Hi!! My name is Kacie and I’m 16. I’m super into photography, supernatural, and caring for my two dogs and my bunny. I currently live in Kentucky. I’m actually really shy once you first start talking to me, but when I open up to you, you won’t get me to shut up. I’m kind of clingy as well, so if we do get close, I hope you don’t mind that. I’m currently single and looking, and I don’t mind long distance all too much. But I’m also looking for friends too! My tumblr is the-immortal-skittle-blog so feel free to message me so we can get to know each other and exchange kik, snapchat, ect.

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice for someone in a long distance relationship?

Communication is key for all relationships, but even more so for long distance ones. 

Touching base can relax fears and sensations of isolation between partners that can’t be physically close. You don’t need to talk every day, but keeping each other updated can help a lot. 

Keep communication open; let your partner know about things happening in your life, the good and the bad. One thing that isolates/alienates some people is that they only see a specific “version” of their partner, so it’s important to be clear-cut and don’t hold back. Don’t act or hide anything, be yourself- even if it means having a panic attack with them. They will happily calm you and you will both be stronger for it. 

Sharing and communication help close the distance between the two of you.