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On the Side - Nine Months

Its almost impossible to give a complete review of Nine Months without taking a look at the supporting players. Before we look at them as characters, I’d like to talk briefly about the actors - because, seriously, who did the casting on this film*? The problem isn’t that anyone is miscast - in fact, all of these parts play up their respective actor’s strengths a little too well. It’s more that there are too many strong personalities here, and they threaten to absolutely overwhelm the leads. I mean, look at this:

Would you like some ham? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around.

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On the Side - Franck

If there is anything that I do know about pregnancy/parenthood, it’s that everyone has an opinion on babies. Even in the movies. So let’s look at the supporting cast’s thoughts and reactions to pregnancy/parenting/babies/etc, as well as their role in the film.

   Father of the Bride Part 2 only has one secondary character that anyone seems to remember, everyone’s favorite party planner of unknown nationality, Franck.

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The Test - February

It’s time to examine this month’s independent films - how many of them were able to pass le cinema bébé’s modified Bechdel test?

For those new to this tumblr, in order to pass, a film had to meet all of the following criteria:

- It has to have at least two women in it,
- who talk to each other,
- about something besides a man
- or their pregnancy/baby

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And We're Back!

Welcome to the new Le Cinema Bébé, where I examine films relating to pregnancy, infertility, adoption, abortion & reproductive rights, etc.

This blog will post content every two weeks. Each week will be entirely devoted to a different movie - featuring quotes, photos, gifs, etc, which will lead up to a full length review of the film at the end of the week. I’ll be kicking things off with Father of the Bride Part II, starting October 5th.