le diable au convent

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The Sign of the Cross (Le diable au convent), Georges Méliès, 1899

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Le Diable au Convent is a longer than the previous two Georges Méliès short, which were just glorified excuses to showcase “Camera Tricks” This is a French film that shows the Devil himself running a convent and terrorizing the poor old nuns that live there. However he is finally vanquished by the good of Faith. 

This is yet another Méliès classic, showcasing the art work that really goes into making one of these three minuet shorts. This is one of the earliest examples that a horror movie could show, of elaborate set design. Everything in this film, although horribly aged, has been packaged extremely well. If you are a fan of set design or productions then I would highly recommend this film to you. 

Though nothing too extreme actually goes on, Satan does have his way with a convent. The satanic imagery itself must have kept this short on the traveling carnival circuit. It certainly wouldn’t fit into the good moral bag that society shoved itself into back in those days. That would be the only vice the entire movie has. 

Amazing art and suggestive content have me wanting more from Georges Méliès. Three shorts in and he hasn’t lost me. Lets see how he does after the turn of the century. Films are just going to get longer and better.

Put your faith in Moi.