A New Attraction

Details: The newer attraction that we have been working on here in the great city of London for your pleasure is both a carnival and a casino all in one area. You can ride their rides and play their games and even stay the night in the hotel there if you would like to stay and enjoy yourselves a little longer.

Open Dates: The opening event will last from March 7th- March 14th.

Opening Week: In honor of opening week, all of the proceeds that are made after 7 o’clock from the machines in the casino area will be going to charity and a different charity each night for the entire week.

Invitations: We would like to cordially invite all of our celebrities to come an join us there and have the night of your lives, we have all of the games that you could possibly imagine there and you can dress up in costume or come as yourself if you’d like.

What else?: You can chose who you would like to go to the event with or even write a solo para, the choice is yours. Just remember to have fun!

Event: The Snowpocalypse In London

It has been snowing in London for a couple of days now, causing all of the fallen snow to accumulate and for all of the roads and businesses to start to shutting down. Power outages are becoming widespread in the area and the Government officials are advising everyone to stay indoors and stay warm. Don’t leave your homes unless you absolutely have too.

Things to take into consideration

  • Did your character watch the news enough to know that a BIG snow storm was on its way?
  • How prepared were they? Do they have enough food and water to last them for a few days?
  • Were they out and about when the snow started to fall? Or were they at home? Or might they even have to stay over at a friend’s house until it’s all over?
  • What will they do to fight the boredom?
  • Or will they be stubborn and try to go out and brave the storm?


If you chose to take part in this event (it is not mandatory, although we would love to see you take part in it!) please either write a solo para, an open para, or chose someone from the group that you would like to write with. This event is to help encourage and spark newer ideas to write about if you are currently struggling to come up with new ideas for a para or if you’re also struggling to keep your activity levels up (we are doing activity checks again this week). If you’re not sure who you would like to write with, please let us know and we will try to pair you up with someone at random.