Luckiest Man

<p><p>You held your big sign that said &ldquo;DunkDAMN DADDY&rdquo; written in colorful sharpie colors along with Harry&rsquo;s photos on it as you balanced your phone between your shoulder blade and ear, dialing your boyfriend&rsquo;s number.<p> &ldquo;Hey baby.&rdquo; He said once he answered, his voice making you swoon as you raised your eyebrows as a greeting to one of the bodyguards standing outside who knew you and let you through. <p> &ldquo;I just wanted to wish you good luck, Haz. I&rsquo;m sure you&rsquo;ll do great, baby.&rdquo; You said as you pressed your finger to your lips to tell the fans who were about to squeal once they saw to keep it quiet, with a smile. <p> He sighed through the phone, &ldquo;I&rsquo;m very upset that you couldn&rsquo;t make it. It&rsquo;s only my third solo concert and it doesn&rsquo;t feel right without you watching me.&rdquo; <p> &ldquo;You know I tried my best. Work has been an ass to me.&rdquo; You said, trying your best to sound disappointed.<p> &ldquo;I know,&rdquo; He sighed again, &ldquo;I&rsquo;m going now. I&rsquo;ll call you once I&rsquo;m done.&rdquo; <p> &ldquo;Okay, baby. Break a leg! I love you.&rdquo; You grinned as you said through the phone. <p> He chuckled, &ldquo;I love you.&rdquo; before hanging up. <p> You greeted the fans around you, taking photos and fangirling with them over your boyfriend as you stood in the front row. Finally, lights were dimmed and out came your charming boyfriend, completely oblivious to the fact that you were standing, screaming from the top of your lungs proudly. <p> As he was singing Carolina, you screamed out, &ldquo;Leave my man alone, Carolina!&rdquo; you jokingly screamed out, gaining Harry&rsquo;s attention.<p> He threw his head back in laughter before blowing you a kiss. You put your sign up, looking at him as he squinted his eyes to read before he broke out in a grin, laughing at it before doing a dance move. <p> During the break, Harry requested for someone to get you backstage. You knocked on his dressing room before opening it once he said &ldquo;Come in!&rdquo; <p> &ldquo;You know I wouldn&rsquo;t miss it to the world.&rdquo; You grinned as you wrapped your arms around him from behind. <p> He turned around, leaning before before putting his hands on the back of your thighs and making you jump and wrap your legs around his torso.

&ldquo;I&rsquo;m the luckiest man in the world.&rdquo; He grinned before giving you the awaiting kiss.

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Things Daddy Says

<p><p>Things Daddy Says That Scare And Excite me</p>

&ldquo;Excuse me?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Do you want to repeat that?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Oh really?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Daddy makes the rules.&rdquo;

&ldquo;What was that little one?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Oh so you think you&rsquo;re in charge now?&rdquo;

&ldquo;You think you&rsquo;re a big boy/girl now?&rdquo;

Slight Langst

<p>Okay, here goes..</p> <p>Shiro and Keith always have this happy/adoring kind of look in their eyes when speaking to each other, like every single time. When talking through their helmets, talking normally, anything.<br /> But, when Shiro talks to Lance he looks some what exasperated. Like he doesn&rsquo;t want to put up with Lance&rsquo;s shit at times. <br /> When Lance calls in being stuck to a tree with Blue stolen by Nyma and Rolo, Shiro looked so done with Lance. Like &ldquo;oh my god I want to know why you&rsquo;re like this&rdquo; kind of done.<br /> Keith, he&rsquo;s like, &ldquo;okay Lance you don&rsquo;t have to try to impress someone because we all know you&rsquo;re gonna fail some way or another.&rdquo; And just thinking of the way they look at Lance in somewhat sticky situations upsets me because of the looks. <br /> Lance just wants people to see that he can do some things too, that he can be like Keith, or better than Keith. He didn&rsquo;t want people thinking Keith was a better person to go to than he was, and that&rsquo;s what Nyma used against him. <br /> Yeah, sure we all can see just how reliable Keith is, and how Lance tries to be just as reliable in his own way, but nobody should have a weakness like inferiority used as leverage for anything.<br /> I&rsquo;m kind of rambling here but I just really don&rsquo;t like how left out Lance is and how he looks so upset and being set on a lower tier of respectability and reliability, whereas Keith is held in high regards, similar to Shiro.<br /> I don&rsquo;t know, just, I know what it feels like to be looked down upon because I&rsquo;m not like this other person who has a different personality, and appears to work harder that I do, and just overall gets praised more. <br /> I also know that most of the people who watch Voltron will think, &ldquo;yeah, but we appreciate Lance so much, why are you bringing this up like others have for the bajillionth time?&rdquo; <br /> Well, I&rsquo;m bringing it up because regardless of how many times you want to try and make things right, or try to fix something with your own words like in fanfiction or fan art, it doesn&rsquo;t hide the fact that anyone can notice that Lance misses having at least one person to confide in wholeheartedly with anything.<br /> Yes, I know he has Coran to talk to, and I know they talk about their homes together, but we don&rsquo;t exactly know much about either of their backgrounds, or how Lance was raised.<br /> Lance could have been raised in a foster family that could pass as his actual family, or he could have been raised in his family to be the other brother and shoulder any problem he tackled himself, or he could be raised in the family as the middle child who had a memorable interaction with his family once a week.<br /> So, to go back to the beginning of this rant, I don&rsquo;t like the way Shiro and Keith look at Lance like he&rsquo;s a bother because<br /> 1. We don&rsquo;t know how Lance was raised<br /> 2. He has no one to truly lean on as far as we&rsquo;ve seen<br /> 3. He misses his family so much god bless him!<br /> And <br /> 4. Others use his feelings of inferiority over him and it seems like no one else in Voltron notices>

