lcs regionals

LCS Asks

What type of food would you introduce to your favorite player?

What gift would you give to your favorite player?

If you could only go to one fan meet, who would you choose?

Build your all-LCS (all regions included) team! Tell why you chose them.

Who would you rather see as a sub/starter?

Which player would look better with a complete makeover?

Where would you take your favorite player on a date?

Say something embarrassing that you would never say out loud if you met your favorite player.

Which team would you most like to be a part of? (as a starting player)

Which team would you most like to work for?

If you could cook anything and present it to your favorite player, what would it be?

Switch LoL pros with players from another esport. How would it be different? Would you have gotten into it?

What sponsor would you like to see next on which team?

What is one ship/interaction that you will never likely see but want to happen? What kind of content from a team would you like to see more of?

The LCS regions have had it rough at Worlds so far, and today I break down the likely cause.