did mean the bit where you become like me, though.”

The smile vanished. The demon was kidding. Surely she was kidding? 

The succubus blew a mocking kiss. “Sweet dreams, hunter.”

I don’t draw Veers as often as I’d like mainly because I spend more time talking @white-rainbowff‘s ears off about him and re-psychoanalysing his character after reading his scenes in Side Trip. Not to mention I have to draw more Thrawn to fill up that artbook.

As much as I would love to rattle on about this Beautiful, Intelligent, Aggressive Boy™, I shall just share my favorite scene of Veers in Side Trip below the cut *runs away*

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Priorities - Part 2

Part 1

Davey couldn’t get Jack out of his head. He tried so hard to think about anything else but he found himself writing Jack’s name on cups all throughout his shift at the coffee shop and handing over the wrong orders to the wrong people at the fast food place. It had been years since he’d had a crush on anyone beyond thinking the boy ordering coffee was cute, but he didn’t remember them being this all-encompassing. So Jack was cute, and charming, and earnest, and sweet but that didn’t mean he was allowed to run riot in Davey’s imagination and take up all of it and constantly tease him with ideas of what it would be like to go out on that date.

Putting Jack out of his mind was easier said than done, but Davey knew it was for the best. He went to a different grocery store next time they needed food, just so he wouldn’t run into him again, and he tried to stop all those dreams about Jack’s smiles.

“Are you okay?” Les asked him over dinner one evening. “You seem… weird.”

“I’m fine,” Davey said quickly, choking on the potato he’d been in the middle of swallowing and spluttering for a few moments until he could reach out and grab a glass of water to ease his throat.

“Yeah,” Les said, raising an eyebrow. “You seem totally fine.”

Davey shot down any further comment with a glare and Les knew that enough was enough, but it was painfully obvious that Jack was affecting his life far too much for someone he’d only really met once. He needed to move past it.

He changed laundry day, hoping Jack had a schedule he’d stick to that would mean they wouldn’t bump into each other at the laundromat. He didn’t have the time to walk to the next one away, so the old store would have to do. Only when Davey walked in, Jack was sat in exactly the same place he had been the last time, scrolling through something on his phone. Davey was just about to reverse out of the door and run for the hills but his movement caught Jack’s eye and suddenly Jack was fumbling with his phone and earnestly scrambling to his feet and Davey was reminded just how attractive he was.

“I’m so sorry, I promise I’m not stalking you. I figured you wouldn’t want to see me so I came on another day, but apparently you had the same idea…” Jack rushed through the words and Davey couldn’t help but find it endearing. “I can go, if you want?”
Davey knew it would be best if he did. But he couldn’t help himself from shaking his head and taking a step towards him. Jack was the only person with whom he felt like he’d had a real conversation in what felt like forever and he was keen to repeat it. So, he did. He piled his washing into the machine and took the seat next to Jack, letting that feeling of lightness sweep over him as he talked to another human like he was a person and not just an orphan or just a pseudo single father.

This time Jack owned up to when his own washing was done. He stood up at the beep, only twenty minutes after Davey had sat down, and sadly pulled out his washing. It might have only been the second proper meeting he’d had with Davey, but he wasn’t keen to leave. Especially with no idea when, or even if, he’d ever get to see him again.

“Still won’t take my number?” he tried, knowing it was a risk.

Davey bit his lip. If things were different he’d have taken it in a heartbeat.
“I really don’t need the temptation,” he sighed. “I want to call you so much.”

He didn’t mind admitting he was attracted to Jack. It likely wasn’t news to him with the way they’d been flirting playfully.
“Then do it,” Jack encouraged, catching Davey’s hands to stop him winding his fingers together so tightly. It was the first time they’d properly touched since Davey had run into Jack at the store and they both looked down at the point of contact like they were trying to work out if it crossed some sort of line. But neither of them pulled away and Jack cleared his throat, continuing with his plea. “Or text me, whatever works. I just want to see more of you.”
“Jack…” Davey blushed, unable to stop the warm fuzziness that swam through his veins. He hadn’t had anyone speak so candidly to him since his last boyfriend. “I can’t. I have to look after my brother. It’s just not a good idea for me to start dating or get involved with anyone. I can’t even afford someone to look after Les for a night so even one date is just not on the cards,” he explained sadly.

Still, even as Davey said the words he let himself imagine what it would be like. It would be too easy to step forward into Jack’s arms and kiss him – they were still practically holding hands and the other people in the laundromat were starting to stare and whisper.

Jack let go of his hands to reach into his pocket and Davey was sad to lose the contact. When he was confronted with the exact same scrap of paper from the first time Jack had tried to offer him his number, he started to protest, but Jack just cut him off.
“Be my friend, then,” he suggested.
“Sorry?” Davey asked, convinced he’d misunderstood. He didn’t really have friends.

Jack just shrugged.
“We don’t need to go on a date,” he promised, although he was still hoping that, one day, things might chance and that date might be on the table. “You just… you seem like you could do with a friend, Dave.”

Jack knew a fellow lost soul when he saw one. It was a plain of existence he’d inhabited a lot before Medda had adopted him, and he wanted to help lead Davey back to earth. He wouldn’t flirt unless flirted with. He wouldn’t beg for a date. He wouldn’t push Davey into anything he didn’t want.

