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I'd like to point out that in the LCE of H5, Kelly's dossier points out that "trainers suspected Kelly harbored no overt loyalty to the UNSC, and was only prevented from leaving the program due to strong bonds with her companions in Blue Team" ;)

…Seriously though. I’ve always fostered the headcanon that Kelly doesn’t really fight for the UNSC, or even for the broader concept of “protecting humanity” - at least not in her heart. Her loyalty and care for her friends has always been a driving force of her character, I think, rather than just her duty as a soldier. So seeing something like this acknowledged in actual Halo canon makes me very happy. :)


Gamestop Italy appears to have a bundle for Halo 5: Guardians. 

The bundle includes the Limited Collectors Edition of Halo 5: Guardians + an additional McFarlane Toys Spartan Locke Figure.

Also a new look for the limited edition case and the limited collectors edition box.

This figure from the bundle should not be confused with the actual statue that comes with the LCE.


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