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The realist fraud

I’ve always been a realist
until it comes to love.
Our breath is just breath,
screws tighten in my chest,
When i hear the mellow noun, that is

In the real world,
there’s no use for metaphors,
the sky is just blue
because of sun and molecules.
Not because it resembles the colour of your eyes.

Love- a part of me I’m yet to find.
But I swear I’ve felt it a few times,
with girls in high heels hanging up missing signs.
Love- a part of me I’m too scared to find.

I thought the taste of champagne would take it all away,
but it found a way into your walk-
and I fell drunk on your footsteps.
I sipped you slowly through a straw,
but by the end of the night
you were a feature in films I’ve seen before.

Love- relaxed the velcro on my lips.

Dear body, you were never a problem. There is nothing wrong with your size, your curves, your scars, your flaws, your stretch marks, or you. It's not your job to look like the people in magazines. It's not your job to look "pretty." You're good enough already.
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