“I… I guess you’re not wrong,” Davey admitted. A friend sounded good.

“So here. Please use it,” Jack held out the number again, grinning when Davey finally took it. “Even if you just need someone to talk to.”

“Thank you,” Davey smiled genuinely.

He folded the paper in half and tucked it carefully into his wallet. And he really was planning on using it. Maybe not for a phone call – that seemed too formal – but texts sounded nice. The only contact he ever used in his phone was Les. It might be a healthy change to be able to have a friendship with another adult.

Davey did start to text Jack, but he needn’t have bothered. The universe seemed intent on bringing them together and they’d invariably see each other at least twice a week whether they planned on it or not. They weren’t dates, Davey was adamant, but they’d shop together and talk as their laundry span in the machines. It was comfortingly domestic and Davey found himself looking forward to errands just to see Jack’s smile. Sometimes he’d sit up in bed texting Jack and wonder if it was considered inappropriate for him to ask him to send him a selfie just so he could see that grin.

Les noticed the difference in his brother, because of course he did. Davey was happier more of the time and was actually learning to relax. Whatever was happening to him, Les knew it was good. And he suspected it was a boy, because no one smiled inanely at their phone like that unless they has a crush on the person receiving the texts they were sending – but Davey wasn’t telling him about a boyfriend so Les decided that, at least for the time being, it was better to keep quiet and keep watching.

It wasn’t long until Les met the guy Davey was clearly infatuated with. Davey had picked him from up school and they were a couple of blocks away from home when someone had shouted out to them and run over the road, dodging a couple of cars, to say hello.

“Hello Jack,” Davey laughed. “I’ve told you not to do that. You’re going to get yourself killed one day.”
“It would be worth it,” Jack teased, grinning. Then he tore his gaze from Davey’s eyes and realised they weren’t as alone as they usually were. “Oh, hello! You must be Les.”

Davey shot him a warning look that he couldn’t quite translate but he was pretty sure it meant something like behave.

“I might be Les… That depends on who you are?” Les asked skeptically, folding his arms.

“Les, this is Jack. My friend,” Davey explained.

Jack held out his hand for Les to shake and started asking him about school. They ended up walking as they talked, mainly so they didn’t hold up the bustling New York pavement, and Les watched carefully as Jack seemed to know the way to their apartment block. Jack did know, of course. He’d walked Davey back home dozens of times, always wanting to spend as much time in his company as possible. This time he stopped at the entrance to the building, knowing Davey would want to keep up boundaries.

“Well it was good to meet you, Les,” Jack grinned, offering the boy a fist bump before turning to Davey and slipping into that soft smile that was reserved for him and him alone. “See ya later, Dave.”

He tipped the newsie cap he was so fond of wearing and whistled as he walked away. Les watched as Davey watched him go. This had to be the person Davey was always texting. He approved – Jack seemed cool. He’d been telling Les all about the art projects he got to work on and the galleries he’d been featured in and Les had never known someone with a job like that.

Keeping quiet for most of the evening, Les made it until ten o’clock before he just had to ask.

“Is Jack your boyfriend?” he said casually as Davey tried to shepherd him into the bathroom so he’d brush his teeth.

The question caught Davey off guard a little. He’d been hoping Les wouldn’t notice the way he was drawn to Jack. But even so, they weren’t together.

“No,” he said firmly, hoping to nip the conversation in the bud. But this was Les, and the interrogation continued.

“Why not?” he asked. They were clearly interested in each other. He wasn’t stupid, he’d seen how they walked next to each other like they were both hyper aware of their hands, as if they wanted to reach out to take the other’s.

Davey sighed. He avoided this conversation inside his own head but it wasn’t as easy to distract Les with a tome of Russian literature as it was his own mind.

“It’s just for the best,” he mumbled.

"But he’s gay?” Les pressed.

Blushing, Davey shrugged. He’d been carefully avoiding the topic of sexuality with Jack. They both knew the other was queer but bringing it up would just lead to the elephant in the room.

“I’m honestly not sure,” Davey said, because Jack had never told him what label he preferred. “But yes, he’s attracted to men.”

In hindsight, he shouldn’t have fed Les’ interest in the matter.

“Are any of those men called Davey?” Les grinned, knowing he was getting somewhere.

The blush got worse. Davey could have lied. No, he has a boyfriend. No, he doesn’t like me like that. No, it hasn’t come up. But he couldn’t bring himself to.

“…maybe,” he admitted, quietly.

This was the kind of gossip Les wanted to hear. He leaned forward conspiratorially, wanting to hear about the boy who made his brother happy for the first time in years.

"Have you kissed him?” he asked.

“No,” Davey said firmly.

"Do you want to?”

Davey faltered. He did. He really did want to kiss Jack. There had been countless times where he’d been close to leaning in for a goodbye kiss after Jack left him at his door after they’d been shopping. It just always seemed to natural, as if it was the right end to what wasn’t a date but always felt like one. He wasn’t sure what Jack would do if he ever did try it, but he was pretty sure the reaction would be enthusiastically positive.

