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Glasses | Izzie’s - Good Old Glasses {geeks n’ nerds} . starts oct 22nd!
Gloves | Sweet Thing. Derby Girl Gloves - Slink Gesture
Hair | Sweet Thing. & [LCKY] Thanako
Handheld | :BAMSE: Monsterdex - Hearts
Necklace | [Fetch] Arcade Necklace {geeks n’ nerds} . starts oct 22nd!
Pose | Nais - Free Pose 03 - 03
Shoes | {Livalle} Greeble -Cyber Platform Wedges- Red (Maitreya) {geeks n’ nerds} . starts oct 22nd!
Trainer Outfit | FATEplay - GO Play - Outfit (Lara) {geeks n’ nerds} . starts oct 22nd!

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At the beginning of the year, Adam aka LCKY from Tight Artists Net Gang helped us redesign our tumblr and turn it into a virtual art gallery that also shares music news with everyone. The effort has turned out to be a grand success, allowing us to share wild, silly, and sometimes even sublime art on the daily, and also helping spread the word about tons of off-the-radar musicians to a much wider audience. The thing is though, the plan has always been for TANG artists to show their work in this virtual gallery for 6 months and then open up the doors to different artists, just as any IRL gallery would change what they are exhibiting.

So while we will be very sad to see TANG go, every closed door creates the excuse to go get an ax and having fun smashing it down again!! In other words, this post is an open call to all your gif artists out there!! If you would like to create work for the Deathbomb tumblr, get in touch with us. We’d love to help share your work with all the kids out there in internet land! And even if you are an artist that shares work on the Tight Artists website, you are still welcome to hang your work up here. This is just an end to TANG being the exclusive artists for the Deathbomb tumblr. You can email me at dbombarc AT gmail DOT com. Thank you so much! (oh yeah, and there are perks too for contributors, assuming you like getting lots of free music!)

(oh, and don’t worry about if TANG and DBA will still work together in other capacities! LCKY and I have already been brainstorming an entire new Deathbomb website to create together. this exploration of insane webart has just begun!)

Art by: mogsoggindog



Skin: Pink Fuel Doll V2 – Crystal Pure Brown Brow
Hair: LCKY Janine - Toxic Set
Eye Shadow: NOX @ Cosplay Fair Animu - Purple
Blush: NOX @ Cosplay Fair Animu - Pink
Lips: Pink Fuel Glossy Pout Lipstick - Love (50% opacity)
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Luminate Silver (My favorite eyes)
Teeth Tattoo: Mudskin V1.0

Clothes & Accessories:
Bra, Corset, Stockings: Violent Seduction @ Cosplay Fair Chou Set - Purple
Mouth Decor: Violent Seduction @ Kustom9 Gacha Item Rozen Eyepatch White RARE
Necklaces: Schadenfreude @ Collabor88 Digital Alchemy Necklaces Air & Venus (I am a Libra my element & planet)

Bottom Pose & Prop: Sari Sari @ Cirque De Seraphim Balloons (These are soo cute!)

Ruth from Yola Fatoush sat down with The Girls Are blog for an interview the other day. The topics are brief and simple, but serve as a good introduction for this band that still is quite new despite the maturity of their music. Ruth, while talking about the conservative nature of most record labels, notes something I also consider a very important about audiences. Their intelligence.

“it seems to me like the general public (whatever that even really means!) has demonstrated on numerous occasions that they can be a lot more open minded than these people think.”

This belief is a huge part of why I wanted Deathbomb Arc to be a daring label that embraces new and unexpected sounds. Really stoked to hear Ruth/Yola Fatoush saying the same thing. Didn’t realize I could be even more proud of working with them on their latest cassette, but I am!

Art by: lcky

Kiss Kiss!

Hair: LCKY @ N°21 Erika - Neutrals
Skin: Pink Fuel Doll V2 Applier for The Mesh Project and SLink Appliers (Included) – Crystal
Head: The Mesh Project Baby Doll
Shape: SLink Physique Fitted Mesh Shape
Eyes: Buzzeri Celestial Eyes – Chocolate
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Shadow & Blush: NOX Applier For Mesh Project Head Rise – Naturals Set
Lips:  NOX Applier For Mesh Project Head Shade Lips – Chai
Tattoo: Bolson @ Alta Feria Event Charly’s Slink Hands Tattoo (Includes 3 poses one w/ camera is one)
Nails: Pekka  Matt Strip Nails

Clothes & Accessories:
Hat: .Atomic. Forest Friend Beret Fox
Shoes: Reign @ N°21 Oli Wedges High - Black
Sweater: B.C.C @ N°21 Pixy Girl Hood Cat B
Skirt: {PopTart} Flared Black Skirt
Camera: Geek @ Level Up Shutter Obscura Black
Left Rings: Random Matter @ The Secret Affair  Lenore Ring & Ariadne Ring - Platinum
Right Ring: Geek @ The Gacha Mania Sweet Song Ring RARE Double - Silver
Shoulder Owls: Geek @ The Gacha Mania 3 Little Birds Black & White Common

The Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art and History has opened its imaginary doors today and already is getting attention from places like The Atlantic. This is an alternate history museum. One where Guantanamo was successfully closed in 2012 and turned into this museum. Of course, the detention center is still sadly open, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, reality can be augmented via a website that imagines otherwise. The museum even has a google maps listing!

