He’s finally here, after months of talking, our first time meeting, 11 hour journey on Dan’s behalf, so many emotions and feelings and ugh we’re so happy to finally be with each other. We can’t really think of much to put on here for you guys but we appreciate all the well wishes and everything you guys message us saying, we’ll try keep you updated through the week.

Hairy Situation
  • Him:Fuck shaving sometimes
  • Me:Pfft, guys have it easy
  • Him:Why's that?
  • Me:People don't approve when girls say "fuck shaving"
  • Him:I couldn't care less to be honest, what's the worst that can come of you not shaving?
  • Me:I approve of that response just on principle.

i’m jay, 19 and scottish! 
i love doctor who, house md, harry potter, bad 80’s rom coms, getting flowers and doing cute stuff like going on late night beach walks.
i dye my hair too often and don’t wear matching socks:)
follow me, for i post the most unfunny funny stuff ever :3