“I think it’s time for you to go to sleep,” he said pointedly to Les, trying to signal that the discussion was over.

Of course Les wasn’t about to let it go.

“So you do,” he grinned, triumphant.

Getting information out of Davey wasn’t always easy. If he was protective of something, then he defended it fiercely. Any little nugget of knowledge was something to celebrate.

“We’re not having this conversation,” Davey growled. He tried to poke at Les to get him up off the sofa and getting ready for bed, but his brother didn’t move.
“Actually it looks like we are,” Les laughed.
“Drop it, Les,” Davey warned.

Les pouted. It was rare that Davey treated him like an adult and he was getting tired of being shut out from the difficult life Davey life had to keep in order to look after them both.
“Just talk to me,” Les pleaded, and Davey could hear the genuine sadness in his voice so he gave in.
“Fine!” he sighed, lifting his hands up in defeat. “Okay, I want to kiss him.”

“Aha! Knew it!” Les sang, good-naturedly taunting his brother just a little.

Davey rolled his eyes and grabbed a cushion from the sofa to hit at Les with it gently.
“It’s not a secret,” he pointed out.
“Then why were you guarding it like one?” Les teased. “Why don’t you kiss him, then? I have eyes – he wants to kiss you, too.”

Swallowing, Davey looked away. He had eyes too and he knew how Jack looked at him. He just tried to ignore it, which was a lot more difficult when someone else was pointing it out.
“I can’t,” he whispered. “I can’t get into anything like that.”

Les flinched.
“Because of me?” he asked gently, worried that the answer would be yes. He didn’t want to be the reason Davey wasn’t able to have a life.
“Because of a lot of things,” Davey shrugged, trying not to place any blame on his brother. This wasn’t on Les. This was on the universe for taking away their parents and for putting far too much responsibility on his head far too soon.
“You should get to be happy,” Les frowned. Jack seemed like something that would help with that.
“Thank you,” Davey smiled, touched. “And I am happy, I promise.”

He had his brother and he had his health and he had a friend in Jack. That was enough. His life could be far worse, he knew that, and he was determined to be content with what he did have.
“If you say so…”

Les was unconvinced but he climbed to his feet and went to brush his teeth. It wasn’t much, but it was one little thing that made Davey’s life just that bit easier.

Untitled Modern!Javid AU (P.1)

If there was one thing Davey hated more than anything, it was grocery shopping. He knew it was necessary, he had to get food for him and his brother somehow, but it was just tiring. It was a fifteen minute drive to the nearest supermarket from his apartment, and Les always insisted on being in control of the radio, which led to him constantly flipping through the channels until they got there. It didn’t help that the channel Les seemed to settle on the most was the country station, which just so happened to be the station he was on at the moment.

Davey glared at the winding road as Les hummed the song on the radio, assumedly something by… Luke Bryan? He didn’t really know, and didn’t really care. He just wanted to get to the store already. Sighing, Davey looked over to Les for a split second. “Hey, Les, could you change the station, please?” he asked. Les scratched his chin, humming in fake concentration, before responding. “Nah.” he said, smiling at his older brother. Davey groaned and hit his head off of the steering wheel, causing his younger brother to laugh. Just then, a thought popped into his head. “If you change the channel, I’ll buy pizza for dinner.” Les grinned widely and switched the channel - to another country channel. “Are you kidding me?” Davey yelled in exasperation. Les laughed again. “I’m kidding, Davey. What station you want it on?” he asked. “Anything other than country, please.” Les nodded, changing the channel yet again. This time, he changed it to the old rock station that Davey was fond of. Davey smiled and relaxed a bit. “Thanks, buddy.”

“No problem.” said Les, reclining in his seat. After a brief period of well-welcomed silence, he continued. “Still owe me that pizza, though.” Davey chuckled. “A’ight, kiddo. I know.” Within a minute’s time, the two siblings arrived at the supermarket. Les grinned and hopped out of the car and ran over to Davey’s side of the car. He grabbed his hand as he got out of the car and tugged him towards the door. “C’mon, Davey, let’s go! Time’s a-wasting!” Davey laughed. “Is it? Last I checked, we had the whole day off.” Les pouted. “Just because we have the day off, doesn’t mean we don’t have other things to do.” Davey raised his eyebrow, grabbing a cart. “What do we have to do?” he asked. Les hopped on the front of the cart before answering. “I have the whole day planned out! First, we’re gonna go shopping, then we’re gonna go to the park, then we’re gonna go back home, and then we’re gonna watch some Disney movies.” he finished.

Davey grabbed a jar of peanut butter off of the shelf, chucking it into the cart. He scanned his list for the next item they needed to get, and started heading in the direction of the drinks. “Disney movies, huh?” Les nodded. “Why can’t we watch something I pick this time?” Davey started. “You chose last time, it’s my turn today.” Les shook his head. “Did not.” Davey glared. “Did too.” “Did not.” “Did too.” “Did too.” “Did not.” “Fine, you’re right, Davey. I did not choose last time.” Davey grinned, before realizing his mistake. “Hey, that’s not fair, you tricked me!” Les laughed. “Yeah, but you were the one dumb enough to fall for it.” Davey huffed, checking the list again. “Okay, so we have to buy you some new shoes. Your old ones are getting a bit worn out.” Les looked down at his shoes. “I don’t see anything wrong with them.” Davey peeked around the cart and started at his brother incredulously. “Les, they’re falling apart at the seams.”

