EXID Reaction: Another male idol flirting with their gf

EXID Prompt: Could you make an exid reaction to another male idol flirting with their girlfriend? Thanks, I really love your blog!         

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Solji was a little jealous when she saw you with Jin. She saw through his act and knew that he was flirting with you. So she went over and encircled her arms around your waist, and burying her face at the back of your neck. She ‘pretended’ that she didn’t notice Jin, and gave him a deathly stare.

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The skinship levels rise almost immediately. LE isn’t having any of it at all, even if the idol in question doesn’t know that you’re in a relationship. She would firstly saunter up to you, with a ‘game face’ on. She’s possessive and would make sure that Donghae knows that you’re hers.

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Hani’s a little bothered, but really in a joking way, I don’t actually think that she would be overly jealous or mad at all. But she would n it in passing as a joke and pout about it. “But Jagi~ What about that time you were with Ilhoon!”

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Hyerin talked to you afterwards, telling you sincerely that she was jealous of the legendary Choi Minho. She wanted you to know that she wasn’t overly comfortable with him flirting with you and wanted to reassure you that she still loves you, but she sometimes gets super jealous.

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Junghwa, your friendly neighbourhood girlfriend just kinda came up and hugged you. She wasn’t overly bothered by it but she wanted Jongup to back off. She just cranked up the skinship and even ended up kissing you in front of him.


“All bathed, clean, and ready to go?” Lace asked. 

“Yes!” Madelyn said. 

“What do you want to do first?” 


Of course, thought Lace, right after a bath… 


Once I’ve read @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon‘s amazing Victuuri Soulmate AU compilation I just had to draw something from it! So here it is!(finally)
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Verdades ocultas
  • Aries: No saben por qué son así
  • Tauro: Le temen al amor
  • Géminis: No se entienden ni ellos mismos
  • Cáncer: Casi siempre está enojado
  • Leo: Aman los abrazos
  • Virgo: Se lastiman a sí mismos con sus propias palabras
  • Libra: Les cuesta trabajo terminar algo
  • Escorpio: Realmente solo quieren sentirse amados
  • Sagitario: Le temen al compromiso
  • Capricornio: Les cuesta trabajo confiar en los demás
  • Acuario: Se sienten fuera de lugar
  • Piscis: Son más apegados de lo que deberían

“Another?” Madelyn said sweetly to Erin, who was already 10 chapters in to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

“Mads, we’ve already read ten chapters! Surely you’re starting to feel tired?” 

“No.” Madelyn said nervously. It was her first night in the house, and really her first night of ever sleeping in her own room, alone. Erin empathised with her, but her own eyelids were beginning to droop. She could hear her soft bed calling her from the floor below, her wife was probably already asleep… 

“Alright, but this is the last chapter, okay?” Erin said. 

Somewhere amidst the eleventh chapter, Madelyn’s head dropped onto her pillow, and she began to gently snore.