One of the artists showcasing in this museum’s virtual exhibition space is Adam Harms, aka LCKY (co-founder of Tight Artists Net Gang and designer of this very here tumblr!). Adam describes the work he is showing very elegantly:

In 2003 it was revealed that American pop music was being used by interrogators, often in conjunction with sleep deprivation and strobe lights, to torture prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. In 2009 a coalition of outraged musicians filed a freedom of information request with the CIA and FBI to release the list of songs used. The songs included hits such as “We are The Champions” by Queen, “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera and most famously “I Love You” from the children’s television show “Barney." 

This video is a collection of 18 karaoke performances of different songs from the torture playlist. I chose karaoke because they do not retain the cleanliness of production or the harmony of the original songs. The sound is abrasive, blown out, and the echoes of the room are heard, mirroring the experience of the music played at excruciating levels in a cell. The songs are performed by "regular Americans” highlighting complicity of all Americans in the torture their government performed on the inmates of Guantanamo Bay. 

Hop on over to the museum’s site to see the video in question, plus a whole lot more!

Art by: LCKY


Keep Smiling, Because Life Is A Beautiful Thing

I tried the matching shape to go with my latest Sugar Garden skin and Wowmeh and I must say, I love the way I am looking, it is so cute!

I was looking for something super cute to go with the Violent Seduction creations for the Hello Sunshine Fair, which opens tomorrow June 7th at 12pm SLT. I can’t wait to check this event out, I hope I can make it in.

Skin: The Sugar Garden  Eun-Seo D Tone Bust NoBrow NT Toned Body W/ Wowmeh & SLink Appliers and Tintable Beauty Marks
Hair: LCKY Louisiana Disaster Pack
Shape: Wowmeh Fitted Mesh Body W/ The Sugar Garden Eun-Seo Shape
Mouth: Loud Mouth Ali V.15 Open
Teeth & Tongue: DeeTaleZ  Tongue with Piercing
Ears: Mandala Omimi Stretched Ears
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Galaxy Eyes in Lavender
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Lips:  The Sugar Garden Loud Mouth Lip Applier Sparkle Lips in Fleur
Brows: The Sugar Garden Eun-Seo Brows Medium Tintable
Eyelashes: Lovely Alien Starry Eyelashes w/ Eyeliner Both Tintable

Harness: Violent Seduction @ Hello Sunshine Fair (Starts 6/7 12pm SLT) Floral Harness in Black (Comes With a Texture Change Hud Color Options)
Cuffs: Violent Seduction @ Hello Sunshine Fair (Starts 6/7 12pm SLT) Floral Cuffs in Both Black & Lavender
Shoes: The Sugar Garden Hime Peeptoes in Black for SLink High Feet
Hat: Half-Deer @ Arcade Gacha Sundae Hat Cherry

Fairies: The Secret Store @ Arcade Gacha
Alchemy @ Arcade Gacha  Story Book Mossyback in Pink

Poses: Diesel Works Kneeled Female Poses

Fairies: Ohmai @ Arcade Gacha 
Alchemy @ Arcade Gacha  Story Book Mossyback in Pink

Poses: Diesel Works Kneeled Female Poses

Were you unable to attend the Geffen in LA on Sat to see Adam Harm’s video? Fear not! It is now online. The artist behind this very tumblr and co-founder of Tight Artists Net Gang delivers his snake cult interpretation of Britney Spears’ life. But maybe it is better to let Adam speak for himself:

The snake as a symbol of femininity spans all cultures and mythologies. With the rise of patriarchal belief systems the snake turned from an object of worship into an enemy and monster. I have long been captivated with the tragic story of Britney Spears and believe her to be the most mythological figure of our time. This fan video draws parallels between her story and Greek mythology specifically the story of Medusa who was raped by Poseidon and then as punishment turned into a monster by Athena.

Art by: LCKY


A Good Cook is Like a Sorceress Who Dispenses Happiness

LCKY is at the Big Show with some amazing hair styles this one is called Rosalia, I love Olli’s styles the are all very fun and unique <3  DeeTaleZ has this beautiful new skin called Anouk with every applier imaginable and a new tone Eastern, I hopped on Eastern with the beginning of summer I am in the mood for some extra color. While at this I picked up this super adorable baby doll dress is very see through so of course I picked up one of of DeeTaleZ cutie pie lingerie sets. 

We just redid our land and house, I was just about to pull out some older picnic stuff and poof  Tya Fallingbridge of Pixel Mode sent out her amazing items for this round of Arcade Gacha, woo hoo, perfect timing or what! My partner and I were lounging at the table and he said “I am looking at this amazing burger and I can’t eat it, it is torture,”  hehe great work Tya <3

Skin: DeeTaleZ Anouk, Brown Eastern Tone * New
Hair: LCKY @  Big Show Rosalia Neutral Pack
Eyes: Buzzeri @ Kustom9 Ardent Eyes in Avada
Hands & Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh

Lips: Random Matter  Glossy Chapstick in Noble
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri Falsies

Top/Dress: DeeTaleZ Babydoll Top in Roses * New
Panties: DeeTaleZ Super Sexy Lingerie Set Panties in Lemon
Sandals: Reign @ Big Show Beaded Sandals in Beige
Bracelets: Diamante Interlocking Multi-Ring Bangles (Comes w/ Texture Change Hud)
Necklace: Attic @ Kustom9 Bulb Necklace Long Pink Gacha Item

All Items Are by Pixel Mode @ Arcade Gacha (Starts 6/1) Le Petit Chef Gacha Items

On Table Pose: Infiniti Poses Tiny Dancer Pack