Would You Rather: The Worst Things That Can Happen In A Long Distance Relationship

One thing I’ve learned about long distance relationships is that they have the power to stretch relationships really thin. They can test even the strongest bonds in the most cruel ways, because on top of having to deal with distance, you also have to cope with the fact that things like time difference, lack of physical intimacy, and the possibility of meeting new people can actually jeopardize the relationship. The whole situation is kind of scary to think about.

Too often we, in the culture of the church, get caught in a horrible trap of defining offense solely as pride and outrage. Offense certainly can be those things, but it can also be pain, sorrow, and confusion. And like any other emotion, it is a natural response that must be processed and felt before moving on, not allowing it to control oneself. But because of how we treat offense in our culture, we see someone who is hurt and we choose to dismiss it as belligerence. It’s an awfully convenient way of preventing our views from being challenged and refusing to understand others’ perspectives.