Lois & Clark - music

I was playing the piano and listening Lois & Clark’s music. I wanna make a little video with the love song before Clark goes to New Krypton. If you remember, Lois was in Clark’s house and looking at him through the window while he was sitting inside and looking her. Then, they make the hard decision- 

Lois & Clark - The new adventures of Superman.


what do u think, followers? 

 JONATHAN turns around from the barbecue. He's wearing a chef's hat and wielding tongs that hold BBQ corn. 
JONATHAN I feel like I know you already, Lois. Care for an ear? 
LOIS Sure. Why do you 'feel like you know me?' 
JONATHAN Because Clark can't stop talking about you. How good looking you are... 
MARTHA And what a good writer. 
CLARK Mom!! 
Clark rolls his eyes, embarrassed.
MARTHA Anyway, Lois, welcome to Smallville.
Lois & Clark - The Green, Green Glow of Home (1x09)