ld art


So…funny thing…I’m currently sick in bed and kinda like dying so { (>_<) }         I was like…”If it’s the last thing I’m gonna draw…then..I’m drawing kLance.” ….  ╮(︶▽︶)╭ 

“The Sun is just a star, no matter how bright it is, and all stars die. But in the wake of their destruction, comes the dispersal of stardust, and the potential for the creation of something even more beautiful than before”

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I worked with a French designer once. Nice guy, but during focus he told me to “get hard and come on my face”. I mean, I knew what he meant, but any other combination of words to get me to focus that light wouldn’t have resulted in me doubled over laughing in the catwalks.
—  Fun times with foreign designers. 

just kinda general doodles

Based on @videogamelover99’s beautiful fics for this au
which is inspired very much by @pengychan’s writings from which Nora and Liam belong