le cry they are so cute

trans!enjolras coming out to the amis headcanons

okay so i’ve been screaming about this for days because i just, have so many feelings, about these dorks, and DIVERSITY, FUCK YEAH 

  • the amis fearless leader going from a powerful cis woman to enjolras the most powerful trans man
  • grantaire being THE MOST SUPPORTIVE
  • they go out shopping for binders as a group
  • they all have an argument over which shade of grey is nicer
  • enj shows them what it looks like when he wears it
  • FUCK
  • enj gets all blushy and hides his face 
  • taire cuddling enj particularly hard that eveningn
  • when enj gets dysphoria, the amis all team up to make a shitty powerpoint presentation about why enj is the manliest man theyve ever met
  • enjolras definitely did not cry
  • nope
  • what are you talking about 
  • enjolras has no interest in cutting his long ass blonde hair
  • the mere suggestion brought taire to the brink of tears
  • the amis just being the most supportive group of people enj has ever met 
  • taire being the most supportive and loving boyfriend regardless of who enj identifies
  • just, 
  • save me
How they comfort you when you’re upset

A/N: Okay so I’m in one of those annoying moods where everything is making me want to cry, so this is just a mashup of all my favourite characters. Hope y’all like it, darlings)

Remus Lupin

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Remus would quietly take you up to his dorm, and just hold you in his arms until you were ready to talk. He would give you so many cute little kisses, tell silly jokes to make you laugh, and obviously he would give you chocolate. He’d play with your hair to relax you, and just make you fell so safe and content that you’d forget you were even upset.

Peter Parker

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Peter is the Official World’s Biggest Dork, so he would try his very best to make you laugh and smile again. Whether it took him telling silly jokes, or playing a slightly dangerous prank on Tony, he would do it. The thought of you not smiling broke his heart, so he would do whatever it took to bring back your smile.

Bucky Barnes

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Bucky would be similar to Remus; he would take you somewhere private, and just wait silently until you’d spilled all your emotions. He’d hold your hand with his right hand reassuringly, using his metal hand to cool your flushed cheeks, and press soft kisses to your forehead to remind you he was there for you. He wouldn’t say much, but his actions made it clear that he wasn’t leaving you.


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Okay Enjolras is a wee bit on the emotionally constipated side, at least when it comes to himself. When he sees you’re upset, he freaks out a bit. He usually ends up calling Courf and asking for advice (”Courf you have emotions, how do you deal with them?”). Eventually, he’ll make you a hot drink and just sit beside you while he studies or plans a rally, barely acknowledging your presence but making sure you realise he’s there. After a while you fall asleep with your head on his shoulder, a smile on your face because you know he’s there for you.

Dean Winchester

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Dean would take your hand and lead you out to the impala, helping you into the passenger seat and driving the two of you for miles until he reaches somewhere nice and peaceful. He’ll happily sit for hours listening to your worries, until you’re ready to go home and you fall asleep beside him, your heart feeling lighter after shifting some of the weight onto Dean’s shoulders

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Look at this kid looks. He is so cute and innocent, he really belives in the Christmas spirit, and that it could fix his home.

So cute im gonna cry


Some time ago I was tagged by some wonderful people to post six selfies of 2016. I decided instead to show you six things of 2016 that made me happy.

  • One, of course, is Les Misérables, that classic disguised as brick that I decided to read and that gave me a bunch of wonderful characters to love and cry over and also brought me to this fandom and some of the greatest people I know.
  • The second is my driver’s license because I’m proud of it and it made me feel like I’m really becoming an adult for the very first time.
  • The third is the great trip to Vienna that my best friend and I took in November where we tried to visit literally every single art museum the city has to offer.
  • The fourth is the fact that I could watch a school production of the musical Mozart! in spring and it was incredible and I loved it so much.
  • The fifth is that I participated in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the Word Has Ever Seen with two of my friends and we had the weirdest, funniest, kindest, most awesome week of our life.
  • The sixth is the people that, aside from my family, made this otherwise awful year bearable. My damn cool real life friends and my damn cool long-distance friends.

So here is a list of the people who I desperately want to hug because you made this year a better one with your kindness and your messages and your jokes and your conversations and your stories and your artwork and your edits and your wonderfulness. Thank you <3

