EDIT/UPDATE TO: “PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST! Tomorrow, Ukrainians will be cut off from the world; no internet, no television, no telephones.”

EDIT: This post was made in January 2014 when I saw a Facebook article stating there was a very real possibility of massive censorship in Ukraine. Many friends of mine had shared the article, and the above title was a statement I saw with each post. Naturally, I became scared, both for my family and the people in Ukraine. I felt I needed to do something, anything, to spread awareness. I gathered the information that I could and created this post.

I understand now that the wording of the title is misleading. This was due to the article I read (found here) that stated the situation as such (there’s now a note from the editor, basically saying the info in the article was sensationalized). My intention was not to spread false information; however, I’m fully aware that this post and the information below is now a bit outdated. I’m including some updated links at the end of this edit, as many of the links now don’t work. Addressing the comments accusing me of using this information to just get notes and attention: in no way was I doing this for personal gain. It was a desperate attempt to spread awareness during a time where it seemed no one in the world knew what was going on apart from those within the Ukrainian community. 


BBC News compiled a collection of links about the crisis in Ukraine (found here). You’ll find articles providing more background on the crisis, updates on the MH17 crash, the occupation of Crimea, and more. The latest post seems to be from October 2015.

Here’s a similar collection from NBC News. This includes general updates on Ukraine in general as well, such as issues in Parliament, the migrant crisis and more. The latest post is from December 2015.

A December 2015 update on the extension of the Minsk II agreement, which outlines measures needed to be taken to hopefully end the conflict in the Donbass region of Ukraine.

A live reddit thread on the conflict: https://www.reddit.com/live/3rgnbke2rai6hen7ciytwcxadi

A regularly-updated map (fueled by eyewitness reports) on what’s going on in Ukraine: http://liveuamap.com/

It’s not a very extensive list, but hopefully will be enough for those you interested in Keeping Up with the Konflict in Ukraine. There’s also an Oscar-nominated Netflix documentary, “Winter on Fire,” that is a great look into the conflict from 2013 to 2014. Some links: Wikipedia; New York Times.

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