Les frowned. “But I like my shoes.” Davey sighed. “Then we can find another pair that looks just like ‘em, a’ight?” Les nodded. The two of them walked over to the shoe section in a peaceful silence. Les hopped off the cart and searched the aisles, looking for some sneakers. Davey stood by the cart, humming softly. Pulling out his list, he checked it over once again. “Aw darn, I forgot to grab milk.” he said. “Hey, Les. I’m gonna go and get some milk and I’ll be right back, okay?” From around the corner, he heard a muffled okay! “Stay right there until I get back.” Davey said before heading in the direction of the dairy aisle. He grabbed a gallon of milk for himself and a gallon of chocolate milk for his brother before heading back to where he left Les. “Hey, did you find a pair you liked?” He asked, waiting for his brother to respond. After a few seconds with no response, Davey spoke up again. “Uh, Les? You there?” Silence.

And in that moment, Davey panicked. Les was known for sneaking off while he wasn’t looking, and everytime without fail it takes him at least twenty minutes to find him. I knew I shouldn’t have left him alone, he thought. Davey walked all throughout the shoe aisles, making sure Les wasn’t just hiding on him. Maybe he went to the… Toy aisle? Nope. Garden section? No. Sport section? Not there, either. For all he knew, Les could be on the other side of the store. Or he could be outside. Or with a stranger. Or being kidnapped. Or, y’know, just in the bathroom. Now Davey was really panicking. Ever since he was little, Les has been glued to Davey’s side. When he finally moved out of his parents home, Les came with him. It was up to him to make sure nothing happened to his little brother, and if he couldn’t keep an eye on him? Well, what kind of a brother was he?
Just as it was reaching the fifteen minute mark, Davey rounded a corner and saw Les - talking to a stranger. Davey glared, but his gaze softened when he saw Les laughing and smiling. He cautiously approached the pair, hoping to not draw too much attention to himself. That, however, did not work, because Les quickly spotted his brother and waved him over. “Hey, Davey! Come meet my new friend.” Les’s ‘friend’ turned and smiled, and Davey felt his stomach flutter. Davey smiled back sheepishly and went to stand next to Les. “So, who’s your friend?” he asked his brother. “His name is- wait, why can’t he introduce himself?” The stranger chuckled, and the sound made Davey’s heart swell. The man ran a hand through his messy brown locks before introducing himself.

“The name’s Jack, Jack Kelly. I take it Les here’s your little brother?” Davey swallowed, nodding. “Uh, yeah. Yeah he is. It’s nice to meet you, Jack. My name’s David Jacobs, but you can call me Davey.” Jack smiled and shook Davey’s hand. “Davey…” he said, mulling the name over. “Sounds nice.” Davey could feel his face heat up, and averted his eyes from Jack’s. “Thanks.” he said, trying to clear his thoughts. “So, how’d you and Les meet?” he asked. Jack looked towards Les and smiled. “I was just kind of walking by when he stopped me and asked what shoes he should pick. I told him he should pick the blue ones, and I asked if he could help me pick out a new bike. We just kinda kept talking after that. If I had known he was waiting for you to come back, though, I wouldn’t have brought him with me to check out bikes.”

“No no, it’s okay! I’m glad you’re the one Les found, and not someone else.” Jack smiled back. “I’m glad I’m the one who found him, too. He’s a good kid.” Les beamed at this, and looked towards me. “Hey, hey, hey Davey. Can Jack come over sometime to hang out? Pleeeease?” he begged. Davey looked between the two, and sighed. “I dunno, buddy. I don’t think we should impose-” Jack interrupted him. “It wouldn’t be imposing at all. As long as you’re okay with it, I’d love to hang out with Les.” Davey looked back to Les, who was busy giving him puppy eyes. With a small sigh, Davey nodded. “Yeah, that’d be nice. Uh, you wanna, I dunno, exchange numbers? That way I can get ahold of you, y’know?” Jack nodded. “Of course. Just let me put my number in your phone, and you can put your number in mine.”

The two handed each other their phones, saving their numbers into their contacts. Jack said his goodbyes to both Les and Davey, saying he’d text Davey later about when he should visit, and giving Les a hug. Davey payed for his groceries and headed back out to the car. Les cleared his throat, trying to get Davey’s attention. “Sooo… You and Jack, huh?” he said, smirking up at his older brother. Davey glared back down at him, before looking away, a faint blush coating his cheeks. “I dunno what you’re talkin’ about, kid.” Les raised an eyebrow. “I saw the way you were lookin’ at him, Dave. Don’t pretend.” Davey scoffed, climbing into the driver’s seat. Les hopped into the passenger’s seat and turned on the radio. 

