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June 26th, 2015 - Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide. Congrats USA! ♥



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Imagine that Natasha loves to sing in the shower. Loudly

she’s a good singer, though, which makes it bearable.

the best days are the ones when she’ll hear her boys harmonizing with her from the other side of the door, bucky as a bass and sam able to hit high falsetto notes with steve somewhere in the middle.

one day the four of them are in the tower when natsha starts humming, and before the other avengers know it they’ve broken out into a perfect barbershop quartet rendition of “bohemian rhapsody”, which jarvis discreetly uploads to youtube.

“hey, now you can’t use the excuse that all the men in your barbershop quartet are dead,” natasha jokes to steve, and he hits her with a pillow.


I dreamed a dream in times gone by
         When hope was high and life worth living
   I dreamed, that love would never die
       I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid.

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Imagine Bucky rescuing a dragon with the ability to change its size, from some testing facility. It just follows him around like a puppy and when Bucky wakes up shaking and screaming after a nightmare, the dragon is there to comfort him and lay on his stomach like a cat. When Bucky gets better and starts fighting alongside the Avengers, the dragon is there - Just 3 tons of angry teeth and claws plowing its way through enemies to help Bucky out of a sticky situation.


like, okay, he finds this really smooth blue stone on his way out after a mission, and he thinks nat will like it so he picks it up and takes it with him, except halfway home it starts to crack and shake and it gets warm to the touch but that’s okay because bucky has a metal hand that can’t feel heat so he holds the stone in his left hand and it breaks open !!

and then he gets back with a baby dragon wrapped around his neck and everyone just quietly watches him and he clears his throat and says “i wanted to bring nat home a pretty rock except it was an egg and i think it imprinted on me so now i have a dragon?”

tony is really worried that it’s going to destroy things except the baby (it’s a girl- bucky names her daenerys and the others nickname her “khaleesi, mother of all”) doesn’t seem to be able to breathe fire, and she just follows bucky around and steve and sam figure out that she likes to play fetch and clint introduces her to lucky and at night she curls up between nat and pepper because they know exactly where her favorite spots to be scratched are. she’s like a puppy. except she’s a dragon.

and, yeah, she curls up on top of bucky, which continues even when she gets too big. tony has to reinforce the bed so dany won’t keep breaking it.

the battle in question is a tight squeeze, and all hope is lost when all of a sudden an alien goon smacks bucky into the side of a building and they all hear a loud roaring and daenerys bursts out of the special hole tony had installed in case she ever got her wings to work properly (she’s still really young, even though she’s about half a ton) and she shoots at the aliens and just plows through them and sam just yells “KHALEESIIIIIIIIIIIII”

and when the smoke clears they find her curled protectively around bucky, one wing sheltering him from the worst of the rubble, and maybe having a dragon on their side isn’t such a bad thing after all.

How they comfort you when you’re upset

A/N: Okay so I’m in one of those annoying moods where everything is making me want to cry, so this is just a mashup of all my favourite characters. Hope y’all like it, darlings)

Remus Lupin

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Remus would quietly take you up to his dorm, and just hold you in his arms until you were ready to talk. He would give you so many cute little kisses, tell silly jokes to make you laugh, and obviously he would give you chocolate. He’d play with your hair to relax you, and just make you fell so safe and content that you’d forget you were even upset.

Peter Parker

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Peter is the Official World’s Biggest Dork, so he would try his very best to make you laugh and smile again. Whether it took him telling silly jokes, or playing a slightly dangerous prank on Tony, he would do it. The thought of you not smiling broke his heart, so he would do whatever it took to bring back your smile.

Bucky Barnes

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Bucky would be similar to Remus; he would take you somewhere private, and just wait silently until you’d spilled all your emotions. He’d hold your hand with his right hand reassuringly, using his metal hand to cool your flushed cheeks, and press soft kisses to your forehead to remind you he was there for you. He wouldn’t say much, but his actions made it clear that he wasn’t leaving you.


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Okay Enjolras is a wee bit on the emotionally constipated side, at least when it comes to himself. When he sees you’re upset, he freaks out a bit. He usually ends up calling Courf and asking for advice (”Courf you have emotions, how do you deal with them?”). Eventually, he’ll make you a hot drink and just sit beside you while he studies or plans a rally, barely acknowledging your presence but making sure you realise he’s there. After a while you fall asleep with your head on his shoulder, a smile on your face because you know he’s there for you.

Dean Winchester

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Dean would take your hand and lead you out to the impala, helping you into the passenger seat and driving the two of you for miles until he reaches somewhere nice and peaceful. He’ll happily sit for hours listening to your worries, until you’re ready to go home and you fall asleep beside him, your heart feeling lighter after shifting some of the weight onto Dean’s shoulders

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imagine Bucky teaching Darcy to swing dance like he used to and when he's having a bad day she'll drag him into the kitchen blaring jazz music from her iPod and get him to teach her some new moves

it starts because bucky really wants to go dancing but natasha isn’t around so he tracks down darcy and says “hey, darce, let’s get you a hobby that involves other people, yeah?”

(she hisses at him like a cat. it’s endearing.)

but darcy takes to it like a. there are no suitable metaphors but she’s REALLY GOOD AT IT. they swing around the kitchen for like an hour listening to the same old jazz stuff and jane and thor find them later in the living room watching classic movies and quoting them back and forth at each other.

it’s reached the point where darcy actually keeps an ipod in the common area at all times in case she passes bucky on a bad day, so she can just yank him in and watch his feet move.