Open Tor starter with potential new muse!

Tor sat there in his seat, rubbing his forehead as the voice speaking to him was a deep and unnatural growl as it said “What you did was a accident, no one could have predicted it EXPLODING. You were only trying to create a tear, portal, whatever it is you call it, so why blame yourself?”

Tormoned was about to speak as he heard knocking and glowing animal like eyes shifted to the door as the voice spoke again “Should I hide?” Tormoned nodded, getting up as there was sudden movement, the noise coming off it sounded like a dog running from something.

Snow gave an irritated sigh, shooting dark looks at the time gate, she couldn’t believe that Noel had convinced Stephen to leave her here to ‘keep an eye on things.’ as if her staying behind would effect anything! The flan were still around and it had been hours!

She got up and approached, the gate fully intending to just jump through and hope she bumped into them, when a noise from the near by trees caught her attention, she quickly turned towards the general area of the noise getting ready to defend herself if need be.

“Who’s there!”

At the sound of a woman’s voice, Balthier turned. The trees made it somewhat difficult to tell which direction it was coming from, but he eventually found his way into a clearing with a time gate spinning and whining softly. Now that was a familiar scene, something he had seen on his travels many, many times. A young girl stood in front of it, looking decidedly huffy, but he would take his chances with conversation, and hopefully it would turn out alright.

“Pardon me, fair lady, I did not mean to alarm you. Perhaps you could inform me of my whereabouts?”

18 people are meeting the gang!

Murray and his ideas were other bad or strange. But this time it was a pretty good idea. Disguise ourselves as ice cream sellers. We could get some extra money for all this ice cream we stole, and not like we could eat it all. Murray were selling ice cream to people while Bentley was close enough range to our target home. And while Murray and Bentley were doing that, Bentley gave me information on who were thieves themselves, and I stole their the keys to their houses. Great plan! But as I was stealing, someone saw me take it. I slowly walked away with a humming tone.

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Noel looked a bit confusedly at the girl he saw before him. He knew he’d never seen her before, but, he could’t help but feel like she looked familiar. 

He didn’t like that feeling, it worried him.

“Hey there.” He continued with his usual greeting anyways. “You need something? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

Open Tor Starter! Maybe there will be action?

Tormoned sat there, studying the object in his hand for a moment as he heard his doorbell going off. He sighed, setting it down before getting up and out of his lab before heading to the door, not seeing the person in the distance that was spying on him in the distance as he opened it, sticking his head out and saying “Yeah?”

lcieheroine returned to the NORA House

“Well, it’s about damn time the leading lady appeared!” the bartender exclaimed with a chuckle as the blonde made her way to the back of the now empty café. Lebreau closed the place down just minutes ago, but waited another minute for the NORA leader to show up from whatever errand she had to do. The raven tended to worry too much, but it HAD been hours since the other left. “I’ve gotten worried that you ran into some Sanctum officers or something. Where have ya been?”

Rise about the dead (Tormoned/Snow(Lcieheroine))

Tormoned stopped, getting out of a police cruiser and taking the 870 Remington shotgun with it’s butt sawed off as he walked over to a corpse. He was in a doctor’s uniform, a bandoleer across his chest with shotgun shells on it, and riot gear hand, arm, and leg covers with combat boots. He tapped a corpse, making sure it was dead nad he jumped at the noise of something being knocked over and he aimed as he said “Who’s there?!”

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(Doing Tormoned. May do James and Jack if retagged)


NAME: Tormoned Hellstrung (Goes by Tor as well)

AGE: 25



PROFESSION: Doctor, Scientist, and Mercenary (Mercenary for most if not all verses, Doctor and Scientist varies)


BODY TYPE: Average male, with a more lean build with a small pot belly stomach usually hidden by his shirt

HAIR: Dirty blonde, reaches to the bottom of his ears and neck

EYES: Dark brown


WEIGHT: 200 pounds



PARENTS: Mother and Father (Doesn’t talk about them and I haven’t really made much about them other then he doesn’t like them for various reasons)

Grandparents: Grand-dad, Father’s side, and basically was a mob enforcer before having Tor’s father and gave him his trademark fedora, and his love for western and old fashion guns (Like the Thompson machine gun)


None (With the exception of ask-rosie-the-little-sister’s Rosie but that’s more for just us and I haven’t really spoken to the mun if I should make It canon)


Physical: Trained in mostly self taught gunplay, handy with a bladed weapon, and is able to handle himself pretty well in a fist fight

Speed: Average human, though maybe a bit more sluggish due to him sometimes being weighted down with gear

Magic: (None unless medieval AU, then a handful of things)



Caring, intelligent, both self supportive and supportive of others, quick learner, and quick-thinking


Aggressive gambler with actions, narrow-minded with certain things, headstrong, and reclusive  


COLORS: Orange, Blue, Purple

SMELLS: (Haven’t thought of this so I got nothing here)

FOOD: Meat. He tends to favor meat of any kind FRUITS: Grapes, Apples, and Oranges (Anything sweet he can get)  DRINKS: Water or Soda (He’s a caffeine addict)



SMOKES? yes [ ] || no [ X ]

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? yes [x] || no [ ] (Barely ever drinks though)

DRUGS? yes [ ] || no [ ] sometimes [ X ] (Taken drugs in order to resist damage or better his survival. Like plasmids.)

DRIVER LICENSE? yes [ X ] || no [ ]

EVER BEEN ARRESTED? no [ ] || yes [ ] || almost [ X ]

ANY PETS? yes [ ] || no [x] Kinda [ ] If yes, which and how many:

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☼, ♤, ✄

☼ : Childhood headcanon

     As a child, Eugene found out he has asthma, so he has always had a hard time breathing when he trying to be active. It was really bad when he was a child, anything he did he would just feel so winded and out of breath all the time, but later as he grew, he finally has been able to help control it and use his inhaler to keep it steady. Now the only times it bothers him is when he is embarrassed or extremely flustered.

♤ :  Cooking headcanon

     Eugene doesn’t know how to cook to save his life. He normally goes out for fast food (mainly Chinese or oriental food) all the time, that he has grown so used to just ordering and not having to really worry. Granted he has tried to cook before, and failed miserably.

✄ : Pet peeve headcanon

     Torrenting. Eugene has a huge issue with people who torrent games, especially if they brag about it, and how they just saved money not having to bother wasting on the game itself. Never tell Eugene that you torrented, because he will go on a long rant on how it’s bothersome and stupid to do.

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"I think it’s broken.”

❉ —     “Well, you did punch it quite a few times… You probably should have just phoned someone to come take a look at it." The pinkette sighed, looking at the now sparking door controls — what compelled her to start punching it?