As Davey was pulling out of the parking lot, he heard Les whisper under his voice, “You’re welcome.”

le corps #1 : le visage

- hair : les cheveux (m) / fringe : la frange / scalp : le cuir chevelu (”hairy leather”)

- forehead : le front

- ear : l’oreille (f) / earlobe : le lobe d’oreille 

- face : le visage, la figure, la face (rare), la gueule (fam, rude)

- eye(s) : l’oeil / les yeux (m)

- pupil : la pupille / iris : l’iris (m) / cornea : la cornée

- eyelid : la paupière / eyelash : le cil / eyebrow : le sourcil

- temple : la tempe

- cheek : la joue

- nose : le nez / nostril : la narine / philtrum : le philtre

- jaw : la mâchoire / mouth : la bouche / lips : les lèvres (f)

- chin : le menton

- teeth : les dents (f) / wisdom teeth : les dents de sagesse 

- baby teeth : les dents de lait (”milk teeth”)

- canine : les canines (f) / incisors : les incisives (f) / premolars : les pré-molaires (f) / molars : les molaires (f) / cavity : la carie / enamel : l’émail (m) des dents

- tongue : la langue / gums : les gencives (f) / palate : le palais

- scar : la cicatrice / freckles : les taches de rousseur (f) / moles : les grains de beauté (m) / dimples : les fossettes (f)

- black eye : un cocard / oeil au beurre noir (”eye at black butter”) / black circles : les cernes (m) / wrinkles : les rides (f)

- spots : les boutons (m) /acne : l’acné (f) / blackhead : le point noir

- pores : les pores (f) / cracked lips : les lèvres (f) gercées / dry skin : peau (f) sèche / oily skin : peau grasse / mixed skin : peau mixte

- mustache : la moustache / down : le duvet / beard : la barbe / stubble : la barbe de trois jours (”beard of three days”) / goatee : le bouc / mutton chops : les favoris (m) OR pattes (f) 

- to shave : raser / razor : le rasoir

- to pluck : épiler / tweezers : la pince à épiler

- to wax : épiler à la cire / wax : la cire

- to thread : épiler au fil / thread : le fil

anonymous asked:

How would the boys deal with a significant other who is stressing out over the way they look?

Sorry it took so long! I’m hoping that this helps many who are stressing over their appearance! 
Remember, the media only likes to get you down because they have no idea what to do with this new found confidence! 

That made no sense. But here we go and do enjoy!

Gladio walked into the bathroom in the morning, a towel around his waist and another around his shoulders. You were pointing out your blemishes, scars, the small mole on your cheekbone. He tilted his head at you. And you noticed.
“Is it just me or is my face getting worse?” 

He wasn’t the most observant person of the world. - at least he played it that way. He noticed the different texture in your skin, how it was dryer than ever, he noticed the deep redness.

He picked up your skin care and read through the ingredients. “You’re allergic to some of these ingredients, babe.”

Your sensitive skin was fussy. ,

So he took his own bar of soap and began to wash your face for you, wiggling your nose and lightly pinching your cheeks. You see, he knew you didn’t like you’re skin’s unpredictable states… but there was something else. He wasn’t going to push it - you’d tell him once you were ready even if he knew. But he made a vow to notice what areas of yourself you weren’t enjoying and pepper them with kisses. 

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Prompto understands how you feel, even if it’s not overweight. He would have woken up, a cold space beside him, the sound of the shower running.awakening his senses than he would have liked. He heard you sigh, the water stop and them you limping out and back into the bedroom. 
“You okay?” He’d watch as you sat at your vanity, putting eyedrops into your eyes to help with your allergies.

“Just my leg giving me trouble.”

You had been in an accident and, although you were almost recovered, the skingraph was taking a while to work and the pink skin always distracted you. 

He stood and approached you, feeling self-conscious himself whilst he only wore boxers.”It’ll be fine in a few months. You can’t really remove stretchmarks, but this’ll be as good as gone in no time!” He’d give your leg a hug and try to give it a massage. 

Even if you thought the mis-coloration looked horrid, it looked better than what he did so many years ago.

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Ignis hated seeing you look so sad. No matter what dress you tried on, you never thought it worked on you - either the colour was off or it showed your sparrow knee-caps, or it didn’t lift your boobs enough…

To him, you looked amazing. Your knees were cute, the colours just right and they emphasised your boobs just enough. 

“Darling, the only person who’s going to make a rude comment about what you look like is yourself.” He’d lift up the dress you had always wanted. “Where the dress you’ve been eyes for weeks and you’ll make it work with your own confidence.”

He wouldn’t bat around the bush and, although his words were straight to the point, they were spoken softly, encouragingly. “You are a thing of beauty, and only when you believe that, will you see it.”

He’d touch your cheeks, press his lips to your forehead. And he’d get you to believe in yourself - one way or another (if you know what I mean *wiggles le eyebrows*)

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Noctis would walk into the room after yet another meeting. He’d collapse onto the bed next to you and wrap his arms around you, snuggle up to your body.

You covered your neck - scarred from a rash you had which you just kept scratching and scratching at: as if that was going to help..
Noct would pout and mover your hand away so he could cuddle into your neck. And when you tried to move his head away, he’d only bring it right and kiss the scars.

“No good feeling sorry for yourself for scratching. I tried to warn you…” And he’d kiss each and every one of them again. He wouldn’t really do much, but he’d remind you that feeling bad would never help and he’d get you lotions to help them go away while playing it cool. 

