lds girl

“The Sun is just a star, no matter how bright it is, and all stars die. But in the wake of their destruction, comes the dispersal of stardust, and the potential for the creation of something even more beautiful than before”

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the other day at z bank i met a young bank teller named jessie she was about 19 and kinda plain looking but what a smile..we hit it off and next thing I find myself meeting her for lunch at the nearest mall near midvale…one thing led to another and I was at her apartment and as soon as we got into her apartment I was on her like lipstick…she stopped me and told me she was a good lds girl and i responded so was I and commenced kissing her again..she got into it and told me she hadn’t ever been with a girl before..i grinned and said it was ok to just let it happen and she’d have the best time ever…i had her dress off and wow she was shaved..her clit and her pussy lips was just puffed out and i latched onto her click and sucked like I did my husband giving at clit blowjob…she started squirting and yelling omg omg I cumming and she kind of passed out on me and I got worried…i lapped up all her cream as she started to cum too …saying that was her first ever orgasm…i grinned again…she told me that because she was kind of plain that most guys in her singles ward didn’t giver time of day…too bad for the boys n her ward..i got all of her and she loves licking pussing for all her worth…and she was a natural….I called my sister n cousin over to her place and the four of us had a two day orgy…not sure what she told her work but when we left we were all drained and just to walk i had mini orgasms as my clit was so sensitive couldn’t wear panties or garments for some strange reason i had mine on that day…we have met up several times and have included several of her single ward girl friends…..I’m n pussy heaven again…hope y’all have a great day…as I am headed over to Jessie’s apartment to show her the wonder of toys……laurieann


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Today has been great! I went through the temple for the second time. This time though I went through in behalf of my nana who died a month before I met the missionaries. I went to do endowments alone as my ward stayed in the baptistery, I may have been alone physical but spiritually I knew my nana was there present with me. I knew despite today only being my second time the Lord sustained my nerves enough to have a beautiful experience full of the Spirit and heavy emotions.

I was able to buy some scriptures today for my mission, and the YSA of my ward gifted me with a mission bracelet. How kind of them.