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How they comfort you when you’re upset

A/N: Okay so I’m in one of those annoying moods where everything is making me want to cry, so this is just a mashup of all my favourite characters. Hope y’all like it, darlings)

Remus Lupin

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Remus would quietly take you up to his dorm, and just hold you in his arms until you were ready to talk. He would give you so many cute little kisses, tell silly jokes to make you laugh, and obviously he would give you chocolate. He’d play with your hair to relax you, and just make you fell so safe and content that you’d forget you were even upset.

Peter Parker

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Peter is the Official World’s Biggest Dork, so he would try his very best to make you laugh and smile again. Whether it took him telling silly jokes, or playing a slightly dangerous prank on Tony, he would do it. The thought of you not smiling broke his heart, so he would do whatever it took to bring back your smile.

Bucky Barnes

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Bucky would be similar to Remus; he would take you somewhere private, and just wait silently until you’d spilled all your emotions. He’d hold your hand with his right hand reassuringly, using his metal hand to cool your flushed cheeks, and press soft kisses to your forehead to remind you he was there for you. He wouldn’t say much, but his actions made it clear that he wasn’t leaving you.


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Okay Enjolras is a wee bit on the emotionally constipated side, at least when it comes to himself. When he sees you’re upset, he freaks out a bit. He usually ends up calling Courf and asking for advice (”Courf you have emotions, how do you deal with them?”). Eventually, he’ll make you a hot drink and just sit beside you while he studies or plans a rally, barely acknowledging your presence but making sure you realise he’s there. After a while you fall asleep with your head on his shoulder, a smile on your face because you know he’s there for you.

Dean Winchester

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Dean would take your hand and lead you out to the impala, helping you into the passenger seat and driving the two of you for miles until he reaches somewhere nice and peaceful. He’ll happily sit for hours listening to your worries, until you’re ready to go home and you fall asleep beside him, your heart feeling lighter after shifting some of the weight onto Dean’s shoulders

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I dreamed a dream in times gone by
         When hope was high and life worth living
   I dreamed, that love would never die
       I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid.

June 26th, 2015 - Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide. Congrats USA! ♥

Castor’s Reincarnations! I’ll put this on the page about them but here are the cuties!
In Order:
Castor Rose: The Original
Orion Barnes, The Childhood Friend
Dietrich Cyrano, The Prince
Les Gildar: The Drunken Rockstar
Cameron Cleary: The Ad Man
Thompson Lovelace: The Weirdo Writer
Tucker Hardwick: The Adorable Librarian
Alden Fox: The Blind One
Ezra Wayland: The Science Geek

Art as usual by Kaitlynn (who is taking art commissions!) @mortardropped

You know you’re on the S.S. Stucky ship when someone asks if you’d like to watch “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and you tell them that you’re not in the mood to get really sad…and they tell you that it’s not a sad movie.