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I lost my little sibling in IKEA and I need your help finding them au

Davey is awkward and anxious, Jack is a child and Les is a menace. Javid au

“Davey, the meatballs!” Les exclaimed, nearly pulling Davey’s arm from the socket as he yanked his older brother towards the cafe.

Davey glared at him and tugged Les back to his side. “Not now. We’re here to find a desk.”

“But Daveyyyyyyyyyyyy….”

Davey rolled his eyes and continued down the aisle, dragging his brother with him. He wasn’t thrilled to be here in the first place. IKEA stressed Davey out with its big crowds and people milling about, sitting on the furniture. He intended to be in and out to get his desk but his mother had insisted he take Les along so she could do the grocery shopping in peace. Les loved IKEA, she had said. Therein was Davey’s problem. Les would spend hours in the store, given the chance and Davey was already starting to feel panicked after being there five minutes.

“Hey look!” Les pointed at a bedroom display, causing Davey to look around.

He saw an adult man jumping on the bed, much to the chagrin of the other shoppers.

Les quickly slipped from Davey’s grasp and joined him.

“Hey there!” The guy said, grinning as he and Les caused a scene together.

“Les!” Davey pushed his way through the crowd to the side of the bed and dragged his brother down. “You can’t do that here!”

“He’s doing it!” Les protested, pointing at the man. “Besides, you can’t tell me what to do. You’re my brother, not my mom.”

“You’re brother sounds like a real wet blanket, kid.” The guy still bouncing on the bed commented causally.

Davey rounded on him. “Why? Because I behave like an adult in stores?” He snapped. “Come on Les. We’re going.”

“Bye!” Les waved as Davey dragged him away.

They went up the escalator to the office furniture displays. Davey breathed easier as this floor was less crowded than the others.

He examined the mix and match desk frames carefully, before finally deciding which ones he wanted.

“Okay, this is the one!” He announced, grabbing a tag for the warehouse reference number. “We’ve gotta go to the bottom floor Les. Are you-”

Davey broke off as he looked up and realized that his brother was no longer at his side.

“Les? LES?” Davey’s hands began sweating as he began walking quickly down the aisle, peering into the display rooms for any sign of his rambunctious younger brother.”

“Les! This isn’t funny! Come out right- ooooof!”

Davey rounded a corner quickly and collided with a large frame, stumbling backwards.

“Careful there!” The man he ran into reached out to steady Davey.

“Thanks,” Davey mumbled after regaining his footing. He looked up. “It’s you!”

The man who had been jumping on the bed earlier grinned. “I’m flattered that you remember.”

“Have you seen my little brother anywhere?” Davey asked, wringing his hands. “He was right there and then he was gone and now I have to find him in IKEA and I hate this fucking store so much and there’s so many people and my mom is gonna kill me and-“

“Hey! Take a breath there.” The guy reached out to pat Davey’s back. “My name is Jack and lucky for you, I have nothing better to do today than help you hunt down your brother in IKEA. What’s your name?”

Davey took a shaky breath and counted to ten. “I’m Davey. And my brother is Les and I really need to find him and-“

“Davey,” Jack cut in smoothly. “I said we would find him and we will so you need to calm down. You’re gonna give yourself a heart attack.”

Davey nodded as Jack gave him a final pat on the back.

“C’mon.” Jack gestured to the escalator. “If I were a kid in IKEA, I wouldn’t be spending my free time in the office furniture.”

“You’d be jumping on beds.” Davey mumbled as he followed Jack down to the floor below.

“Exactly!” Jack smiled.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Davey’s breath caught in his chest as he looked at the sea of shoppers and thought of trying to find his brother.

“C’mon.” Jack said quietly, grabbing Davey’s hand.

Davey looked up in surprise. Jack’s hand was warm and big and felt really nice in Davey’s but he was still basically a stranger.

“Can’t have both of you getting lost.” Jack muttered, blushing slightly.

Davey bit his lip in an attempt to hide his smile as Jack guided him through the crowd, toward the model apartments.

They searched the first one with no luck. But in the second apartment, Jack pulled back a loft bed curtain to reveal Les sitting on the futon, playing on his game system.

“Hey guys! Davey did you know there’s wifi here?”

“What were you thinking?” Davey exploded, dragging Les off the couch. “I couldn’t find you!”

“Well you found me now.” Les rolled his eyes.

Davey glared at him. “Les, I’m serious. You can’t just run off! I-“

“I think,” Jack began. “That this would be a good time for Les to apologize for causing his brother a lot of stress in a big, crowded store where it would be very easy for him to search for hours by himself.”

Les had the decency to look ashamed as he scuffed the toe of his sneaker on floor and mumbled “Sorry Davey.”

“Excellent!” Jack clapped his hands together. “Now to celebrate the return of Les, I propose meatballs!”

“We really need to be going…” Davey said, looking uncertain.

“But Daveyyyyyyyyy!” Les whined.

“But Daveyyyyyyyyy!” Jack echoed, mimicking Les’ pout.

Davey sighed. “Really, we can’t. I have to be at work in an hour and we still need to check out. But thank you for your help Jack.”

