You are here by invited to the most anticipated masquerade party London as ever seen.

Brought to you by Vogue magazine, this party will be hosted by the two most well known blondes in the country. One is classy, the other a rebel, together they will bring you a night to forever remember. Think Venice meets Phantom of the Opera meets Dorian Gray? Are you excited yet? 

Meet us at Boreham House in Essex, bring out your best tuxedos and your best ball gowns…don’t forget your masks, though, the allure is not knowing whom may you find yourself with at the end of the night.  

  • Place: Boreham House, Essex.
  • When: Saturday, 16th May 2017, 8pm to 6am GMT.
  • Costumes: Tuxedos for the gentleman, ball gowns for the ladies, all mandatory. 

So, since our event didn’t quite go to plan, we’re bringing you a new way to spread the Valentine’s Day cheer, courtesy of Gossip Girl herself. This Valentine’s weekend, it’s all about love! We want you to tell Gossip girl all about the people you love - be it your friend, your lover or that girl/guy you so desperately want, she wants to hear all about it. 

It can be entirely anonymous or, if you’re feeling pretty bold, you can hold your head up high and make it perfectly obvious who you are. All we ask is that you give Gossip Girl something to talk about!