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Le Dauphin dauphin

I wasn’t going to share this, just didn’t feel like it, but then there was awesome dolphin highfives and I was sold.

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(@katanabrush) "Senapi, I know this may sound sudden, but... would you mind modelling for me one of these days? I mean... without clothes?" (imagine him blushing and twirling his hair with his fingers as he does so ^^)


“Of course, I’d be happy to! You know I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! I have the best facial structure-”

“Wait did you say… without clothes? Wouldn’t a…. woman model be more suited for that?”

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(@the-crow-prince) *Goro knocks desperately at Gogo's apartment door, very visibly distressed, with Keiko crying in his arms, sobbing in his neck; Goro alternates between trying to soothe her and rubbing his enlarged stomach with a wince, knocking at the door and ringing the doorbell* "Please, nee-san... be home..."

[blinks awake when she hears a frantic knocking, she looks at the clock and it reads 4am]

Hnngh… Why at this hour?

[she shuffles to the door and she is suddenly shocked into wakefulness when she sees that it’s her brother, holding his child and several bags]

Brother? What’s– Come in, it’s cold!

[she bustles him inside]

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Talk about Yusuke Kitagawa? ^^

Send me a character’s name and my muse will tell how they feel about them

“Yusuke’s one of my best and closest friend’s.” 

All of the Phantom Thieves were, and not only that. They were his family too caring for each and every one of them, the reason Akira strove to do everything for them and ensuring all of them were alright. Yusuke in particular, while showing sharpened skills in the Metaverse outside made him worry about his artist friend.

Was he eating enough? Getting out enough? And exploring out on his own? It had been while Akira made certain to make food for him whenever able and coffee. 

“He’s a good guy, and deserves the best.” 


Louise Françoise de Bourbon, Légitimée de France (1 June 1673 – 16 June 1743) was the eldest surviving legitimised daughter of Louis XIV of France and his maîtresse-en-titre, Madame de Montespan. She was said to have been named after her godmother,Louise de La Vallière, the woman that her mother had replaced as the king’s mistress. Prior to her marriage, she was known at court as Mademoiselle de Nantes.

Married at the age of eleven, she became known as Madame la Duchesse, a style which she kept as a widow. She was, Duchess of Bourbon and Princess of Condé by marriage. She was later a leading member of the cabale de Meudon, a group of people who centered on Louis, le Grand Dauphin her older half brother. Whilst her son, Louis Henri, Duke of Bourbon was Prime Minister of France she tried to further her political influence but to little avail.

Very attractive, she had a turbulent love life and was frequently part of scandal during the reign of her father Louis XIV. Later in life, she built the Palais Bourbon in Paris, the present seat of the National Assembly of France, with the fortune she amassed having invested greatly in the Système de Law.

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❤️ 🍀 😎 👌

❤️ - I adore you. 

🍀- I’m so lucky to have met you. 

😎- You’re really cool. 

👌 - Your blog is some good shit. 

I’m the one who should be saying he’s lucky to have met you - you’re the one who pushed me to make this blog more than just a whim, after all, I owe you a lot. Thank you so much!

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❤ @the-crow-prince ^^

Send me a and I will say something positive about you.


I’ve said before I honestly enjoy your Akechi, I like how you seem to have come up with your your own unique headcanons and AU’s for him - it’s quite interesting to see all of these what if’s really come to life with your Akechi.  Also I’ve said before, you’re someone who’s always trying to spread positivity and make others feel better and that’s something I really appreciate a lot - you’re a really positive and wonderful person and I hope you keep holding your chin up and being positive.  I’ve been meaning to interact with your Akechi more, I think interactions between our muses could be very interesting.

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(@katanabrush) You look exhausted.

My muse has been having the same nightmare for weeks now and it’s taking it’s toll. Send me “You look exhausted.” for my muse’s response. || Accepting || @katanabrush

“I’m fine, really. I just had a big workload… And I…” Yeah, his eyes were starting to close and there went his homework.

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(@la-belle-voleuse) “What Would You Like?”

Send “What Would You Like?” … and my Muse will confess a fantasy/desire they’ve had about yours. (The fantasy/desire doesn’t have to be sexual. They might just want you to bake them cookies…or for you to die horribly.)

Your chest~

[boob squeeze]

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(@the-crow-prince) *he's half-wondering whether to wish his doppelganger happy birthday, figuring that the other didn't have the best experience when it came to that (he himself felt like that before, after all)... in the end, he just settles for doing what he usually does: getting up early to make the both of them pancakes and coffee for breakfast, maybe take him out to lunch or dinner and pay for it... he can't help but wonder whether the other will bring it up instead...*

You’re awfully quiet, Karasu. Is something the matter?

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(@the-crow-prince) "So, uh... why do you look like a girl?" (Hello~)

Y’know. Good question. I’m guessin’ it has to do with society’s ideals these days, since I definitely don’t look this, er… feminine when you summon me ol’ boy!

However the thief merely shrugs and laughs it off, one hand set firmly on her hip.

Maid Marion would quite likely lose ‘er mind~. Clorinda as well! An’ the boys, hooo dear me the boys–!