lcd battery

New addition to the collection, and boy oh boy is it an interesting one! This is the collector’s edition of Star Trek: The Next Generation – “A Final Unity”, a Star Trek adventure game that features the Next Generation voice cast. Licensed games get overlooked and thrown together, so I’m excited to dig into this one.

Evidently 30,000 copies of this edition were manufactured; this is #25563. Thanks, person on eBay who sold this for $10 and had no idea what it was!

On the inside, this game is stored in this awesome blue plastic case, complete with a thick reference manual and some great troubleshooting manuals (you can see the one labeled “Red Alert”).

It also comes with this really nice print. How odd is it to have art with the Spectrum Holobyte logo on it?

The biggest mystery is this LCD pin. The battery is long since dead, but the box says it’s replaceable, so I gotta figure that out. What could be on the display?

Anyway, this is a really really neat box. Hooray Star Trek!