Why Me?

okay so i’m gonna post it. there will be more parts of this. it’s wild. enjoy my fine furry friends (:

“Guys, we need to meet up now.” commanded Hotch as he darted up to the round table. Nervous glares shot between you and the other team members.

“What’s this all about?” Emily asked with obvious concern. The last time Hotch acted like this was with Ian Doyle, Emily’s ex-husband. You sat down at the table as you swirled your coffee in its cup. Penelope ran up to the board to present the case.

“Okay so 4 days ago, two women were murdered and one little boy was kidnapped.” she said with a long sigh. Spencer flipped through his file.

“How are we just now getting notified? A double homicide and a kidnapping 4 days ago and we got no phone call?” he said with obvious frustration. Something had been getting him lately but you couldn’t pinpoint what. He was your boyfriend and he had been for over a year. You had been his best friends months before that and you could read him like a book.

They originally thought that it was two killers and one abductor. But they took a closer look and she stopped as she flipped the screen to the next slide. It showed that the 2 dead women had the letters ‘ZGZWNG’ carved onto the victims’ temple of their heads. You heard everyones breathing hitch, especially Spencers. Penelope let out a small wince because she knew who this case was targeted at.

“Me. This has to be targeted at me.” Spencer muttered. Hotch grabbed a box from the middle of the table and pulled out Maeve Donovan’s case.

“We believe that this case may have to do with Maeve Donovan or her killer, Diane Turner.” Hotch said. He glanced down at his watch.

“The case is in D.C. When we get there, Reid and (Y/N), you head to the first crime scene. Derek and Rossi go to the second. Prentiss and I will go to the abduction site. Garcia will be coming as well and JJ will be with her. Cars go in 20.” he said as he left the room.

When the time came, you and Spencer got into the car and began to head to the first crime scene. You turned the radio on and blasted it. Oldies were playing and you and Spencer were having the time of your life. It was great until Spencer leaned over to kiss you. You suddenly heard a loud horn honking over the music. You jerked up from the kiss and saw a huge semi-truck heading straight towards you and Spencer.

“Spencer, watch out!” you screamed. He threw his arm in front of you and skidded the car over to try and avoid it. You heard a loud screeching noise and a bang. Spencer jerked his arm back. Everything was in a blur. A loud banging noise erupted and you were suddenly launched out of the car, still sitting in your seat. You flung forward and hit the ground back first. Half of the car was on the front of the semi-truck and the other was nowhere to be seen.

Ringing filled your ears. You laid there staring at the starry sky. You felt cold and surprisingly calm. It may have been the shock. Sirens began to come closer. You grasped around for Spencer, but he wasn’t there.

“Spence?” you sputtered as you coughed. You tried to move but you were stuck in your seat.

“Spencer?!” you screamed, hoping he would come running to you. But, he never came. You heard a loud booming noise. You saw an EMT run towards you.

“Ma’am, what’s your name?” he said. It sounded so quiet and all you could hear was his voice. “I’m Agent (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). I was with a man, Agent Spencer Reid. We work for the BAU in Quantico.” you cried. He and another man picked you up and slowly maneuvered you into the ambulance. Everything went blurry, then black.

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Small Steps| Kylo Ren One Shot

Requested: no
Rating: PG-13, mild cursing, torture/interrogation kinda?? It’s not super graphic
Summary: Kylo’s only job for today was to interrogate the newest prisoner, so why does he suddenly feel like the one exposed.

(The one where YN gets into Kylo Ren’s head more than he gets into hers).


