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Most people will tell you that long distance relationships are a LOT of work. Most people will tell you that long-distance romances are not worth it. Most people? They’re wrong.

Here’s why long-distance relationships can be amazing:

  • Rather than rely on physical cues, in a long distance relationship, you learn to rely on proper communication skills to get your message across.
  • Long distance relationships make you truly appreciate the moments you spend together in the same zip code.
  • Because you rely so heavily on communication to keep the two of you a couple, you can learn to express your feelings to your partner. This is a difficult task for many.
  • You don’t have the luxury of picking fights because you had a bad day. Instead, you learn to pick and choose the things that do matter to you and discuss those openly — not in the heat of the moment.
  • As most long distance relationships depend on things like email, instant messaging, and texting, you’re less likely to say something while you’re flaming angry. Instead, you have the time and space to think about the words BEFORE you type them.
  • You don’t have to see the annoying parts of your partner as much — his dirty socks, his inability to put the toilet seat down. You usually get to see his best side.
  • With services like G+ hangouts, Skype, and Facetime, you still get to spend time face-to-face with your partner, even if you’re not physically in the same place.
  • You learn to be honest — even when it makes your partner unhappy. The best relationships have a foundation in honesty, and that need is even more important when you’re long distance.
  • You have the space to figure out what really matters to you in a partnership. Is it sex? Is it commitment? Is it shared hobbies?
  • A long distance romance allows you to strengthen your commitment to your partner. It’s a great way to figure out how much you mean to each other.
1. Kiss her hand.
2. Stand on my tiptoes to kiss her forehead.
3. Bury my face in her hair, because it’s so soft.
4. Bury my face somewhere else.
5. Wrap my arms around her from behind.
6. Be the big spoon.
7. Be the little spoon.
8. Tell her that she looks beautiful.
9. Cook with her.
10. Fondue with her.
11. Try sushi with her.
12. Order pizza with her.
13. Watch movies and TV shows all night.
14. Just look at her for hours. Because damn. Wow.
15. Hold her hand.
16. Give her roses.
17. Give her books.
18. Get drunk with her.
19. Make love to her.
20. Take pictures with her.
21. Take pictures of her.
22. Pout when she deletes pictures because she “looks stupid” on those.
23. Quickly take more photos.
24. Dance with her.
25. Sing with her.
26. Sing to her.
27. Get baby animals with her.
28. Give her little, unexpected kisses.
29. Rest my hand on her thigh.
30. Grab her butt in public.
31. Make out with her in public.
32. Compare our hand sizes.
33. Carry her to bed.
34. Tell her parents that they have a perfect daughter.
35. Tell her parents that I’ll steal said daughter.
36. Trace her lips.
37. Write on her body.
38. Kiss her collarbone.
39. Whisper in her ear.
40. Remove her hair carefully to kiss her neck.
41. Kiss her scar.
42. Kiss her tears away.
43. Tickle her.
44. Leave cute notes.
45. Count the times she bites her lip.
46. Listen to her favorite music.
47. Rest my head on her shoulder.
48. Go shopping with her.
49. Buy the first thing she looks at.
50. Walk through the town and telling people: “Hi. That’s my girl. I hope you’re having a nice day. Bye.”
51. Stroke her hair until she falls asleep.
52. Watch her sleep.
53. Take pictures of her when she’s asleep.
54. Take a bath with her.
55. Play a game with her.
56. Let her win the game.
57. Watch the stars.
58. Watch the sunset.
59. Watch the sunrise.
60. Go to the beach with her.
61. Pull her back into my arms when she is about to leave.
62. Be her pillow.
63. Sleep in a little fort with her, made of blankets and pillows.
64. Cry with her over a movie.
65. Put a flower in her hair.
66. Gently push her against the wall to make out with her.
67. Lightly tilt up her chin to kiss her.
68. Steal her perfume. 
69. Meet her friends.
70. Go on vacation with her.
71. Lift her up into my arms.
72. Listen to her heart beat.
73. Watch funny cat videos with her.
74. Tell her that I’m proud of her.
75. Lay my head on her chest.
76. Kiss each of her knuckles.
77. Go to the cinema with her.
78. Let her wear my clothes.
79. Wear her clothes.
80. Feed her.
81. Shut her up with a kiss.
82. Give her my jacket when she’s cold.
83. Wrap the blanket around her.
84. Let her have the most space in bed.
85. Keep myself from stealing the blanket.
86. Curl up on the bed with her.
87. Make her favorite food.
88. Hold her hips.
89. Stroke her fingers with mine.
90. Kiss her jaw.
91. Tell her that she looks sexy when she’s angry.
92. Promise her that she’s safe with me.
93. Go to a concert with her.
94. Flirt with her.
95. Protect her from her nightmares.
96. Hold her in my arms when she cries.
97. Nuzzle my nose against hers.
98. Pull her onto my lap.
99. Hug her pain away.
100. Tell her that I love her.
—  100 things I’m going to do when I’m with my girlfriend.
Shitty things about Long Distance Relationships:

