Two weeks. :D

Until I am sealed to my best friend for time and all eternity. I’ve heard this from many Apostles, Bishops, and other counselors at church and I know it to be true. If you and your spouse both honor and keep the covenants you’ve made to you each other and most important Heavenly Father then your marriage cannot fail. I find such peace in knowing that. I am so grateful for the peace the gospel brings to my life and our future together. So blessed and so excited!!! Love never felt so good! :D

Blog Post #26                                                                                                                   What Tino”s Wearing ..

Hair : K.W. Seasick x Org. Patch (Fade) (Unavailable)    

Necklace : ///BENJAMINZ/// - JESUS TRILOGY    

Shirt : THE 6SIDE - Bally Shirt Series 03           

Shorts : Medusa. Urban Shorts [Black] v.2      

Shoe : [SHOEMINATI] X1 - black ice       

Waist Shirt :  Beusame::Red Plaid Sweater  

What Bam Is Wearing ..

L A U - Red Vision Bandana w/AddOn Cash

L A U Pose - Regular (Sit3)

Urbano - July Birthstone Necklace

Urbano - Cancer Necklace

RYCA - GS-LD Watch

THE6SIDE - Bally Shirt Series 02

Amerie M - Shorts w Leggings (White) (Unavailable)

Z3 / Shoeminati / Flite - Retro Ewings 33 Hi Red (Unavailable)

Have You Seen LD shirt out in the wild. Thanks for searching for him @sjromig Sarah is my studio intern, fellow pizza lover, and a great designer who just started the “real world” job hunt. Check out her work! And hire a young talented go getter….this shirt is still available online at pinkbikeralph .com #printordie #sarahtheintern #animalchin #curbyourenthusiasm #larrydavid #curb #longballlarry #baldasshole