le cold now


“He had marked out a straight path through all that is most torturous in the world; his conscience was bound up in his usefulness and his religion in his duties; he was a spy as other cats are purr-riests. Woe to any who fell into his claws! He would have arrested his own father for escaping purr-rison and his own mother for breaking her purr-role. And he would have done it with the interior satisfaction that springs from virtue. His life was one of privations, self-denial, isolation, chastity–never any a-mew-sment…a pitiless detective, fiercely honest, a marble-hearted informer…..

He was free from vice, as we have said. When he was satisfied with himself he allowed himself a pinch of catnip. That proved he was still a cat.”

Classicat #30: Inspector Chatvert (Paw-vert in the English translation) from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

Chatvert’s heart is made of wood, and you cannot soften a heart of wood…unless your name is Jean Meowljan, and even then it’ll take like twenty years and a failed revolution 

Here’s the thing. From that lovely snowstorm meme