ld commentaries

Guy of Gisborne

Could Richard’s voice BE sexier? Yes, it co(u)ld….

(Audio DVD commentaries from ep. 2x12)

- (Richard Armitage) I had a stinking cold… can you hear it?

- (Gordon Kennedy) Even the prince of darkness can get a cold..

- (Dominic Minghella) It shows Gisborne’s human side.

He DID have a bad cold, but this only adds hotness to his voice!!!

In case the audio didn’t work, here’s the link to it: (x)

God I hate Mormon pre-family culture so much.

Imagine telling people that you’re not allowed to date casually? That all dating must explicitly be with marriage prospects in mind? And that not proposing soon enough (eg less than a year after first date/meeting) is something to be suspicious about? And that you have to be as perfect and gender-conforming as possible to even begin to be worthy of someone dating you? (And, you know, the implication that you’re a bad person if you’re not attracted to the opposite sex and have to be fully celibate & alone for your entire life if you won’t get het-married.)

There is a whole lot more but I want to stop there because I’m upset about how much the whole forced heterosexual culture is in that bloody homophobic cult. The marriages/sealings are even WORSE. I’m really glad I never went to “the Temple” at all because I later found out about the ceremonies that go on in there – they are eeeeefffed up.