@achelllies: stay awesome
@acynicandanidealist: you’re so brave and I admire you so much and your aesthetic is the best
@aux-barricades: you’re the best and your tags kill me every single time
@bahorelly: you’re the coolest
@consulting-angel-in-bag-end: I will never be able to express how f*cking grateful I am to be your friend <3
@desmoulinx: thank you for making my dashboard such a great place
@dorkstar-brat: you are the strongest and the most gorgeous person I know
@elfiethewicked: you, my friend, know what good things are: art, books and the floor
@enjols: you’re so kind
@grangratree: cacti are the best
@imsorryfortheinconvenience: how are you so gorgeous??
@its-better-than-an-opera: when I see sunflowers I always think of you
@just-french-me-up: thank you for being the fandom mum and for your stories and your kindness and that you glue us together and keep us alive
@likelectricity: thank you for the lovely icons and the kindness you spread
@mariuspondmercy: thank you for sharing your excellent writing and fluffiest stuff with us
@mariuspontbambi: you’re the softest and the kindest and my dream girl
@marius-pont-de-bercy: I love what you write
@merrytairemas: thank you for making this world a better place
@mlttlcrdlk: I had a wonderful time being your Secret Santa
@normal-people-are-weird: thank you for the best artwork and the kindness you spread, I admire you for both
@poise-and-grace: it’s so wonderful to see you so happy right now. I wish you all the best and keep that happiness for the next year
@sassyfeuilly: thank you for every conversation and every conspiracy and for being such an incredible person
@sassytimemachine: the best and the best overall
@seethenewdaydawn: thank you for making me feel not completely alone
@softegrantaire: thank you for making my dashboard a better place
@thegoodlesmisurlsaretaken: thank you for the best Courferre and for being just like you are because you are wonderful
@todaysgonebi: the best moodboards and the best when protecting your friends
@vintage-jehan: thank you for sticking around and being such a nice person
: thank you for your kindness
@wanttodrawmothsfrommemory: thank you for the endless times you made me laugh or smile at one of your selfies and being grateful that you are here
@weisbrot: thank you for being my favourite artist here and for your kindness and for being such an amazing person
@xaphoonist: I’m so jealous of your hair you can’t imagine. Thank you for being around and making this world a better place

I wish you all an amazing year, I hope that you’ll achieve what you want, that you’ll treat yourself carefully and that you’ll have people stick around that make you feel alive. Much love, kindness and the occasional rainbow and glitter and kitten and smile for you <3

Can I just talk about my head canon real quick?

I have a modern AU, that E and R go to the same school and R pretends he needs help in his poli-sci class just so Enjolras can tutor him. And at first it is just to spend time with and see the cute boy he has a crush on but then he starts to become interested in E’s opinions about government and interest in politics and they start hanging out.
Enjolras eventually figures out R was faking, (a teacher may have said R is top of his government class…) and he is just super flattered that R did this, a little irked because he should be helping someone who actually needs help, but happy that someone is interested and cares about his political viewpoints The two become closer, as E doesn’t bring up that he knows R is faking, and learns more about R, that he is an artist and longs to study art though his parents are against it and see art as a waste of time and opportunity. Enjolras encourages R to pursue his dreams and becomes attached to R as a person. How he feels, thinks, speaks, moves. He just starts to notice more about the boy and falls for him.
Enjolras of course is too shy to say anything so poor Combferre (pardon spelling errors I am tired.) has to listen to hour long speeches on the phone about his crush on this “Adorable, deep, crazy, stupid and cynical artist” he has fallen for.
Ferre already knows R likes Enjolras and discusses this with him. Long story short (too late) they end up together. R attends every debate Enjolras participates in and every rally he goes too.
And Enjolras supports R’s art dream and encourages him to go to art shows and get his work known. (Which he does) The two support and depend on each other and oh look now I’m crying….

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u know what would be so cute tho??? Valjean and his grandchildren oh god I think I'm gonna cry just thinking about it

Oh my God.

What if Marius and Cosette have a daughter and a son, and name them Éponine and Jean?

And they think their grandfather is the most wonderful, because he lives in the country and being around him is never ever boring. He knows so much about all sorts of flowers and plants and things, and Éponine and Jean love visiting him and playing chase in the fields near his cottage. Like his namesake, Jean loves gathering flowers and weaving garlands of poppies and daisies, and bestows them grandly on his grandfather and his sister. Valjean can’t help but smile because it reminds him of Cosette when she was younger.

He loves his grandchildren, because he spent so much of his life alone, without anybody who cared for him, and these two little children who are so full of light and laughter can cheer him up, no matter what.

They love the stories he tells, especially the ones about Marius, and in the evenings, they’ll sit by the fire and plead with him to tell them their favourite ones:

“Did Papa really spend months and months following Mama around?”

“The one with the handkerchief! Tell us the one with the handkerchief!”

Marius goes bright red, and everybody else finds it hilarious.

EXO-M reactions to your aegyo

Kris: slaps the table Now you’re my style!

LuHan: OMO!So cute! can’t contain the feels and moves a little backward

Tao: leans near to give you a kiss

Chen: le troll

Lay: Approves Yo everybody this is mah waifu!

Xiumin: OMFG stop doing that!! challenges you with his aegyo

Yep,this is it,EXO-M reactions.T-heheheh I did my best,hope you like it <3

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do you know what would be super cute but also make me want to curl in the fetal position and cry on my floor? The Sheriff, Stiles and Derek in matching holiday sweaters for their family holiday card. IF you want to draw that out that's totes cool...if not i get it but just let visual sink in and give you all the holiday family feels.

Ugh, this prompt was so nice! Thank you so much for the family feels!

(leaving aside the family name, it’s fun because all their non-names start with S too! Stiles, Sheriff, and Sourwolf!)