The room was cold, dim and smelled of metal and hash cleaning chemicals. YN didn’t want to think about what those chemicals were used to clean up.

She was strapped down to a chair, if you could call it that. She was strapped to a chair that felt more like a table, nearly flat except for slight shape to accommodate the natural curve of her body. How thoughtful of the First Order to think of my comfort. YN thought to herself, trying to mentally prepare herself for whatever was going to walk through those doors that she could see only by turning her had as far to the side as possible and straining her eyes.

Almost on cue, who she assumed to be the infamous Kylo Ren walked through the silver sliding doors. He only had to take a few strides until her was in front of YN, eyeing her up and down silently. YN knew that this was meant to phase her and tried not to let his behavior affect her this early in their meeting. He spoke suddenly:

“I know who you are, YN. Do you know who I am?”

Even through the filter of the masked helmet, his tone was com descending. YN didn’t know if she could trust he own voice to sound strong so she just nodded slightly, trying to seem at ease in he surroundings. Kylo raised his had in a sort of nod and spoke again. “Do you know why you’re here?”

YN decided to try and delay what she feared was to come within their meeting and shook her head to signal she did not. Kylo tilted his covered head slightly again, this time to the side to indicate that he had little trust in her answer and inhaled, YN could hear every inhale and exhale he processed due to the mask, she wondered if he relied on it to breathe or if it was more of a fashion accessory.

Once again, it was almost on u that Kylo responded to he thought process, slowing removing his helmet from his head. YN hadn’t expected to see such a young face beneath the mask, he couldn’t have been much older than her. She hoped that revealing his face to her didn’t mean that he intended to kill her before she left this room. A million thoughts were running through her mind at once.

“Relax, little one,” he stepped casually close to her. “I don’t want to hurt you- at least that isn’t my sole reason for our visit today, as I’m sure you’ve guessed- you’re smart. I can tell.”
YN’s heart was going a million miles a minuet, she flinched as Kylo placed his gloved hand over her chest, right above where her heart was positioned.

He held it there for only a second, long enough to feel her heartbeat. All the while maintaining eye contact with YN. He never broke this eye contact while taking off his gloves, but finally his eyes left hers to walk behind YN, placing the gloves near his helmet on a shelf that protruded from a far wall.

YN’s mind started to construct a joke about how Kylo Ren was giving her a strip tease in her head, but he nerves kept jumbling the beginning and end together so there was no real punchline.

Her heart picked up yet again when she felt his breath on the back of the chair, barred slightly by the back of the chair she was still bound to.

“Are you ready?”

She tried harder to calm her racing mind and concentrate on disassociating from any pain she was about to experience. She tried to focus on derailing Kylo’s train of thought, gently prodding at his mind, finding herself at the forefront of his thoughts.

Pushing past that, she found herself slipping into the thoughts of her enemy. How his actions were guided by strong currents of fear, loneliness. She hadn’t meant to pity him.

Suddenly, his hand was around her neck, applying pressure. “That’s a pretty damn dangerous game to be playing with me, little one. you don’t know how good I am at this game.”

She had struck a nerve, she could feel him beginning his invasion on her mind and blocked out his advances as best she could, throwing her favorite music and poems to the front of her brain, and her family, who didn’t live anywhere near the base. The love in her family. She began focusing on getting further into his head than he could get into her own.

“You should really just give up- you know that I have every advantage over you right now, I can see any and every thing inside your head that I want to.”

So then why are you so scared of me?“

Her inquiry was simple but it clearly struck another nerve with her captor. “I’d shut the hell up if I was you- none of your Jedi friends are coming to your aid.”

She just stared back at him, his hand tightening on her throat so that her breathing became more labored, but still possible. She looked deeper into his mind- hating the feeling of invading into his private feelings and thoughts, but he would do the same to her- was doing the same to her.

Finally, she hit something that felt significant, she relaxed and spoke out loud, feeling his hand clench around he throat to try and stop he speech.

“You dont have to be alone.” her voice was cut off abruptly by his hand clenching tight enough to choke her. Her hands pulled at her restraints to try and remove his hands but failed, her body beginning to panic at the lack of oxygen- spasming. “That was a cute trick,” he paused. “But now it’s my turn to do some digging in here,” He tapped her head with a finger from his hand that wasnt constricting around her throat. His hand finally released her thoat after what felt like ages. YN sputtered and Kylo began to speak.

“All I need from you is to tell me where the new rebel base is- can you do that for me, pet?” YN tried to shake her head to say no, but was preoccupied with regaining her breath, head falling forward due to it not being held up by restraints lie the rest of her body. YN could feel her neck begin to bruise, eyes hot and glistening.

