VMAs 2017 or how 5H ruined everything they worked for... 😔

Okay, so when I woke up this morning I was expecting to hear about the latest drama, knowing that the label and management would have surely prepared something for the VMAs, but let me tell you that it went beyond my imagination.

The stunt that happened last night, aka a Camila look-alike jumping off the stage at the beginning of the 5H performance, is to me the stupidest thing the girls could’ve agreed to. 

Because Camila is my wife, my very first reaction was one of anger. I just couldn’t believe that the girls would agree to shade Camila that way. And it’s because I believe and care so much for the OT5 friendship that it was hard for me to see the bigger picture. After calming down a little I tried to make sense of it and came to the conclusion that this stunt wasn’t against Camila, but actually for Camila.

What happened last night was a very very smart move from the label.

With a simple piece of choreography the label managed to make 5H the n°1 trending topic, make Camila as talked about as 5H even though she wasn’t even attending the show, and most horribly, to ruined the image that the girls have been working hard to build over the years and even more since Camila left.

The consequences of that event are gonna be huge for 5H because it’s gonna redefine their image in the public’s eyes. 

Female empowerment, women standing up for each other, standing up tall and moving on after Camila’s departure, wishing her the best… all of that is now discredited. Not only did it make the girls look fake, but it also took away completely the attention from their performance. Not one headline is about their vocals or their album, it’s all about the drama, and it’s not gonna go away anytime soon. This new era we’re supposed to enter is gonna be poisoned by this, once again the focus won’t be on their music.

At the end of the day LDNA are the ones who are gonna suffer the most from this. Camila will be fine, without wanting it she’s got the “victim” role in all of this. Not many people are actually aware of the ins and out of the music industry and how much is controlled by the label, those people are gonna go for the easy explanation, which is that 5H is just purely shading Camila because they don’t like her and they wanted to humiliate her - and many many fans who were still wondering whether they should or not pick a side are definitely gonna pick one. And obviously that’s the objective of the label all along. They’re using 5H to boost Camila before her album comes out.

Once again this is a perfect example of how powerful the label is and how they can fuck over any artist and make it look like they did it by themselves. I’m not angry anymore, but deeply disappointed and sad. I wish the girls would’ve stood up against it. I know it’s probably a really hard thing to do and would’ve made things really complicated for them but at least they would’ve kept their integrity instead of shooting themselves in the foot and pleasing a label they despise. It’s gonna be painful to watch them try to justify that “creative choice” by saying they were telling a story and blah blah blah when we all perfectly know that those first few seconds of the performance were not necessary.

I don’t what you think but I also believe that Lauren might have been confirming that it was the label and not them behind all of this, with this tweet :

I don’t think she’s using the word “EPIC” as an adjective, I think she’s referencing the label, saying that it was EPIC who orchestrated everything. Anyway that’s my personal opinion.

So I’m not gonna answer the 102 asks I got about this because this is pretty much all I have to say about it. Oh and also I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT FOR THE GIRLS TO GET OUT OF THAT FUCKING SHITTY LABEL ONCE AND FOR ALL.

second-kisses-at-midnight  asked:

I don't know if shes still winning but don't you thinks it's strange that camila was/is winning best fandom or whatever it's called? To me it makes no sense not hating or anything but i would think that since she left she would have less fans... it doesn't matter who wins though as long as it's her or 5H I'm good😂

Actually it doesn’t surprise me at all - Camila has always been extremely involved with the fans, not that LDNA aren’t, but Camila has always gone the extra mile for us, plus she’s always a sweetheart, I think it’s actually really easy to love her, that’s why whatever amount of fans she might have lost when she left 5H I’m sure she gained as many and more.

anonymous asked:

U think so low of 5h. People that followed you are trying to tell you how good something the girls did and you go and shut them down by explaining something wrong about it. Change your username . You ain't no shipper camilizer

Okay I don’t know exactly what my followers expect of me when they send me asks, I don’t know if they just want me to agree with them or be honest, or pretend to be happy about something or whatever,  but I’ve always tried to be as honest as possible about my feelings even though I know even the simplest negative opinion, which I always express with respect, is gonna attract anon such as you like flies. 

That being said I indeed feel sorry for the anon who was so happy and that I shut down, I agree that maybe I shouldn’t have, but I acted a bit on impulse since I had just watched the video and was completely confused about it - you have to remember that I’m also just a simple fan like any other, and this blog as been a bit of an outlet for me to express what I’m feeling. But I apologize to this anon for killing their vibes, I hope you can forgive me, keep the good spirit sweets 😊

As for me thinking “low” of the girls that is simply not true - it’s not about the girls as individuals, it’s about the group itself - 5H is just not a group I can relate to anymore like I used to, and this new era as aesthetically and sonically pleasing as it is, just confuses me to no end. If I hadn’t been so involved in 5H for almost a year and half, like literally talking everyday about them on this blog, then I probably wouldn’t even care, cause tbh I don’t care about any other artists the way I do for LDNA and Camz - and maybe that’s why it’s so complicated for me to just see the good side of things or pretend like everything is just great, because things have changed a lot and even if it’s been almost 9 months since 5H lost a member, I’m still not used to it, and their mixed message about their image is just making me even more lost.

