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For @kurapls‘s Vanitas no Carte au! I highly recommend you check it out if you like vampires. Just go here

While it is an au, you do not have to read vnc to understand the story although it is nice if you check it out as well <3

Design by Mint-053 @ Deviantart, a few modifications were made

I might do a Dazai vers if I’m not lazy orz

Picture this. e/R have been living together for a little while now, happily in love in and their new apartment. They decide - after much deliberation and detailed discussions about how often they’ll be home to keep it company and who’ll be in charge of picking up the food - to get a pet.

The only problem? Grantaire is a dog person and Enjolras is a cat person.

They bicker for DAYS about which to get, each trying to win the other over to their side because “OBVIOUSLY dogs are better, and here’s all the reasons why,” “What PLANET are you on, CATS are CLEARLY superior, and here’s all the reasons why”

They try getting the rest of their friends to weigh in on one side or the other to help them decide, but the field is split evenly down the middle, and eventually they decide to just go down to the local shelter and see what’s there, because maybe something’ll click.

They’re introduced to a whole lot of cats and a whole lot of dogs, and they each have their favourites but nothing really clicks.


There’s one cage that has a dog AND a cat in it, and the cat is sitting curled up in between the dog’s front paws and is hissing at them, and the dog is lying there wriggling and wagging his tail as he watches them approach.

They ask the shelter volunteer, and she says that these two come as a pair; their old owner went into a nursing home and couldn’t care for them any more, and the two of them refuse to be separated.

Grantaire’s grinning already, because he’s pretty sure that they’re going to be going home with these two animals, but he keeps himself in check because they’re not QUITE there yet.

So they go in to meet the two animals, and the dog bounds up to Grantaire the second he steps inside while the cat bolts off to a shelf in the back corner to glower at them all from a better vantage point, and Enjolras follows, making soothing noises.

Ten minutes later grantaire is on his back on the floor while the dog slobbers all over his face, and Enjolras is standing with a disgruntled-but-no-longer-hissing cat in his arms who is pretending to hate the chin rub he’s getting but who in fact is leaning into the touch.

They take the pair home and settle them in, and all their friends come around the next day to meet the two additions and fawn over them, and the cat spends the time balanced on the curtain rail and glaring at the lot of them and hissing whenever anyone getz too close, while the dog can’t decide who his favourite is because he’s getting pets from EVERYONE and it’s AMAZING.

The cat and the dog sleep in the laundry the first few nights, but somehow within a week have migrated to e/R’s room, and the dog sleeps at the end of the bed and the cat sleeps on their feet and hisses when one of them moves during the night, and eventually the cat stops hissing whenever one of them approaches him, and eventually he starts to consent to sit on their laps, and then they can’t get rid of him and he’s on top of them ALL THE TIME, the SECOND one of them is sitting down, he’s there, taking over lap space and chest space and pinning them in place. And meanwhile Grantaire teaches the dog all kinds of fun things like how to shake and roll over and high five and fetch slippers, and Enjolras teaches the dog how to gently take the mail inside without tearing it and how to bark and snap at either intruders or men who are harassing women on the street (that last one he learns through direct example from Enjolras), and how to play dead.

And it’s HILARIOUS, because even though grantaire is the dog person and Enjolras is the cat person, they sort of end up switching? Because you see, Grantaire likes to flop about the house indulging in a good cuddle, and so does the cat, but Enjolras likes to go be active and go for a daily walk or run, and so does the dog , so the cat kind of claims grantaire as his favourite and the dog claims Enjolras, and Courf still hasn’t managed to pat the cat even once, which he’s still heartbroken by, and - ultimately - it all works out brilliantly.


Un âne, un chien, un chat et un coq, malmenés par le temps et par leur labeur, devenaient de moins en moins capables de travailler. Sentant le vent tourner, ils prirent la route. “Allons à Brême, dit l’âne. Si tous ensemble nous faisons de la musique, nous aurons du succès !” Ne pouvant atteindre Brême en une seule journée, ils s’arrêtèrent dans une forêt où ils comptaient passer la nuit. L’âne regarda dans la direction des quatre vents, et il lui sembla apercevoir une lueur. C’était une maison de brigands bien éclairée. Les animaux tinrent conseil pour deviser d’un moyen de participer aux agapes après avoir chassé les brigands et finirent par le trouver. Sur un signe, ils entonnèrent leur musique avec une telle violence que les vitres vibrèrent. Les brigands sursautèrent à ce tintamarre, croyant à l’arrivée de fantômes, et s’enfuirent dans la forêt. Nul n’osa retourner à la maison où les quatre musiciens de Brême se plurent si bien qu’ils ne songèrent pas à repartir !

A4, pastels aquarellables, crayon et encre

Trois illustrations pour l’exposition/vente Grimm organisée par les étudiants en animation et en photographie de mon école.