“I think you can, I can almost see the location in your mind now. I can see your friends- do they know where you are? Will they ever forgive you after you tell me everything I need to know?&rdquo; YN shook her head quickly now- breathing heavily still. &ldquo;Get out&rdquo; she murmured, focusing all her energy on pushing him from your head. &ldquo;Not yet, little one- you&rsquo;re strong, but not invincible.&rdquo; he taunted, forehead almost touching YN’s.
"You’re the same way,” YN replied quietly, cringing as Kylo’s eyes opened to meet hers, breaking his state of concentration. YN feared that this interaction would result in another bruise, or worse, Kylo’s hand wrapped back around her throat.

It didn’t.

Kylo sighed and closed his eyes again, brushing hand over YN’s forehead as if it would open her mind more quickly to his prying mind’s eye. It didn’t, thankfully for YN.
The time had come for Kylo to take a break again. YN took this opportunity to scan his brain again, focusing on the force. Again, she could sense layers upon layers of shame and anger and fear, with one overarching feeling of loneliness. She wondered why Kylo didn’t block her more from prodding through his mind. At this point she was able to see some of his fondest memories, using the force to suggest them to the forefront of his mind. A family, a pet dog and then all of a sudden incredible tension- YN had guessed she had found the memory of when that period of Kylo’s life had come to a close, maybe when he’d joined the First Order. YN watched as the pleasant memories cause Kylo’s face to relax, shoulders softening a bit, before contorting into an expression of conflict.

“Why do you stay here?” She didn’t mean to ask it aloud, but there her words were, sitting in the air between them. Kylo, who had found a spot to sit in front of YN looked up. “Because the First Order allows me to use my full powers.” Kylo looked exhausted.
“This is your full potential?” YN questioned again, feeling slightly more confident.

Kylo stared up at her, unsure of what to say. He settled for “you haven’t seen my full potential- and you don’t want to. You wouldn’t survive it.” He put on a face of confidence, but YN was still in his head enough to know that this was just a front.

“Have you tried to use your powers the way the Jedi do?”
This flared Kylo’s anger to a flaming rage, his face grew hot and YN barely had time to process before his face was once again almost touching hers, hand tightening again around her throat.

“The Jedi tried to take advantage of me the way they are you. If only you could see how much more powerful you would be with the First Order- and not those fools in robes,” he hissed, but unclenched his hand from her neck, letting his head bend down and be held by one hand.

“But they don’t love you here, we would love you, Kylo.” His head snapped up again and YN flinched.

“No you wouldn’t.”

“How do you know?”

“They tried- I failed and they would never forgive me” Kylo’s voice tapered off at the end of his statement, it sounded easily rehearsed- either something he’d been told over and over or something he’d repeated to himself. YN remembered the family she’d seen in Kylo’s head.

She recognized who she assumed was his mother- she knew Leia had lost a son.

“Do you want to hear about how your family is doing? Your mother?” YN wasn’t sure this would work, but was willing to try.

“No. They’d only make me weaker.”
He didn’t sound like he believed what he was saying. YN decided to take her chances.

“Your mother is a general, she’s very well liked and people respect her. She misses you though, she spends extra time in her quarters after somebody mentions you,” YN paused to gauge Kylo’s reaction. She couldn’t read his face and his mind was such a fast moving whirl of emotion that it was hard for even him to know what he was feeling.

“You could come back, forget all of this shit and start over- you could be with your family-”

“Shut up!” Kylo let out a scream to silence YN. It worked, she shrank back into the chair as far as she could. “Don’t you get it? They don’t want me back- even if they did,” he paused again. “I can’t leave- not now and not ever this is my life now.”

YN found herself in his head again. It was so conflicted. Kylo wanted to hear everything about his family- his parents. He wanted to go back home and forget he’d ever come to the First Order. But how could he be sure- he thought this was what he wanted, to connect with his grandfather and become the strongest warrior in the galaxy. His family wouldn’t even want to see him, he told himself. He was a murderer.

Kylo could feel YN in his head- she had a warm aura, he was in her head too. He could feel her pity and sympathy, she could feel that he was tired. He could feel that she truly believed he could come home.

“Small steps, Ben. Nobody is forcing you to change overnight. Just take small steps to change.”

He hadn’t heard that name spoken so softly- so kindly and compassionately- in a long time. A voice in his head- one that was all his own, told him that maybe he could get used to that.

Maybe he should try.
“How, you know who I am and what I do- hell, what I’ve done to you just in one day- why would you even try and help me- or bring me home. How do you know I won’t just go with you and then destroy the base?”

“Will you do any of that?”
Kylo looked at her for a moment. “You’d just believe me?”
YN half smiled, mostly tired and glad to be having an almost normal, calm conversation.

