Too Soon

BEFORE YOU READ: This might be a little different from the stories you have seen here. This one is angsty yet comforting. If this is not what you are looking for, you may scroll down.

“Are…are you sure.“ Jake asked her. Mia Rogers nodded with tears in her eyes, her red hair closing in front of her as she bowed her head in shame. Their feelings were confused. He wasn’t even sure if he was happy about it, he was expecting this to be happier news, however they were too young, it was all too soon. Neither of them had finished college yet, Jake was doing regular, and Mia had a scholarship. If it was for him, it wouldn’t have mattered, he would have got himself a part time job and other extra for keeping himself at bay, but he couldn’t do this to her, and even when people say it is a blessing he felt he was draggin her along with him to a slow walk to hell.

She bit her lips and crooked a sad smile.

"Surprise, daddy!”

He threw his arms around her and she then allowed herself to sob her worries out. His copper head resting on hers.

“What are we gonna do, Jake?”

“I’ll figure it out, babe. Promise.”

“My mom’s gonna kill me.”

“Over my dead body, Rogers. And besides, it’s me the one they’ll kill. After, y'kno, they skin me alive and take my eyes out and feed it to the crows.”

She punched him in the shoulder. “It’s not funny!”

They rested in silence for a couple of minutes.

“It’s over now, isn’t it? I ruined our lives.” He broke the hug to look her in the eye.

“Hey hey…look at me. Look at me, Mia.” She met his brown eyes. “You’re definitely not ruining our lives.”

“Jake, I’ll understand if you want to, y'kno” She shrugged her shoulder, “just walk away. I will not stop you. I will understand if you do that. I don’t…I don’t want to tie you up with me.”


“you can do great stuff. And ‘this’”, she pointed to her still flat belly, “will only slow you down.”

“Mia please shut up and let me help you both.” He caught her coldly.“I got this, babe. Remember I’ll always figure it out.”

All her worries paused for a moment, she knew a shitstorm was coming but the look in his eyes told her to relax, to trust him once more, as she had always done for years since they met. She had trusted him with her life and he has managed himself to keep her safe. There was no other reason for not trusting him this time.


His night shift ended at last and he couldn’t feel any happier for that, and even when he got home and found Mia deeply asleep he didn’t care. He was home now, regardless of the tons of bills still for paying or the endless fixtures he had to do to their doll-house appartment. The feeling of her warm body next to his was all he could ask. Quickly he surrendered to the weight of tiredness and fell knocked out to the bed. Few things could wake Jake up in matters of seconds, one of them was hearing his name on someone else’s lips, people he knew they were important like his father, Sam, his best friend Mia calling him in a voice loaded with pain. He turned on the lights and met with one of the most allarming scenes he’s ever seen. She was bleeding. Her hands held tight to the small bump in her belly as he tried to make her stand up. “I can’t!” She whimpered, tears already rolling from her green eyes. “I’m losing it. I don’t want to lose it, I don’t I dont'wanna-” “hey…hey HEY MIA!” he shook her from the elbows. “Breathe, babe. We’re going to the hospital.” Both headed to the door, Jake helped her to climb up tot his faithful old truck and buckled her up carefully. “Hold on tight, I’ll be going as fast as I can.” ~ As soon as the truck parked he rushed to her side and helped her to get to the entrance. Two steps she moved forward then she bent her knees screeching to the top of her lungs. Jake freaked out when he caught a glimpse of dark red pooling on the asphalt of the parking lot. He caught her and he ran with her in his arms, impulsed by the adrenaline of the moment. “A DOCTOR!” Jake crossed the E.R. entrance and by that moment, Mia collapsed and passed out from the pain. Mrs. Pereyra, Sam’s mother, and their lcky strike on night shift, acted fast and soon a group of nurses and doctors surrounded her and put her in a bed to surgery. His eyes lost her sight when the doctors took her to another isle and the gates closed, leaving him with her face of pain as a last memory. Mrs. Pereyra came close, overwhelmed by seeing Mia in that condition. “Jake what happened?” “I…I don’t know. She was fine, I mean- she….she.” He looked at his hands, they were covered in blood. Soon he started shaking and hyperventilating. He was going to have an attack. “Hey hey…breathe!” Melissa gripped his shoulders and guided him to a chair on the hallway. He was hearing Mrs. Pereyra speak but he wasn’t reall paying attention. He was rather looking at his hands stained with her blood and tons of ideas flashed before his eyes. Guilt came firts, then anger, frustration. He would give up his own life to save hers, let the doctors dry him out of blood and give it to her, whatever was necessary for her to be fine. He looked around and suddenly his mind was flooded with bitter memories of her being there in that same hospital, back when she had that terrible car accident, and he couldn’t do anything to protect her. “Jake, she is strong. She’s survived more than this and you know it. And you are a tough young man, wantcha to know that. This is your baby, your child, he will make it. I am dead sure nothing bad will happen to any of them. And of course I won’t definitley let it happen.” She reassured him with a smile. “thanks.” His voice shattered. Melissa caught him in a tight embrace then she left to go to Mia.