Finally, I’m still not understanding the whole “change your username” line that I get all the time, I don’t get what “camren illusion”  has to do with 5H. I mean sure Lauren is still part of fifth harmony but I don’t really see the link between Fifth Harmony as a group and Camren - and tbh I try to answer as little as possible to asks about Fifth Harmony, but they always come back somehow and I do feel like talking about them from time to time, on my own blog. And again I’m not seeing what any of this has to do with Camila 🙄  I know anons like you who thrive on seeing hate everywhere and “denouncing” it when truly you’re the one spreading it, and truly I don’t feel like interacting with people like you, but that way I kill 12 birds with one stone.

anonymous asked:

It's interesting because the same OT5 logic would mean you shouldn't be able to support C solo if you can't support OT4 together. The existence of either of those things means the end of OT5. But it's interesting you place the blame the fall of OT5 on OT4's existence and not C's existence. I don't think there's anything 5H could've done for you to not blame them. It's sad because they've just done the best they can with someone else's solo plans.

But I’m not blaming them for anything!! It’s not about the girls directly! It’s about the situation! The big difference between 5H and Camila right now is that Camila is starting something new and she’s on her own! Whereas LDNA are still using the Fifth Harmony name and we still witness their friendship, only for me everytime I watch OT4 I can’t help but feel like something is missing, like there’s a Camila shaped hole! It’s the image of the 5 of them together that I can’t let go of! When I see Camila I don’t feel like there’s 4 body missing, just like when I see Lauren or Normani solo I don’t feel like there’s anything missing either, because the link to 5H is not there. Again, I don’t blame anybody for this! I don’t blame the girls for wanting to keep the group going. Just like you shouldn’t blame Camila for following her dream. 

Now I know that no matter what I say or how much I try to explain the way I feel, anons like you, who obviously have a problem with Camila, are gonna think that I’m just trying to cover up the fact that I’m a Camilizer but in all honesty I don’t label myself as Camilizer -  I’m a Camren shipper, and Ot5 stan and a Cameleon - meaning that I stan Camren, the old 5H and Camila, without having a ounce of hate towards LDNA. 

That being said, I’m not gonna keep fighting with you anon, so the next unpleasant ask I get I’m gonna block, that way you won’t feel offended by my opinions and I won’t feel offended by the way you pretend to know how I feel.

anonymous asked:

How are you ot5 but have a hard time supporting ot4? You support the fuck outta canila so you should support the other girls too, they deserve it just as much.

It’s not about the girls directly, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like everytime I reblog something of them as a foursome I can’t help but feel guilty towards Camila. I know it’s completely stupid because Camila chose to leave and she’s happier now and LDNA deserve to be successful and happy as well, but I can’t help it. I don’t know if it’s the “all against one” vibe that makes me feel that way but everytime I see the four of them together I feel sad for Camila. Which again is completely stupid since I believe they are still in good terms, but I don’t know why I can’t help it - I have no trouble supporting them as individuals or as pairings, but when it comes to OT4 I just can’t do it. But even if I don’t support them by reblogging stuff on this blog it doesn’t mean I won’t support them other ways, I still pre-ordered their album and if they come to France I’m still gonna go see them live because I love those girls, but tbh I can’t wait for them to each start their solo careers.

anonymous asked:

So apparently pure sales are out for the first week for ITUNE US. Fifth harmony debuted at #2 selling 31K copies whereas Camila #8 sold 33K Crying in the club + 10K for " I have questions" .I feel bad for the girls.. if they sold individually it would be 7.2K copies each. Camila alone sold 33K. Even worst that the money they make have to split into 4 ways whereas Camila iliterally made all that by herself. Camila really does have just as much fandom power as 5H..

She’s a cinnamon roll and she’s fucking devoted to her fans (not saying that LDNA aren’t), I’d follow her down a fucking erupting volcano tbh

anonymous asked:

I always read here on Tumblr especially in camren blogs how bad the camalizers are but I just saw them make fundraisers 4 ppl who they basically don't know to help them out with the situation in Venezuela & its not even Camila who asked them they just did it on their own & a lot of them actually donating & helping I kinda have a new respect 4 them

That’s the thing, there’s two different types of Camilizers, the ones who don’t bother LDNA and just focus on Camila and do great things like the ones you mentioned - and then there’s the other type, who are immature little assholes who harass the girls on twitter, go as far as sending death threats because they think they’re Camila’s enemies. Anybody who goes even remotely against anything Camila does is insulted - a majority of them reside on twitter.

That’s why even if Camila claimed us as Camilizers I don’t really feel comfortable with being in the same basket as the poisonous part of the fandom. That’s why I like to call the non-problematic, dedicated and peaceful Camila fans “Cameleons” - that way we know who we’re talking about 

anonymous asked:

I don't think anyone is "going solo" next. The plan was always 5H3 then hiatus. It's why the girls wanted Camila to last just one more year and launch with them now. No one is leaving next tho, once 5H3 is out, they're each taking a graceful and well-deserved hiatus. They may consider reuniting for something special in the future. But they'll be sisters for life.

I agree that they’ll all part after 5H3, what I meant by Lauren being prepped for going solo is that once 5H is separated she’ll the first one the label is going to launch, she’s the first one out of LDNA who’s gonna put out an album after 5H,  which will probably happen in 2019, maybe a little sooner, and that’s why they’re building up her image with big collabs, just like they did with Camila.

anonymous asked:

This is sad but I think my OT5-self is dying. Today I'm salty and sad af and I can't help it every time it gets harder to cope with the hypocrisy and double standards. I don't want to but I feel disappointed and I don't recognize 5H anymore. Camren, Normila and Caminah will always live in my heart but I don't know if I can (or want tbh) actually keep stanning for the group as of now. Anyway I'm just mad now, I hope tomorrow I can go back into my OT5 mindset

I hope you can too sweets, just try to remember that the girls have no control over it, that’s what I do - but I get it, it’s really hard to see LDNA support each other in public and not Camila