“I can see in your head, Ben. I know that this is a tough choice, but I also know that there’s more people than you know who still want you to come home.”

“Small steps,” he muttered to himself. YN nodded- well as best she could while restrained.

“You could let me out, we could leave this ship and you could think things over, sleep- we both need it.” YN suggested gently. He was still unpredictable, it was nearly impossible to tell if her statements would be met by Ben or Kylo. They were the same person, but his fits of rage showed more conflict between the two than he’d care to admit.
YN didn’t even have time to process what was happening before Kylo presses a button and her restraints were immediately lifted.

She began to fall, feeling exhausted, when she was shocked to feel two metal-clad arms grasp her, breaking her fall. “Let’s just go back to my quarters for now. Please do not try anything it’s not safe here and I can’t vouch for any shit you pull okay?”
YN was too stunned to do anything but nod.
“Alright, stay close to me,” he said, opening the door and grabbing his helmet and gloves, slipping them back on. His voice anything but malicious, the change in demeanor so drastic that it felt like this was a whole new person- one that was working to fight the darkness, one small step at a time.

Taken In | Yuta hybrid au

My situation was unlike any other one. It was sharp and gently, yet slightly rounded to prevent any crimson slit from forming. It was different from many others, but not outcasted or shunned. It was just different from the norm in our society that’s all.

I still lived my life just the same as everybody else. I still had a home to come back to and friends to surround me with laughter from their antics. I still had someone to love me and hold me. Sure my life was more unique than others around me, but I would never trade it for anything. Even now as I finally made it into the overly large home. My hair was sopping wet and my clothes added an extra 5 pounds of weight to the bundles weighing down my arms into a searing ache.

My shoes were flipped off my feet carelessly and fortunately my socks were the on,y survivor from the cooling and wet assault from outside. I shuffled along the mahogany floors quickly and a sigh released form my rosy lips as the weight was dispensed onto a more durable surface that doubled as our counter. I rubbed my arms before preparing myself for this game of unwinding the plastic bags from another, one at a time.

It wasn’t even five seconds later that not one, not two, but five pairs of footsteps barreled down the hall, getting louder and louder until the footsteps revealed themselves. Two wolves, one bunny, one bear, and one panther sauntered into the kitchen. One wolf stood at a staggering 6'1 with his puppy smile. His russet ears twitched and his eyes disappeared into crescents of delight. His little collar jingled, bouncing the shiny ‘J’ around.

The other wolf had brown locks messily strewn across his forehead, slightly concealing his mischievous and playful mocha eyes that shined with delight. Yuta’s smile grew revealing pearly white teeth as he rounded the corner. His toned arms enveloped me into a warm hug and his nose nuzzled along my neck. His tail wrapped around my leg and his ears twitched at each different scent coming from my body. The fluffy silver fur faded into a rich black at the tip tickled the wet skin making my body squirm out of complete instinct.

A tsk/ scoff filled the space between us. Who the culprit was? The orange bunny of course. His ear stood tall minus the left one flopping down. His caramel eyes stared us down before his nose began to twitch at the heavenly scent surrounding the kitchen. A smile rose to my lips and I carefully and oh so tantalizingly slow pulled out a small rich carrot cake. Doyoung’s eyes widened at the dessert and he immediately dug into it, humming happily. Well until he felt a none-too-gently nudge on the back of his head.

The bunny turned, an icy glare at the culprit with a piece of cake in his mouth. The brown bear was unamused by the bunny, especially his manners. His eyes stared into Doyoung’s not faltering in the slightest. Hansol had his stare set on a Doyoung and his head nodded in my direction. Doyoung sighed and turned to me with a sheepish smile gracing his features. “Thanks for the carrot cake!”

I smiled at him. “No problem Doyoung. It’s the least I can do. After all you all did take me in and treat me like one of your own when I had nowhere to go. And for that I am truly grateful.”

He grinned back at me and continued to enjoy his carrot cake while the only other hybrid in the room began to help put away groceries. His black triangular ears blended in with his equally as dark hair and his long and lean tail flickered behind him. His eyes however were not like his feline body but more Puppy Esk. Each time he turned to garb another thing to put away, the collar he had jingled as the two letter ‘C’ and ’T! Clinked together. Chittaphon was his name, but he preferred Ten as it was shorter and easier to pronounce.

ldquo;Thank you Ten!” I grinned and he returned it.

“No problem y/n! Nobody else was helping and you aren’t able to move right now so I thought I’d do it for you.” He grinned before snatching a cookie and heading out of the kitchen swiftly.

