Leitura do dia: Renunciar para seguir.

“Jesus lhe disse: “Se quiser ser perfeito, vá e venda tudo o que tem, dê o dinheiro aos pobres, e você terá um tesouro no céu. Depois venha e siga-me”.” (Mateus 19:21)

Um certo jovem rico havia perguntado a Jesus o quê deveria fazer para herdar a vida eterna. No primeiro momento, Jesus respondeu que ele deveria guardar todos os mandamentos. E o jovem convicto de que seria algo fácil, afirmou que sim. Afinal, ele sempre havia guardado todos os mandamentos. Mas Jesus foi para além disso, e confrontou o jovem. Mostrou que não basta apenas saber de cor todos os mandamentos, e guardá-los, mas é preciso renunciar tudo que aparentemente se tem, para poder segui-Lo. É preciso se doar por inteiro. Se esvaziar de si mesmo. Renunciar para seguir. Pois isso é o Evangelho.

Depois que o jovem escutou as palavras de Jesus, se entristeceu e não quis dar tudo o que tinha, pois era rico (vs. 22). Ao ler os evangelhos, vemos que durante toda a passagem de Jesus por diversas cidades, multidões o apertavam e o “seguiam” por aquilo que viam ou escutavam que Ele estava fazendo. Fosse as curas que Ele realizava ou o poder que Ele tinha de ressuscitar. Em outras palavras, seguiam a Jesus pelo o que Ele poderia fazer. Porém, poucos estavam dispostos a segui-Lo verdadeiramente pelo o que Ele é.

Além do jovem rico, outros dois homens também agiram da mesma forma. Em Mateus 8:19-20, vemos o primeiro homem dizer: “Mestre, eu seguirei o Senhor aonde quer que for!” E em seguida, Jesus confrontar mais uma vez: “As raposas têm tocas e os passarinhos têm ninhos, porém, o Filho do Homem não tem um lugar para repousar a sua cabeça.” E ainda em Mateus 8, nos versículos 21 e 22, vemos um segundo homem dizer: “Senhor, deixe-me primeiro ir enterrar meu pai”. E Jesus responder: “Siga-me agora! Deixe que os mortos sepultem os seus próprios mortos.”

No começo, vimos o jovem rico negando abrir mão de seus bens, e em seguida, dois homens fazendo o mesmo. Sendo que um teria que abrir mão do seu conforto, pois Jesus não tinha um lugar fixo. E o outro teria que abrir mão dos seus sentimentos. E nenhum deles o fez. Sempre que nos encontramos frente a frente com Jesus, estamos recebendo o mesmo convite: “Siga-me!”. Mas muito mais que isso, estamos também recebendo o convite de desapegarmos de tudo aquilo que não nos pertence, e que só nos afasta dEle.

Todos nós que um dia decidimos seguir a Cristo, tivemos nossas vontades e desejos confrontados. Não queríamos abrir mão de nossos bens, de nosso comodismo, de nossa forma antiga de viver, de nossos sentimentos por alguém. Ou melhor, de nosso “velho homem”. Mas somente quando fazemos uma análise de nós mesmos, percebemos o quanto somos maus e vazios, e que precisamos do Senhor. Tudo o quanto possuímos não chega nem perto do que Ele é. E por isso, não se torna um fardo renunciar a si mesmo. Quando entendemos que só Ele tem as palavras de vida eterna (João 6:68), não vemos outra saída a não ser segui-Lo.

Quando decidimos seguir a Cristo, a mudança em nós é nítida. Não nos imaginamos mais longe Daquele que mudou nosso sentido de viver. E hoje, mais uma vez, Jesus nos diz: “ Se alguém quiser vir após mim, negue-se a si mesmo, tome a sua cruz e siga-me. Pois quem quiser salvar a sua vida, a perderá, mas quem perder a vida por minha causa e pelo evangelho a salvará.” (Marcos 8:34-35). Sigamos com Ele.

“Meu desejo, não posso desejar. Meu sonho, não posso mais sonhar. Meu querer, não posso mais querer. Essa vida, não posso mais viver. Preciso morrer pra viver. Pois viver é morrer pra mim mesmo.” (Ministério Sarando a Terra Ferida)

Sweet revenge

This is totally not what the title might suggest. ;-) A fluffy early morning scene in Alexandria, with someone getting in a prank in return that’s been long in coming …

The idea for this came from a conversation with @geekyspinne - thank you for this bunny! ❤️

With a last soft moan, Glenn nuzzled his wife’s neck, gently ran his hand over her bulging belly, and then regretfully sat up in their bed. He was early, but there was something he had to do, and he wanted to take his time about it so he’d be able to enjoy it to the max - he’d waited long enough for payback. Maggie turned her head sleepily, one eye opening halfway to look at him.

“Oh no, are you going on watch already? What time is it?”

Glenn, who had been putting on his boots, stopped in midmotion to grin at her over his shoulder.

“Not right away - there’s something I’ve got to do first.”

At the twinkle in his eyes, Maggie rolled over onto her side to reach out and run her fingertips across his lower back.

“Hmmm … Would that be something worth … watching? And what’s this about, anyway?”

Glenn went back to tying his boots, his grin widening.

“You remember back at the prison, when we were on watch together, up in the tower?” He blushed at the word watch - very little watching had been done that day. Those had been simpler times, he thought wistfully.

“M-hm.” She sounded sleepy again already, but he was confident that she was still listening - she was far too curious about this.

“And they called for me to come down while we were still … ahem …”

This time, he all but felt her looking at the spot between his shoulder blades, spearing him like a butterfly for an exhibit, waiting for him to turn his head and allow her to see his face blush.

She was his wife.

