ldr botm

Yo yo yo it’s almost March wow!

I’m beginning not to like these headings as much so I guess I’m gonna redesign them soon (*queue 6 months of procrastination*). 

So! I guess that it’s time to begin the quest for a new BOTM.

1, First up, you MUST follow my February Blog of the Month: @greaterthanthedistance​ and I will be checking so you should just do it anyway because they’re fab.

2. You also need to be in an LDR or have closed the distance or be in an ‘almost relationship’ where you’re gonna wait til you meet before you get together

3. AND have a blog with LDR and/or love posts.

4. You must have your ask open to allow followers to message you

5. REBLOG THIS POST TO ENTER -  likes don’t count unless you’ve liked and reblogged

That’s about it. Probably. Probably not really because I can’t find the original rules in my notes but yea, just reblog this post to enter! Thanks dudes and dudettes and everyone else!

WOOOH! TIME to announce the very first LDR Blog of the Month! (I took a lot of time chopping and changing that title and I think it’s pretty cool).

So let’s get to it! (I never say that I’m just feeling jolly).

DRUM ROLL PLEASE *bom da da dom da da doom*…

This month’s LDR BOTM is…


Congrats guys!!! WOOH! *those popper things meant for celebration but that used to (actually still do) scare me*

I asked for a short description so you can get to know them too :)

My name is Michi and my boyfriend is named Cruz. He’s turning 22 this year and I just turned 20 in January. He lives in Florida, U.S.A and I live in Ontario, Canada, so we are about 1400 miles apart. We met on an fighting-style MMORPG and were enemies before we were lovers haha. I beat him the first time we met and we hated each other. But the trash-talking turned into flirting and here we are 3 years later still together and stronger than ever.

How sweet! Michi’s blog is similar to mine and I’ve always liked having her on my dash, so go check her out! There will also be perks for 10 people who follow both of us :) More information about that will be released when I post to ask for applications for October’s BOTM :)

So please go follow bummyldrcouple!!!


Hey guys! I meant to post this a few days ago and idk if I schedualed it or anything?? So you may be prmo’d twice, I dunno!

But please go and follow these guys:

And my 4 biggest fans of last month (sort of):

This could be you if you follow my current LDR BOTM @loving-you-withadistance then reblog my post asking for my next month’s BOTM!