I gathered the plastic bags and attempted to move to the pantry to store them for later. Key word attempted. The wolf had me trapped in his arms, unable to move. A huff left my lips and I tapped his arms softly. “Yuta can you let go please? I need to take these to the pantry and then I need to change our of these wet clothes.”

His nose nuzzled the skin again before he pecked the spot and released his grip on me, allowing me to dispense the bags into the pantry and head upstairs with the affectionate and playful wolf on my heels. He sat himself on the bed do our shared room and watched as my figure darted from one part of the room to another, gathering more things in my hand.

“Okay I’m gonna go take a quick shower. You stay here. I mean it this time Yuta I don’t need another heart attack.” I said eyes watching him as he chuckled at the last time where he practically scared the loving daylights out of me.

My eyes narrowed at him as I stepped backwards towards the shower fire darting inside and locking the door. I turned the water on and threw my rain soaked outfit into the hamper and jumped under the warm water. I quickly washed my hair and face before mentally preparing myself for shaving. I lathered my leg in soap and began the tedious process of shaving.

One down. One to go.’ I thought as I rinsed and lathered the other leg.

It was going well until the sharp sting made a hiss release from my mouth. My eyes caught the little cut as it released blood into the water. I held one finger over it while I quickly and carefully finished shaving. I cautiously wrapped myself in a towel and assessed the damage. I got myself pretty good as it was still bleeding. I pressed a paper towel to the wound and quickly dressed in my underwear, lounge shorts, and one of Yuta’s t-shirts that was way to big for me.

I slowly hobbled out of the bathroom holding the paper towel firmly to the cut. Yuta was laid back on the bed, eyes closed as if he was asleep, but I knew better. His ears gave him away. They twitched at the noise of the door unlocking and opening and my footsteps shuffling into the room quite slow. He opened his eyes and was immediately on his feet once he saw me, wet hair still dropping from my shower, bent down with a tissue on my leg. He quickly jumped up and disappeared out the door before returning with a bandaid.

He gently urged me to sit on the bed as he bandaged my cut before kissing it softly. I smiled at him and he returned it before his eyes flickered to my wet hair. He dashed into the bathroom and grabbed a towel and quickly sat behind me drying my hair gently. Once he was done he moved my hair to the side and kissed my neck before nuzzling his nose into the skin again. I leaned back to him with a hum as his arms wrapped around my figure, keeping me warm and comfortable.

My eyes slipped shut as I turned my body to fit more comfortably with his. My hand searched for his and intertwined our fingers together as his lips pressed to my forehead spreading warmth to the skin. “Thank you for taking care of me.” I whispered to the hybrid before exhaustion caught up and I was out like a light.


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Loving the Son of Hagger 3.5

Lance sits in his room playing with kurogane. It felt like the little kitten was his only friend ever since he left Voltron. Hagger tries to get him to leave his room but he doesn’t, he just stays in bed with the cat, only coming out during dinner.
“Kuro…I miss them so much…” Lance sighs talking to the kitten as kurogane bites his thumb but Lance didn’t mind. He was use to biting from his siblings back on earth. “It hurts to see your best friend cry, even if you doing something for him….or your boyfriend begging you to stay…But you are trying to save him” Kurogane meows. “I mean, if I go back I’m putting them at high risk of getting them killed!“ Lance puts his head on the pillow. "And I’m talking to a cat, what friends I have” Lance rolls his eyes before getting up walking towards the door. He decided to visit his mother, its the only thing he could do to make him happy on the miserable ship. Lotor was in his room. Holding a small blue box in his hand. He has to do it, Lance was his and he wanted Lance to know that himself. Lotor got up to leave his room to find Lance. He searched the ship for Lance before he found him in the main room, sitting on the floor practicing magic with his mother and Zarkon watching. Lance looked so happy, why does he want to leave to be with…with that metal hand mess? Lotor hides the box behind his back. “Lavi?” Lotor says as Lance looks up from his hands. He smiled "ldquo;What’s up Lotor?” Lance stood up. Lotor takes a deep breath. He walked up to Lance with a big smile. “Lavi I got something to tell you” Lance tilts his head. “What is it?” Lotor got on one knee will opening the box that was now in front of him to reveal a ring. It was black ring, white rhinestones and in the middle of the ring? A blue diamond. Only thing Lance could think of is ‘please be a friendship ring, please be a friendship ring, PLEASE BE A FRIENDSHIP RING’ “Will you marry me?” Shit

Let's talk about Falsettos

<p>Well, one line from Falsettos, but whatever</p>

<p>So I recently saw the proshot in the theater, and one of the many many many things that stuck out to me was then all the women sing &ldquo;I feel more helpless than I have in years.&rdquo;</p>