She opened her eyes to meet the blinding white of the hospital’s ceiling. Her head spun and everything from her lower back to her toes ached like hell. She tried to catch up on the timeline and remember what had happened before she passed out, then she recalled the pain, the blood. She gasped and took her hands to her stomach, her breath hitched in her throat and that made Stiles jolt awake. “Jake?”

“Hey shh shh… Mia.I’m here, I’m'ere.” He came close pushing her back to the bed and stroked her forehead. “the baby? am I…”

“You’re fine, sweetie. The baby is fine.”

“Morning, Mrs. Sullivan.” The doctor entered, her face looked optimistic, so whatever she were to say it was going to be good.

“Ok, let’s see…mhh mhh…you made it on time.” She said flipping papers in the folder. “If you two had got here a minute later, however…” Her eyes grew sad. Mia gulped her tears and fought for not breaking into sobs.

“Hey hey, I’ve seen that look before and lemme tell you this, young lady: this isn’t anyone’s fault. And you should stop worrying. Some women are more suceptible to changes than others. While some can carry up to three babies and give birth naturally, others would have a hard time with just one. Good news this is not your case but it’s nothing you cannot handle. Your baby is healthy and strong, and for you to keep up with that you should be healthy and strong too.” So far, the doctor told her to stay in bed and avoid hard work. “and I mean it. Lay carefully on the bed, try not to walk very fast or lift objects, be careful with stairs. Do not climb up long staircases nor go down them.” Mia looked at Jake, he had something in his eyes that had seen before, that spark that lit whenever it was about taking care of her. He had circles in his eyes, his skin looked yellowish. He should have gone to work two hours ago, but he didn’t mind. After the doctor wrote the list of vitamins and other pills she had to take she left them alone. Mia began to cry. It had been almost 4 months since her parents turned her back to her. Her dad refused to talk to her, her mother used to call from time to time but knowing that she had the influence of Mr. Rogers she would certainly step back. Now she needed their help, even if she didn’t want to admit it and this was going to be hard for both families.

“Mia…hey, listen to me!”

“What now? What are we going to do?”

“Hey you need to stay calmed. Do it for the baby, at least.”

“I try, babe, I do. It’s just…the medical bill won’t be cheap and you know it. We’re past due with the appartment, I needed to talk to you about that. The tennant wants us out by the end of the week, and the rent of three months. Cash.”

“Then I’ll get another job.”

“You can’t have three jobs, Jake, don’t be ridiculous!”

“Yes I can. I could take ten. I don’t ca-” Melisa Pereyra bursted into the room and closed the door silently behind her slender frame.

“Sorry guys. I just couldn’t help listening to you but…there is extra room in my house. Samis not coming back from college until November and by that time your baby will have been born already, Mia. And you, sir, wouldn’t need to leave your job nor take extra shifts.” The couple exchanged looks, “Thanks Melissa, but we-”

“It wasn’t suggestion, guys.” She cut strongly. “and I want you there too, Jake. Leave your father to me."She winked at them and after that she left the room. Jake let his head fall over Mia’s lap, she ran her fingers through his scalp as both took a deep breath and sighed in relief.

No matter how alone they seemed to be, if their families had turned their backs to them, or the money wasn’t just enough, there were always people who they can count with. Always.

062613 ♥ Best day ever

ugh ang saya saya :“> ang harot harot namin like mga bata -______- pero idk why sobra akong sumaya don! Tawa lang kami ng tawa parang walang tao sa paligid. :) Ugh ang saya saya talaga pag kasama mo yung lalaki na nagbibigay saya sayoooooooooooooo :”“”> OMG. Kiligzxs ♥ HAHA

i am so fucking lucky to have the amazing girlfriend that i do. Like she cares a fuck ton aboiut me. All i ever want to do is make her haopy, and i know i’ve fucked up a  lot in the past but all i want to do is make her feel like she’s the only person i want. because she is. We have t0oo many good times together and noit even that we have become such close friends as well I just want to be there for her about everyything that ever happens. I know that this is just a small blip that happeened but we can overcome it and i just want to falll asleep to you at night and waeke up to you in the morning. Fuck

Omg I finally got a great shot after 2 months of figuring out second life controls……whoa….ok, ok, I need to make a side blog for this crap. Stay tuned, sims 4 stuff will be coming down the road this week. 

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