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So I was just re-reading the book on the LABB murder cases, and near the end I noticed something rather unexpected. Here's the quote (pg 170): "If I had space left over I had intended to carry right on into the other two stories I heard from L: [including] the story of how [Watari] had first met L, then about eight years old - the case that gave birth to the century's greatest detective, the Winchester Mad Bombings that occurred just after the third world war." Your thoughts on that last bit?

Potentially a super underwhelming answer, but my friend and I used to joke around that Mello wrote LABB after blowing up the mafia hideout and was consequently high on narcotics at the time of penmanship because he was in terrible pain.

  Initially, we were just kidding around, but the more time goes on, the more convinced I am that this is the only way to explain all the “wtf” in Another Note. I’m pretty sure WW3 never happened in the world of Death Note b/c it’s simply never referenced as an event that took place in recent history. Plus the whole DN universe is set up to resemble, I’d say,  the real world at ~2000, with the assumption that 9/11 never happened (or would happen). 

On a slightly more serious note, doesn’t Mello also claim that L prevented WW3 while he’s fanboying the man in the opening chapter or so? I may be misremembering that as it’s been a couple of years since I read AN myself, but I distinctly remember some offhand remark made about how all the people in the world owe L so much gratitude for preventing WW3 – though admittedly my memory is, again, fuzzy and this particular bit might come from the LCtW novel which we don’t talk about, lmao. 

Musings on Wammy’s House

This isn’t all that relevant and it’s mainly thinking about its nature for my own purposes and curiosity, but if you wanna read - here it is.
I haven’t really thought about Wammy’s in forever, so this thought may be subject to change or may be not. We’ll see.

As a very clear disclaimer at the start: I am taking the manga as my primary source and Another Note as a secondary source. Everything else (including the anime) is regarded as a separate continuity and not reflected on right now.
If you think I am missing something important based on manga and AN alone, be my guest and bring it to my attention! But if you think I am contradicting something said in, say, the anime or the LctW novel then rest assured I am not actually talking about those continuities at all and nothing I say affects them rn.

Wammy’s is introduced as one of many orphanages founded by Watari. Considering none but the one in Winchester are ever mentioned again, I think we can safely assume they are regular and function as normal orphanages running out of Watari’s foundation funds. Thanks, Watari.

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