<p>Ok so I&rsquo;m sure it&rsquo;s not accidental that it&rsquo;s only the women, and it really made me think about the AIDS crisis and who was involved. </p>

<p>While it did affect some women, it was primarily gay men affected by the disease. Since no one knew what it was at first, (which fits into the time frame of Falsettos because at that point they still don&rsquo;t know what it is) all they could do was stand back and watch as their loved ones died. </p>

<p>Hence, it works in the context of the show, where Trina, Charlotte, and Cordelia feel helpless because they&rsquo;re unable to do anything for Whizzer. It also works in a larger sense, where historically during the AIDS crisis all of these innocent gay men were losing their lives and people couldn&rsquo;t do anything but watch. </p>

<p>To conclude, my heart is broken, and this show has so many damn layers I can&rsquo;t even comprehend it all at once.

<p>You walked into the room where he sat on the dining room chair. He had patiently waited for you to come out the bathroom from washing up.</p> <p>The towel wrapped around your pudgy body, hair was a fluffy mess. You frowned as you walked out into the cold air shivering. Jungkook who was fiddling with his wrist watch stood up as he stares at you.</p> <p>He walks over to you and kisses your forehead. &ldquo;look at Noona; are you trying to tease me?&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;No! I&rsquo;m trying to get clean you looser.&rdquo; He scoffed. </p> <p>&ldquo;I was being romantic, jerk.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;Sorry..I&rsquo;m just-.&rdquo; You stopped while looking down at your feet. He lifts up your chin and presses his forehead against yours.</p> <p>&ldquo;Hm?&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;I&rsquo;ve been insecure-&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;About, your weight? Height?&rdquo; He asks, you slouched your shoulders.</p> <p>&ldquo;My muffin top; I jiggle and I hate it.&rdquo; He smirks.</p> <p>&ldquo;But your my very personal traveling pillow of fluff.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;You don&rsquo;t understand-&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;I don&rsquo;t- but what I do understand is that I love you. Fat or not. It&rsquo;s honestly the best thing ever. My girlfriend is so soft.&rdquo; He pull you close and you giggled. </p> <p>&ldquo;So is my boyfriend~&rdquo; you putted into the side of his neck, kissing his mole. >

&ldquo;I love you jeongguk!&rdquo; You kissed his cheek while smiling ear to ear.

Fighting//Pietro Maximoff (2)

This is the second part to Fighting and I hope you enjoy.

Warnings: mild cursing; and thoughts of death. Pietro

She dialed his phone number quickly. She was practically shaking, she’s never experienced anything like this “hello?” The man on the phone asks. “Pietro! Oh my, (Y/N)’s been taken by people and I’m freakin out, I don’t know what to do to and your the only person that I have the phone number and I don’t know what- just hurry.” Pietro was shell shocked. He didn’t understand most of what she was saying but it sounded important. “I’ll be right over.” Pietro says while looking around his room. “Should I tell Cap?” He asks himself.

“Ask me what?” Steve says while walking in. “(y/N)’s been kidnapped and Monica her friend is freaking out.” Steve’s face went pale. “We need to help her, what’s her address?” Steve asks, as he heads for the door. “Right, and don’t tell anyone.” Pietro says. “Yeah, hurry we need to hurry.” Steve says while leaving his room in a hurry. It was night, almost midnight, and this has never happened.

Pietro was outside his room waiting for Steve. “Alright let’s go.” Pietro looks down as he doesn’t know what to do this is still going through his head. (Y/N) getting kidnapped, Monica getting potentially killed and or kidnapped along with (Y/N). Not to mention that they need to leave or else they would all get suspicious. “We’ll take Tony’s car, now hurry.” Steve says as he’s running down the stairs.

They’re running down the stairs and Pietro doesn’t use his speed he needs to save it for later. He needs to save it for (Y/N). They see Tony’s car as it turns on automatically. They don’t care as Pietro goes in the passenger seat and Steve drives.

The garage door opens as they go to Monica’s.

Pietro looks over at Steve and he’s clutching the steering wheel, not to much or else he’d break it. And the car would go everywhere, they didn’t want the police getting involved, nor any civilians.

Pietro a stomach was turning, and essentially eating itself in guilt. If it wasn’t for him (Y/N) wouldn’t be in such danger. If it wasn’t for him he wouldn’t be here rather he’d be cuddling with the love of his life. Whispering sleep nothings as they both drifted sleep. If it wasn’t for him, right not they could be watching a movie, of even doing a “family night” as tony would call them, he’d be holding (Y/N)’s hand as they both laughed. His head would be rested on his loves head. His hand would be around (Y/N)’s waist.

It was all ruined because of him, he balled himself, even though it was no ones fault. No one, just the damn world that they lived in. It was frustration that caused this. It was jealousy that caused this, not them, not Steve, hell, not even Tony.