1. A lot of the times your texts/kiks/messages don’t send through and your s/o doesn’t get them.

2. When your s/o is upset and not replying to you, you have to sit there worrying.

3. Skyping or calling is a pain in the ass, hangs up constantly and cuts out.

4. Sleeping at night is so hard. You just want them there with you.

5. When they don’t reply you have to sit and wait, not knowing what their doing/ what’s wrong.

6. Sometimes time zones can be a huge problem, like seriously. No.

7. Distance, money to fly or drive to see your s/o.

8. You get the craving of wanting them there with you. Cuddling, kissing, and loving.

9. Your date nights are limited, but you have to make the best of it.

LDR’s might be tough, but a lot of the times they’re worth it in the end, honestly.

1. The love in her eyes.
2. The lip biting.
3. How she tries to hide her smile.
4. The way she strokes back her hair.
5. The way she tells me that I’m cute.
6. The sound of her voice when she calls my name.
7. The way her eyes shine when she’s about to cry.
8. The way she rests her head on her hand, leaning on her elbow.
9. Her lips.
10. How soft her hair looks.
11. How she laughs when I laugh.
12. This “oh my god, you’re so cute” - look.
13. Her hand kisses when she says Goodnight.
14. Her sleepy typed, but lovingly meant “good morning”.
15. The fact that we can talk about anything.
16. How it never gets boring with her.
17. Her strong side I amire so much.
18. The sound of her voice.
19. Her accent.
20. Her cheeks.
21. This gorgeous, happy smile when I tell her that I love her.
22. How she just stares at me. No words needed.
23. How she’s my best friend at the same time.
24. This fascinated expression on her face when I talk.
25. This focused look when she’s playing a game.
26. How she glances at me now and then, when we’re watching a movie.
27. The feeling which tells me that I’ve known her my whole life.
28. The fact that she doesn’t judge me.
29. How she listens to me when I talk about nonsense.
30. How she makes me nervous, in the best of ways.
31. She’s taller than me.
32. How honest she is.
33. How independent she is.
34. How she makes me happy - just by being with me.
35. That she understands me.
36. That she shows how much she cares.
37. The little things she does for me.
38. That she makes me feel safe.
39. That she makes me feel loved.
40. That she makes me feel beautiful.
41. That she makes me feel sexy.
42. How she teaches me to love myself.
43. This sexy look.
44. How you believe in me.
45. This crazy side that cheers me up every single time.
46. How emotional she is.
47. The way she talks.
48. The way she walks.
49. Those heart-melting things she says.
50. Her golden heart.
51. How she still flirts with me.
52. Her taste in music and TV shows.
53. That we have the same ideas for dates.
54. How adorable she is.
55. How she makes me laugh.
56. How she makes me cry.
57. The way she opened up to me.
58. How I could open up to her.
59. How we can sing together.
60. This amazing list of things we’re going to do together.
61. Her wisdom.
62. The way she takes my fear away.
63. The sound of her voice when she calls me Baby.
64. How she makes me shiver.
65. The fact that she makes me think of her all day. And night.
66. Her writing.
67. How she believes in me.
68. How she makes me believe in myself.
69. How she inspires me by just one look.
70. That we’re so alike - but still so different.
71. How mature she is.
72. How warm my heart feels when she looks at me.
73. Her optimism.
74. Her strength to cry when she needs to.
75. Her loyalty.
76. Her compassion for me and the people she cares about.
77. Her boldness.
78. That, even after all the things that happened to her, she still believes in good things.
79. How she dreams, but keeps being realistic.
80. Unexpected compliments.
81. The way she lights up the room with her presence.
82. That, even when she’s tired, she stays awake to take to me.
83. Waking up and seeing her message.
84. How much she’s taught me about myself.
85. That she’s a real lady.
86. The fact that I learn new things about her everyday.
87. How she can comfort me.
88. Her body.
89. Her self-confidence.
90. How she teaches me to have self-confidence.
91. Her dreams and visions.
92. How we teach each other many things.
93. How she gives me nicknames.
94. How silly she can be.
95. How she plays with her hair.
96. How we can go through good and bad things together.
97. Her charm.
98. The excitement she brings into my life.
99. The promises she gives me.
100. That she loves me.
—  100 things I love about her.

the LDR that becomes in fact a one-sided relationship with the phone and piece of clothing. Also mornings that start when you have been up for 6-8 hours already.

Doesn’t have the cliché ending or the commitment shown.