He turned, grabbing Les’ shoulder to steer him toward the escalator but Jack called after him.

“Wait! Davey!”

Davey and Les both turned as Jack hurried toward them.

“Aren’t you at least gonna take my phone number so you can ask me on a date later?”

Davey went bright red as Les snickered.

“I… Well I mean- I think I should… I’m sorry, I didn’t… Um here’s m-my phone. You can put it in me, I mean it! You can put it in it.”

Davey looked like he wanted the earth to open up and swallow him whole as he handed his phone over to Jack, who merely grinned wider.

“Please call me.” He said, handing Davey’s phone back.

Jack patted Les on the shoulder and then did the same to Davey, letting his hand linger on the older boy’s arm much long.

“Take care guys.”

“Bye Jack!” Les smiled.

“Bye Jack.” Davey blushed.

Jack gave Les a salute and Davey a wink as he turned and headed back into the depths of IKEA.

“So that was fun.” Les wiggled his eyebrows at Davey.

Davey cuffed him on the back of the head.

“You’re an idiot.”

“But now you have a date!”

“You’re still an idiot.”

The argument didn’t end until they got home a half hour later and Mrs. Jacobs told them both to shut up.

Untitled Modern!Javid AU (P.2)

It had been three days since Davey met Jack in the supermarket. Three days since the two of them exchanged phone numbers. Three days since Jack promised to text him what time he’d come over. Three days since Jack texted him saying he’d be over Friday. Three days ago was Tuesday. In case you haven’t gotten the hint, Jack was coming over to Davey’s house today, and Davey was in a state of panic. Sure, Jack was just coming over to play with Les. He wasn’t even going to be there for him, just his younger brother. That didn’t mean Davey wasn’t nervous. You see, ever since he first met Jack, he’s had a bit of a crush on the guy. He didn’t really even know him that well, he just knew that he preferred blue shoes over red ones and biked places instead of driving. He knew that his laugh sounded sweet and melodic, and that his eyes were the deepest shade of brown he’d ever seen. He knew that this boy had complete control over his thoughts and there was nothing he could do about it.

Davey splashed water in his face and let out a shaky breath. Drying off his face, he stepped out of the bathroom into his bedroom. He quickly changed into his nicest pair of pants and a blue button-up. Jack may not be coming here for him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t dress up nicely. Fixing his hair slightly, he walked down the hallway into the livingroom. Les was already sitting on the couch, watching reruns of Looney Toons. Les looked up from the television towards Davey before cracking a grin. Davey furrowed his brows. “What? Do I look funny?” he asked, checking his outfit for anything that might be messy. Les giggled at this. “You never dress up, Davey. Ever. Does this have somethin’ to do with the fact that Jack’s comin’ over?” Davey scoffed, brushing off his shirt. “‘Course not, I was just figurin’ it’d be nice to dress nicely today. Just- randomly, y’know?”

Les rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure, a’ight. I believe you.” Davey plopped down next to him on the couch, setting his feet on the coffee table. Les mirrored his actions. “So, what do you and Jack plan on doin’ today?” he asked, looking over at Les. Les just shrugged and changed the channel. “I dunno. I got some new colored pencils, so maybe we could draw somethin’.” he said. Davey let out a small hum. “D’ya think Jack can draw?” Davey asked. Les glared at his older brother. “Why’re you askin’ me? Why don’t you ask Jack? I’m not the one who’s always textin’ him.” Davey’s face heated up. “I’m not always textin’ him! I only text him when it concerns you or about when he’s comin’ over.”

“Yeah, sure ya do.” Les said, sarcasm evident in his voice. Davey huffed and got up from his position on the couch, heading into the kitchen. He got out the ingredients he needed to make breakfast. “He’s supposed to be here at nine thirty-five, it’s about nine right now. That gives me enough time to make pancakes, right?” he asked to no one in particular. “Should I make Jack breakfast, too? I mean he might not’ve eaten anything this morning, so…” Davey decided to make an extra pancake for Jack just in case. He switched on the radio, it automatically turning to his favorite station. ‘Young Volcanoes’ by Fall Out Boy was on, and Davey smiled cheerfully. He hummed along to the tune, swinging his hips as he made breakfast. He was too preoccupied with his little morning ritual that he didn’t notice Jack sneak into the kitchen. Satisfied with the way the pancakes came out, Davey turn to put them on the plates, spotting Jack out of the corner of his eye. He immediately straightened up and cleared his throat. “Oh, hey, Jack! You’re here early.” he said, Jack chuckled. “I mean, you told me to be here at nine thirty-five, and, last I checked, it was nine thirty-six. Nine thirty-seven, now, actually.” Davey looked towards the clock and saw that he was, in fact, right.