Steve sighed as he parked the car, and Pietro got off immediately after Steve did. “Go slowly we don’t want to scare Monica, nor her neighbors.” Pietro nodded.

His threat was dry, filled with guilt and desperation. He needed (Y/N) back. He didn’t want her back, he needed her back.

Absent-minded pietro walked in to see Monica holding a taser and hiding behind her couch. “Don’t worry Monica were hear to help.” Steve says putting his hands up in the air as a sign of help. She was shaking, really badly. As Steve was walking close to her he didn’t fail to realize the fear aura she was giving off, it was strong. “We heard tapping, and she went to see, but then she was gone.” Monica said while shivering.

The house wasn’t cold, she was just scared for her best friends life and hers. Steve was already cradling her. She stopped shivering as he was trying to calm her down. “It’s okay, she’ll be fine she knows how to fight herself out. And plus we’ll find her.” Steve said in his best voice.

Pietro never has experienced something this strong. He sniffled a little, as he just watched. He was frozen as a stone. He wanted to talk but his voice was unable to do anything.

He tried to take some of his saliva, for his parched mouth but that didn’t work. It became worst. “The warehouse.” Pietro finally choked out.

“The what?” Monica asked. “I remember when I was talking to (Y/N), she said some people were following us, back from a mission but when we got back to the Quinjet, they got in a van that was labeled “the warehouse”“. They all were shocked. "Monica take a taxi or an uber to the compounds do you know where that is?” Steve tells her. “Yeah.” Steve pulls her up.

“Okay, go there the pass word is 17181 and go tell Tony we’ll be back in a couple of hours.” Monic nods as they escort into the street. She finds a taxi, and says “(address)” the driver nods as Monica leaves. Steve and pietro look at eachother as they get into the car again going to the warehouse.


Monica arrived and payed the driver, as she walks up to the compound. There’s a code and as she punches it in, the sort opens.

Her breath hitches as she’s taken from the entrance into an elevator, as she’s rising she’s getting nervous. She’s never been inside here and barley knows the people there.

She sees the whole avengers. “What are you doing here?” Asks Tony. “America and (Y/N)’s boyfriend sent me here.” She says. “What happened to (Y/N)?” They all bombard them with questions. She told them everything they know as they still bombard her with questions.

They all listen, and look around. “Do you know where my brother went?” Asked Wanda. “No sadly, Cap just sent me here because he said it would be best for me to stay here until everything gets resolved.”

They all nod Nat takes her into her room, as they wonder where could she be.


“Tell us where!” They ma tells into her face. “No! I won’t tell you where the base is!” (Y/N) yells. “Fine, put another one in.” The man says as they put another shot in.

You could feel the shot messing with your heat inside, it was messing everywhere, from your head to your toes.

ldquo;Tell us or else-” he threatened you again. “Kill me I don’t care.” You say in between breaths. “Kill you?” He asks with a knife in his hand.

“You heard the girl kill her!” The strange man says as a crowd behind you laughs. You want cause a wild fire but you can’t when the shots are affecting your fire. You were breathing heavily.

You didn’t know who would be able to help you, they all think that your with Monica. Tears started forming in your eyes as you remember if they kill you, you’d never be able to tell Pietro anything.

You would’ve be able to sleep in his bed. You’ll never be able to crack jokes at him. You’ll never to do anything with him, but this was your fate. It was what you were destined to do, to die in the hands of these monsters who thought killing was a way of peace.

They must be mistaking peace with war.

They fell all of your tears fell but you didn’t whine. If you were going to die you weren’t going to die in vain.

Taking a breath and deciding your words you say “do it kill me,” (Y/N) pants out.

Tears fell, but not your stance, not your attitude and much worst, not your love for Pietro.

You weren’t trying to escape anymore.

Your thoughts were disrupted when someone came barging in the room.

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<p>Which one do you like more? I want to turn this into a T-shirt or something but I would like to hear your opinions :D. As you may have noticed I really like to draw pretty boys, and I&rsquo;m often encountered with some negative comments like &ldquo;that doesn&rsquo;t exist&rdquo; or &ldquo;boys can&rsquo;t be so pretty&rdquo; but they do! And I think is so awesome that they exist, that&rsquo;s why I want to do this and share it &uuml;.


16: &ldquo;Our relationship hurts me. It hurts like hell.&rdquo;
With Jisoo of BLACKPINK

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Sugar Baby Masterpost

I added a master post to my profile a few weeks ago, but I still get “How do I start?!?” in my ask box. So here’s an official post with a link to my profile containing all the reading material you will need as a sugar baby.