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Alfred and allen sitting in a tree K I S S I N G~ First comes love, second comes marriage (poor alfie being forced into a dress by al), then come a baby in a baby carriage. Lets just timeskip to the wedding and after party shall we *le eyebrow wiggle*

This ones got the right idea @americasgooglehistory

So I just met this guy who totally looked like Grantaire in a sweet-shop in Scotland and after I stared a little I bought some fudge and told him I like his tattoo and then he told me about ten minutes about the meaning and everything and when I said i’m too thinking about having one myself he stopped for a moment, then said, ‘Ah well, just forget everything I said, do what the fuck you think looks beautiful and it will.’ And if that’s not a total Grantaire-thing I don’t even know.


  • He’ll be very confused at first– hANSOL get OUT of here riGHT NoWW! 

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Okay, on a serious note.

  • He’s gonna be a confused puppy at first, since he wasn’t expecting that.
  • But I don’t think he will let you get what you want, cause he wants to be the big spoon, and he needs to be the big spoon.
  • “Oh no no, nah babe, you’re not gonna do that.”

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  • Will be thinking how hella weird you are because he believes in guys being the big spoon. (ol’fashion hongjisoo)
  • Will not let it happen until you start nagging/whining about it and he’ll probably give in and actually enjoys it.*wriggles le eyebrows*
  • “Alright fine fine, just this one time.”

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  • Will actually let you without even questioning you whatsoever (WHY?! CAUSE HE’S THE FRIGGIN ANGEL)
  • Pretty much very chill about it but then kinda gets a little obsessed with you being the big spoon and actually likes it.
  • “So jagiya..erm…we can do it again..if you like??????” 

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  • He’s gonna tease you about it all day everydayyy like nonstop after you mentioned about wanting to be the big spoon or TRIED to be.
  • You thought he was not gonna let that happen but he actually did.
  • “Jagiya, come here, your wish shall come true today.”

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  • He was too sleepy when you did it, so he kinda ‘allowed’ you to do so.
  • The next morning he will wake up next to you with the squishy knowing smile, making your face blush nonstop.
  • “I remembered what you did last night, you sneaky girl.”

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So much innuendo in this post HAHA oops!

It’s been awhile but here it is, beautiful creatures!! <3 

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OTPs on Valentines day vs. An average day

V-Day: Stories, hearts, kisses, snuggles, kawaii overload, and maybe a little Le Sexy time *eyebrow wiggle*

Average day: Two dorks (that are in love) doing random shit.


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