“Oh.” he said, dumbfounded. They stood in a semi-awkward silence for a few seconds before Davey’s train of thought finally came back. He smiled up at Jack, gesturing to the pancakes in the pan. “Well, you’re here just in time for breakfast. Did you have anything to eat before hand?” Jack laughed a little awkwardly. “I didn’t, actually. I don’t want you to have to make more, though-” Davey waved him off. “I wouldn’t be making anything new. I already, y’know, made pancakes for you… In case you didn’t have breakfast.” He smiled at Jack, hoping he didn’t seem extremely awkward. Jack, however, smiled back. “Thanks, Davey.” At that moment, Les walked into the room. “Oh, heya, Jack! I didn’t here you come in. When’d ya get here?” Jack ruffled Les’s hair, before responding, “Two minutes ago. Just thought I’d apologize to David here for being a few minutes late.

Les looked at Davey and grinned. “I’m sure that made Davey pretty happy. You comin’ to see him first, I mean.” Jack raised an eyebrow at Les, before looking at Davey. “Oh? Why’s that?” Before Les could say anything, Davey cleared his throat and put the pancakes on plates, shoving them towards both Jack and Les. “You guys should go sit at the table and eat before the pancakes get cold. I’ll be right there.” Jack nodded and Les shrugged, both heading towards the dining room. Davey let out the breath he had been holding and headed towards the fridge, grabbing the bottle of syrup and three forks, bringing them to the table. The three of them eat their pancakes in a much more comfortable silence than before, Les occasionally asking Jack questions about himself.

“What’s your favorite color?”


“Are you from Brooklyn?”

“God, no. I’m from Manhattan.”

“Do you go to school?”

“Yeah, I’m in college.”

“What do you study?”

“I’m an art major.”

“So you draw?”

“Sometimes, but I like painting more.”

Les looked at Davey, smirking. “You got your answer.” he mouthed, and Davey looked down at the table. Of course he was an art major. A boy that pretty is considered a masterpiece on his own. Jack and Les kept talking for another twenty minutes, Davey occasionally chiming in, before Davey’s phone rang. Looking down at the caller ID, he saw that it was his friend Racetrack. He excused himself from the table, walking back into the kitchen to answer it. “Hello?” he asked. A few seconds of silence, before Race’s cheery voice spoke. “Heya, Dave. How’s your mornin’ been so far?” Davey shrugged, even though he knew Race couldn’t see him. “It’s been pretty good. Les’s friend Jack is over so-” Before he can finish his sentence, Race cuts him off. “Wait, Jack as in met-at-the-grocery-store-Jack? Like, pretty boy Jack Kelly? The same Jack Kelly that you told me was the most perfect boy you’ve ever met? That one?” Davey’s face turned beat red. “I- well- um- yeah. That Jack.”

“Why’s he over?”

“Les wanted to hang out with ‘im. That’s all.”

“Uh huh, sure.” Race said, though he didn’t sound like he believed him. “Well, anywho. I called to ask if you’d come over and help me plan a party for Spot. His birthday’s in a few days an’ I wanna do somethin’ special for ‘im, ya know?” Davey hummed in acknowledgement. He knew that Race and Spot were dating, since he was the one who helped the two of them get together. “I don’t see why not.” he said, and he heard Race yell a loud whoop through the phone. He chuckled at his friend’s enthusiasm. “A’ight, you think you could come over in a few minutes? I don’t wanna effect your time with pretty boy Jack Kelly, but Spot’ll be home in about three hours, and you’re the most organized person I know.”

“Of course. I’ll head out in five minutes, I just have to grab my coat and tell the boys where I’ll be.” Racetrack and Davey said their goodbyes and hung up. Davey stretched and sighed. He headed back into the dining room, noticing that Jack and Les were no longer there. Must be in the living room, he thought. He was, in fact, correct. Jack and Les were crouched near the coffee table, each with colored pencils in hand, staring thoughtfully at their papers. Jack looked up from his paper, smiling at Davey. “Hey, Davey. Did you get everything settled with whoever called?” he asked as Davey crouched down on the opposite side of the coffee table. “Hmm? Oh, yeah. It was my friend Racetrack.” he said, studying Jack’s drawing. It was a landscape portrait of some desert area, sand everywhere, small patches of grass popping up occasionally. He’d have to ask Jack where it was later. “He asked if I could come over in a few minutes to help him plan his boyfriend’s birthday.” Les looked up from his paper, too. “It’s almost Spot’s birthday? Tell him I said happy almost birthday!” Davey chuckled. “I will.”

Jack still sat there, kind of dumbfounded. “What in the hell?” Davey looked at Jack questioningly. “Whaddaya mean?” Jack, still dumbfounded, “The hell kinda name’s Racetrack?” Davey laughed. “I dunno. That’s just what we call ‘im.” Jack huffed, still a bit confused. “Whateva. Anyways, ain’t you goin’ to visit him?” Davey’s eyes widened and he shot up from his crouched position. “That’s right!” He grabbed his coat and his cap, rushing towards the door. Before he grabbed the handle, though, he paused. “Hey, uh, Jack?” he called out. “Yeah?” was Jack’s reply. “I know it’s a lot to ask, but do you think you could watch Les while I’m gone? I’m gonna do my best to be back soon.”

“Sure, that’s totally fine. Les and I’ll be fine by ourselves. We’ll make lunch for when you get back, yeah?” Davey smiled softly. “Sounds good to me, Jackie.” And with that, he headed out for Racetrack Higgins’ house.


Roswell pls, we know you’d go naked, you just want a new outfit~

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