I don’t know, y’know? I just think about everything to the point where it ruins the good in anything I even thought about.” She told her friend, pulling her hair into a bun. “I just lay in my bed at night and start to think. I mean, at first, it’s fine. I think of all the cute stuff that happened, and then it just goes sour. Like, I sike myself out or something. I start thinking of why anyone would even want me how he does, how anyone could even deal with me. It drives me insane every single night, but I can’t help it. People always leave, that’s the reality I live in. No one stays with someone like me, and I can’t help but wonder why he’s stayed for so long. I just don’t want him to get tired of me, y’know I want him to stay with me for the rest of my life, and I’m so scared that it won’t happen that way. What would I do then?
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write
To those who wonder if they can handle a Long Distance Relationship:

It’s not easy.
It’s not always nice.
Sometimes life will get in the way and you won’t be able to talk to them for a time.
You will be sad.
The distance will hurt you- and that’s O.K.
There will be nice moments, too.
Late night conversations.
“Good morning” messages.
“Good night” messages.
“Happy Birthday”’s and “Happy Anniversary”’s.
Skype and Facetime are great.

Just don’t forget: it CAN work.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Its you.
And it always will be you.
It always has been you.
Your smile.
Your teeth.
Your eyes.
You are the only person to ever exist to take my breath away, or make me laugh the way you do.
You get me.
You understand me sometimes more than I understand myself.
Your love over flows and sometimes I don’t know what to do with it all.
But I’d never complain about that.
All I want is you.
It will be you until the oceans run dry.
It will be you until the stars burn out.
It will be you until my lungs breathe stale air.
It will be you until my eyes close for the last time.
—  A 60 day love letter
Never in a million years did I think I’d find someone so utterly and completely perfect, someone who could make me happier than I ever dreamed I could be, someone that would touch my world so profoundly and just give me a whole new reason to breathe. But then I found you and realized that everything I anticipated you to be doesn’t even compare to who you are.
One day we will wake up side-by-side and all those little things you do during the day (getting ready for work, going to the store, taking walks, doing laundry) you will never have to do those things alone ever again. I will be by your side and you will be by mine and everything will be right.
Long distance relationships suck, they really do, but they’re so beneficial. I’ve learned to appreciate every text, kiss, phone call, high five, hug, nap, skype conversation, snapchat, etc. I’ve learned to save up my money and to work hard for it. I’ve learned that the best things really do come to those who wait. I’ve learned to cherish my boyfriend on a whole new level. I’ve learned to control my emotions and to not fight over bullshit. I’ve learned to love myself. I’ve learned that my presence can change my boyfriend’s day. I’ve learned my boyfriend loves to be surprised with gifts. I’ve learned that the boy I’m waiting for is the one I want to spend forever with. As tiring as a LDR is, I would have never learned any of this if it wasn’t for distance.
—  Thank you, distance. (My personal thoughts)