He was madly in love with her and didn’t mind her laughing about him.

So he did her the favor, and was rewarded with a silly, cute giggle as her hand continued stroking his back.

“You remember how I almost fell, trying to put my pants back on, hopping around on one leg in that tower -”

Maggie burst into laughter behind him, and he snorted as well, remembering the scene. God, they had been so happy and careless, back then before the really dark stuff had happened, before so many of them had died. He was grateful for being able to make her laugh, thinking back to the good days.

“And they stood down there, looking up at me as I fell out through that door, my pants still open, and while I was trying to close my zipper, Daryl called up if I was coming down to them with that smirk of his, you know the one …”

In between her snorts of laughter, she made a noise to confirm that yes, she did remember that smirk of Daryl’s, the one that neither of them had seen in what felt like forever, that had been an indicator for a great day back then, a day when none of them would have to go on a run obviously fraught with danger, when no walkers were lining the prison fence, when there was enough food even without any of them going out to find more so everyone would have enough.

“So - now that he and Carol are together -” Glenn waited for a delicious moment, eyes shining, before outlining his plan to his wife.


From the chirping outside the window, Daryl could tell that he had at least half an hour before he’d have to get up to be in time for his watch with Glenn, and he intended to make full use of those thirty minutes.

In the dimness of their bedroom - their bedroom! Just the words still made his heart race in his chest and had him question his own sanity - he reached over with one hand to run his fingertips around the shell of Carol’s left ear as she lay there beside him, her right cheek against the pillow.

He listened to her deep, regular breathing, and his chest tightened with emotion. To be granted the gift of lying next to her, every night, knowing that she was safe for the night, to know that she trusted him enough to be this vulnerable and helpless around him, to know that she loved him - it was still overwhelming him every time he thought about it.

How could it not?

She was the best thing by far that had happened to him in his life - she was the one who, before anyone else, had taught him to realize that he was a good man, that he deserved respect and gratitude, that he deserved love.

Heart swelling, he rolled onto his side and pursed his lips, preparing to breathe a kiss onto her exposed cheek. He ached with emotion when he saw her fluffy hair - she had washed it right before going to bed the night before - stand up around her face, relaxed in sleep, lips slightly parted, as if someone had brushed it the wrong way.

She looked adorable.

He found it difficult to breathe. How could she be so perfect?

Just as he was about to make another attempt at kissing her sleeping face, the sharp clink of something hard hitting the window almost had him jump out of his skin. Daryl raised his head, murder in his eyes, and waited for a heartbeat before going in again. He could already feel the heat of her skin on his when her eyelids started to flutter.

Oh no - course I had ta wake her up.

Her eyes opened and her face scrunched up as she yawned, stretching like a cat, still without moving her arms or doing anything other than slightly straightening her body and then pulling her limbs back in again, into the small heart of warmth at the center of her blankets. How much he wished for a camera to capture this moment and keep it, so he’d always be able to look at it when he needed a morale boost, something to ground him, soothe him, comfort him.

Now she was smiling, that warm, languid smile that told him she was still in the process of waking up, not yet aware again of the horrors out there, not yet remembering that he had morning watch today.

How he wished to keep those things away from her forever - she had been through enough. She had lost and suffered enough for a lifetime, and he would have done anything to spare her more of the same.

Carol’s hand, warm from sleep, came out from under her blankets and up to his face, and he caught it and put it to his lips, gently kissing her palm, taking in the scent and heat of her skin. Home.

There was another clink against the window and he growled low in his throat.

“Now what?”

Rolling over, he regretfully let go of Carol’s hand and sat on the edge of his bed, debating whether or not he should put on his pants before going to the window. In the interest of preventing more clinks that would wake Carol up even more, he decided against pants and in favor of speed and stalked around the bed and to the window, peering through the slats of the shutters.

In the first light of day, it was none other than Glenn and Rick standing in front of their house and looking up at him expectantly as if they were able to see him standing behind the shutters, window, and curtains, seething with the need to be with Carol for a few more minutes. The chirping of the birds definitely had a mocking sound to it now, he thought.

Pulling open the curtains and opening the window, Daryl pushed out one of the two shutters they had installed before he and Carol had moved in.

“What? You jerks are early! I’ve got half an hour at least!” He tried to be as quiet as possible, but his voice still seemed to thunderously echo up and down the entire street in the peach colored light of early morning. Now he was able to make out Maggie leaning against the fence of the house opposite theirs, watching the scene unfold with a grin on her face.

‘m not wearin’ pants!

Crouching lower to hide this fact from the three people gathered in the street below him, face hot as a furnace and blushing crimson, he whisper-yelled at them again. Please, Carol, stay in bed, I’ll be back!

“So, what do you want from me now? You’re early!”

Glenn stepped forward with a huge grin on his face, and Rick and Maggie were both definitely smirking at him, Daryl saw.

“Hey, Daryl!” Glenn called out, laughter in his voice. “You comin’?”


I need to know what those little cute ball of fluff aliens are ASAP.

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Shipping Vow

With season 2 of Voltron right around the corner, I’m going to take a vow:

Should my ship become canon, I will happily celebrate it in its own tag and possibly in the main series tag, but will not cross-tag rival ships or anti tags, and will not harass shippers of rival ships. I will also tag ALL my posts about it with the ship tag should anyone need to blacklist it for whatever reason.

Should my NOTP or rival ship become canon, I will quietly let them celebrate their ship in peace. I will blacklist it if needed, but I will not harass the shippers.

Lance: *lays down on Keith’s lap and looks up at him angelically* Keith, tell me I’m pretty. 

Keith: *cups his cheek and looks at him lovingly* You are the love of my life and the most beautiful boy I have ever met. I love you.