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les misérables + main places || (pictures are not mine)

  • la place de la bastille: square in paris where “la prison de la bastille” stood until its destruction in 1789 during the french revolution. in the novel, it’s the site of napoleon’s elephant.
  • la rue des filles du calvaire (trad. the street of the ordeal’s daughters/girls): marius’s grandfather’s house. it’s situated in the north-east of the 3rd arrondissement of paris. 
  • l’église saint-paul saint-louis: church where marius and cosette were married. situated in the marais quarter of paris (4th arrondissement). 
  • rue de la verrerie: marius & courfeyrac’s apartment. 
  • “la barricade de la liberté”: also the corinthe. situated rue mondétour and rue rambuteau. it’s where the barricade was built in the novel.
  • quai des gesvres: place where javert committed suicide. in the novel, he didn’t jump from a bridge but from an embankment. from his point of view, we can see notre-dame in the background.
  • café musain: doesn’t exist anymore. it was situated boulevard saint-michel. 
  • rue plumet: exist under another name now: “rue oudinot”. where jean valjean lived while raising cosette. number #55 doesn’t exist: the musical invented it. it’s hard to tell where valjean’s house could have been situated.

Enjolras & Grantaire modern au for myhiris

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

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Hey Les Misérables fandom! Are you tired of seeing the same couple of ships on your dash? Are you a multishipper who has several severely neglected ships? Do you want to play around with pairings? If so gather up your ideas and get ready for Les Mis Rare Pairs Week which will happen exactly one month from now on a dash near you.

What’s considered a rare pair?

Any ship that has under a hundred fics on AO3, aka anything but one of the top twenty pairings.

How do I know what the top twenty pairings are??

I went on AO3, wrote down the number of fics each ship has and complied it in this beautiful color coordinated little spreadsheet (Go ahead and check out how popular ships are–as of right now Combeferre/Eponine and Bahorel/Feuilly have the exact number of fics and there are the same number of fics for Feuilly/Eponine, Feuilly/Enjolras and Feuilly/Jehan. The more you know).

Do I have to write fic?

Absolutely not. Anything is welcome, art, headcanons, photosets, cosplay, fanmixes–as long as it’s focused on a rare pair go wild.

Does it have to be ship related?

Platonic pairings are welcome as well! They don’t have to follow the same rules as above (Enjolras/Courfeyrac/Combeferre is allowed but pretty much everyone and their mother writes them as best friends so maybe don’t do anything for that friendship). Just think about who you never really see interacting and go for it.

What tags should I use?

#lesmisrarepairsweek and/or #lesmisrarepairs

{Les Misérables AU   Beat Generation}

Marius fit in better than he expected amongst the artists, rebels, and addicts that swarmed Jean Valjean’s cheap, peeling hotel in the heart of Paris. He also didn’t expect to join the group that took up most of the smoke-plume, key-clack, wine-stench rooms: Les Amis de l’ABC. And he certainly never thought he’d fall for the owner’s adopted daughter, reading lengthy poems about her in the lobby to his friends and hoping she didn’t know they were about the way her lips kissed every word she spoke as she sat on the couch making music just by speaking with her friends, Eponine, Azelma, and Irma on the mismatch couch. No, he didn’t expect that his escape from his grandfather and censorship in America would lead to him living with hooligans, poets, and activists; beatniks, hiding out from whatever authority they opposed. But he wouldn’t change it. In fact, he thinks he might have finally found himself a home. {1/?}